Thank You, 2012! Hello 2013!

2012 is a great year for me. There were bumps along the way but it was still a great year!

Here's a rundown of my 2012 in random order:

January, I celebrated my first blog anniversary with a giveaway. And in just 2 weeks, my little blog will be 2 years old! Yay! Thank you for the love and support. Hoping for bigger things for the blog next year! This was  also the year that I attended my first ever blog event with Teleserv and a few more after that.

I was pregnant with our precious little boy. I gave birth June 11, 4 days earlier than our scheduled day. I thought I was having tummy ache when it was contractions na pala! Hihi.

Y got hospitalized for the first time because of febrile seizure. It was probably the scariest moment of my life
! I thought she was going to die. Really. I'm glad she's fine and now giving me a headache with her being her, a toddler with the most terrible of terrible twos. :)

The BOS and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary. Has it been 4 years? Feels like a lifetime. Hehe.. I love you!

I was also a lucky buntis. I was not a lucky buntis with Y's pregnancy. But this time I won a lot of blog giveaways and I won the biggest prize of all the giveaways I've joined, the Zalora Wishlist contest (you can read it here).

I've gained a lot of new friends thru social media. Some I've known since last year but this year they became my really good friends and colleagues.

And thru my new social media friends, I became a pioneer member of Mommy Mundo SoMoms! Yay! :) At this point, when all these happened, I really feel blessed for this year!

This year I also attended The Mompreneur Summit and It's A WAHMderful Life workshop! I've been planning and longing to be quit work and stay at home for so long and these workshops I've attended really helped me and inspired me to really take further steps in making my goal of becoming a stay at home and at the same time have a business on the side.

And just this December, after 6 months of waiting and meetings, we finally launched Paper Chic Studio! My new business venture, my stepping stone to becoming a WAHM (hopefully!), my baby! We had a product shoot, had a website made which is still under construction, Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram. I didn't think it would take so much time unlike before! I'm very happy with how things are working out, hoping to more success of Paper Chic Studio!

Thank you, 2012. You have been great! Looking forward and excited to 2013!

Happy New Year!!!!

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