How to Help Kids Pack

Despite popular opinion, Canadians are not snowbound year-round. Temperatures range depending on the region you are considering. Southern Ontario has warm, humid summers and cold winters. Northern Ontario has shorter warm summers and severely cold winters. Central and Eastern Ontario have hot, humid summers and long, harsh winters.

The cost of living is expensive in Ontario. Everything from groceries, clothing, gas, housing, and taxes will shock a lot of foreigners. Halton real estate goes off the list pretty quickly. Using a great real estate agent, you will purchase not just a house but a perfect home for your family. The value of a real estate property varies, and it starts from 500K for a house or a townhouse. Of course, the final cost will depend on the neighborhood, square footage, age of the house, and the amount of outdoor space you get.

Packing is one of the most tedious and dreaded parts of moving, especially for kids. Not only does the process seem like a huge chore, but it can also make them feel unsettled to see their room coming apart. Whether your kids are small or teenagers, a move can have a stressful impact on them.

Prepare them for the move
Moving is a stressful experience for anyone, but kids can take it especially hard. You may be able to ease their mind by keeping them in the know. Explain why you are moving, what the timeline is, and what they can expect. Also, get them excited by showing them the new home and exploring their new community so they will feel more at home when moving day comes rather than dreading the entire process. You can get them involved in sports and school activities before the move.

Labeling boxes
If your child can write, give them the most important job of labeling boxes. They can write where the box goes in the new home (i.e., bedroom, kitchen, bathroom), and they can also decorate the boxes with markers. You can keep the kids busy by having them draw some of the items inside the box or just doodle as they please. Having a “designated labeler” doesn’t save you a ton of time, but it does keep your kids busy and involved while you’re focused on packing.

Essential belongings
When you start packing up your child's room, first pack up an essentials box. This will be the first box that you open when you get to your new home. It should include items your child will need, such as clothing and bedding, and a few items that will help your child feel comfortable in their new room, such as a few of their favorite toys or decorations that you can put up right away to help your child feel comfortable in their new space. Have your child help with important items to put in this box.

I hope you find these tips helpful for your move or your future plans of moving. Got more tips? Comment down below and let me know your thoughts!

Solitaire, Mahjong, Mind Games and More at Solitaire.Org!

I like playing online games and especially when it's free. No need to install in your device and eat more space in your storage. I discovered a few weeks ago and I've been playing on the website a few times a day whenever I feel burnt out with my writing assignments, making content or just from household chores.

Let me show you what you can see in the website and the variety of games you can play, not just solitaire!

When did you learn to play solitaire? I can't remember when I learned but it's a game I enjoy online or offline. :)

But what I didn't know was there are other versions of solitaire! There's Free Cell, Spider, Pyramid, I tried playing them but I wasn't able to solve a puzzle except for Pyramid where you need to add 2 cards that sum up to 13.

Then, I tried some Mahjong Games! My grandfather used to play mahjong with his friends every week in our house. I never learned how to play the traditional mahjong but I've played a few mahjong games on my phone before and Solitaire.Org has a lot of mahjong games in their website too! Showing you a few of my favorites!
My favorite is the Mahjong Solitaire! I love the cute icons and the pastel colors! You just need to match the tiles.
The Daily Mahjong is similar to the one above! You also just need to match the tiles!
The last is 10 Mahjong where you need to add 2 tiles together summing to 10 with the same tiles!

There are also Hidden Object Games which I played. You need sharp eyes for these games because it's hard to spot those hidden objects but I still enjoyed it! You can pick from different locations and I played the Hidden Kitchen.

 I also enjoy Word Search, Sudoku, Crossword Puzzles and more which are also available on the website!
There's 12x12, 14x14 and 16x16 puzzles to choose from and you can actually print the puzzle!
Sudoku is one of my favorite games ever and I'm so happy it's also available here! It has Easy, Medium, Hard and Expert levels and you can also print out the puzzle! :)
There's also the Letter Scramble, where you type as many words as you can from the letters until time runs out!

If you're also like me who enjoys playing games online and fun games like what I played and wrote here on my blog, then check out Solitaire.Org! There's a lot of choices, you'll never ran out of options!

Hair Coloring Made Easy With Luxe Organix Color + Care

Did you know we've been in quarantine for more than 500 days already? I cannot believe it as well! An in those 500 days, I've colored my hair 4 or 5 times already! It's twice as much as I do pre-pandemic. I've experimented my hair more now, maybe because no one will see me and it's okay to be more adventurous! Haha! I've been using the bubble foam kind because I've used them a couple of times already. But this time I tried something new! 

Meet Luxe Organix's newest product! The Luxe Organix Color + Care! It's available in 3 shades: Light Brown (which I used!),  Chocolate Blonde and Light Ash Brown!
They also released the Luxe Organix Quick & Easy Keratin Permanent Hair Color Shampoo which you can use while you're in shower! 
Okay, so here's what's inside each box of the Color + Care: Colorant, Cream Developer, Comb Applicator and the After Care Conditioner. Comb not included.
It's generally easy to use! Watch my video below!

What I really like about it is it's not messy to use, the comb applicator made it so convenient! But also it can be a little tricky and needs a little learning curve. It also doesn't have a bad scent like other boxed hair coloring brands I've used. It's also not drying after, BUT, you should still take care of your colored hair with regular deep conditioning to avoid your hair to go dry. Luxe Organix has the Keratin Daily Treatment in Virgin Coconut Oil which is really nice! I'll link everything down at the bottom :) I'll show you first my Before & After photos!
It's been almost a week since I colored my hair and I deep condition my hair at least once a week. A purple shampoo would also help to keep it from going brassy/orangey. :)

You can purchase them here: 
Light Brown: 
Chocolate Blonde: 
Light Ash Brown: 
Keratin Conditioner (Buy 1 Take 1)

Managing Your Debts

With the pandemic happening all over the world, businesses closing, jobs lost and we still need to go on to live our lives. There's bills and loans to pay, tuition fees to fund, essentials to buy monthly and more. With all of these piling on, we can't help but feel overwhelmed, frustrated or scared. But because we are staying home, there's no traveling, no shopping, no dining out, no unnecessary spendings, there's a way to manage your debts.

Understanding your current situation is the first step. Lay out all of your current debts: mortgage, loans, credit card, etc. Best to list them down on your journal or planner or you can use MS Excel to have a visual of what’s going on. This list is essential because this is something you will refer back to and check every month to monitor and check your progress. In this list, include the interest rates for each is another essential step, to know which ones are charging with the highest interest rates.

Paying your credit card debt is often one of the best approach. You can start paying off the smallest amount first. Tackling the “easiest” debt to pay can build your confidence and eventually build momentum you need to pay off your other debts. Just remember to not use this credit line once you have paid them off to avoid incurring more debts.

When you can’t pay for anything more, at least make the minimum payment. This is not the best tip to making progress with your debt but this is to keep your account in good standing and avoid paying late charges which are not a small amount by the way. And when it is possible, pay more than the minimum.

Another one of the most important steps in managing your debts is to be honest with your spendings. Are there additional or unnecessary expenses that you can cut back on? Eliminating these non-essential expenses is also reducing additional debt. And when you eliminate these unnecessary costs, there’s more to put toward your debt. Even the smallest amount you can set aside is a big help.

There’s also the option to consolidate your debts, it’s a product that offers single payment for your debts with a lower interest rate. You can learn more about debt consolidation by clicking here.

Now, that you know where you are standing, build an emergency fund and searching for other revenue streams. It doesn’t have to be a big amount, but enough to cover your unexpected expenses. You can start small (USD 1000) with the ultimate goal of growing your emergency fund in the future. As for extra revenue streams, it also doesn’t have to be big, but when you are earning, even small amounts are additional funds to help you eliminate your debt. And your debt is more manageable, you can start adding the extra income to your emergency funds. 

Incurring debts can affect our mental health and by taking these little steps are steps to the right direction and eventually free from debt and have financial control of your life, which is what you are aiming for. So stick your plan, stay on momentum and learn from the process. 

August Skincare Empties + Quick Review

I've been posting about my skincare empties for almost 3 years now on my IG (@glowbycai), you can check it out here: #GlowByCaiEmpties! It's my way of keeping track and being accountable. I make sure to empty every product I opened and like and this is also to keep me from opening new products of the same category.

Sharing with you my August Skincare Empties, with a quick review for each product! This is my empties for the month, most of them were opened 3-4 months ago! 

A total of 11 products which is quite a lot already. I always feel satisfied and accomplished whenever I see my empties stash! **I will include affiliate links for some of the products. 😊

Let's start from left to right, front then back.
- it's the perfect size for travel (but we ain't going nowhere 😐)
- it leaves a film after washing it off but nothing a good cleanser can wash it off as well
- it doesn't emulsify as much
- this also the perfect size for traveling
- it emulsifies nicely and removes sunscreen, dirt and grime
- this is a really nice cleansing balm and really worth a try!
- it has 5.25% Glycolic Acid - great for AHA beginners
- it stings a little
- 3 starts because my skin prefers stronger acids
Anua Heartleaf Soothing Toner ⭐ ⭐ ⭐⭐ ⭐
- super love this toner! I use 3 layers every routine.
- keeps my skin plumped and hydrated
- suits all skin types
Round Lab Dokdo Toner ⭐ ⭐ ⭐⭐ ⭐
- I love this toner too! I alternate this with Anua and I also use 3 layers every routine
- it's lightweight but very hydrating
-suits all skin types
Cosrx Hydrium Watery Toner ⭐ ⭐ ⭐⭐ ⭐
- another lightweight toner I loved using! 
- I also layer this 3 times and prefer using this in the morning because of its watery consistency
- I will definitely purchase the full size one soon
- I never got the Niacinamide hype until I tried this!
- It brightened my skin and make it look so healthy
- And it's very affordable
- A great Vitamin C serum for beginners
- It can be a bit oily so best to use this at night
- Best to keep in the fridge
- this is one of my favorite local cleansers
- it's non-stripping and gentle
- I really enjoyed using this and the scent as well!

That's all for August! Hope you enjoyed this post and just comment if you have any questions on the products!

Fun Online Games at Plays.Org!

I used to have a ton of gaming apps on my phone. They kept me company during my sleepless breastfeeding nights and there was no Netflix back then! But with the tons of baby photos and videos, I had to delete the apps because whose phone doesn't have thousands of photos and occupying most of our phone's storage?! Am I right? Haha!

I recently discovered! It's website that offers over 400 online games and they're adding more games everyday! I had a hard time choosing what game to try first!

I've always been a fan of word searches and games and that's what I looked for first! Word searches have always been my favorite! It tests my vocabulary and I get to learn and discover words too!

This one is a fun one if you like Math! Hehe! You solve the equation and find the right spelling on the puzzle! It's a 2-in-1 game! I just discovered this tonight while I was looking for more word games to play! I will certainly make my kids play this game! Haha!

And speaking of kids, there are so many games for them too! Since it's still vacation, I only let them play educational games on weekdays. One of them is this spelling game that's similar to Plants vs Zombie! This is fun one, even I like to play this game!

Letting my kids answer Sudoku puzzles too everyday! Sometimes I look for worksheets to print but most of the time I let them answer here on There's different levels to choose from and they're always super proud when they get to finish a puzzle!

There's also old school game like Falling Cubes Online Tetris Game which is just like Tetris! I remember my mom loved this game. 

There's so much games to play on the website! When I need a break from all the typing on my computer or watching Netflix or Youtube, I just go to this website and play my favorite games. No need to download on my laptop, no additional space occupied on my hard drive! Some games may took time to load but it's not really an issue! There's no ads too (don't you hate it when an ad appears in the middle of the game???) and it's totally free!

Check out Plays.Org today! Let me know what's your favorite game!

#GlowByCaiReviews Cosrx Propolis Light Ampoule

Easing in to blogging again! Will try to post my skincare reviews from my @glowbycai skincare IG!

Cosrx is one of the OG in the Kbeauty world. Every skincare beginner goes thru a Cosrx phase! I love the brand and selection of products that cater to different skin concerns and situations. 

I won this Cosrx Propolis Light Ampoule from one of the events over at Go.Picky! Go.Picky is an app (Android and iOS) where you can check out skincare product reviews, discussions over products, routines, and there's the Picky Rewards where you can apply to review products! When you decide to register, please use my code: BAB3F7A7! Thank you!

This is the second propolis product I’ve tried from Cosrx. The first one was the Propolis Synergy Toner which I really like as well!
I really love the new minimal and frosted bottles of Cosrx. So chic!
Ampoules are supercharged serums! And this one has 83% of Black Bee Propolis Extract, a natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredient. The consistency is quite viscous, I thought it would be tacky and I would not like it. I’m really expecting it to be good because I really enjoyed the toner! And it
is good! This ampoule absorbs beautifully and I wake up with healthy and glowing skin. ☺️
I use this on days when I’m exposed to the sun for hours (laundry or garden day) and only at night because of its consistency. This ampoule feels like a hug to the skin! I still follow it up with a moisturizer or an overnight mask to seal it in the goodness 🍯

Thank you again Go Picky for letting me try this!