Fun Online Games at Plays.Org!

I used to have a ton of gaming apps on my phone. They kept me company during my sleepless breastfeeding nights and there was no Netflix back then! But with the tons of baby photos and videos, I had to delete the apps because whose phone doesn't have thousands of photos and occupying most of our phone's storage?! Am I right? Haha!

I recently discovered! It's website that offers over 400 online games and they're adding more games everyday! I had a hard time choosing what game to try first!

I've always been a fan of word searches and games and that's what I looked for first! Word searches have always been my favorite! It tests my vocabulary and I get to learn and discover words too!

This one is a fun one if you like Math! Hehe! You solve the equation and find the right spelling on the puzzle! It's a 2-in-1 game! I just discovered this tonight while I was looking for more word games to play! I will certainly make my kids play this game! Haha!

And speaking of kids, there are so many games for them too! Since it's still vacation, I only let them play educational games on weekdays. One of them is this spelling game that's similar to Plants vs Zombie! This is fun one, even I like to play this game!

Letting my kids answer Sudoku puzzles too everyday! Sometimes I look for worksheets to print but most of the time I let them answer here on There's different levels to choose from and they're always super proud when they get to finish a puzzle!

There's also old school game like Falling Cubes Online Tetris Game which is just like Tetris! I remember my mom loved this game. 

There's so much games to play on the website! When I need a break from all the typing on my computer or watching Netflix or Youtube, I just go to this website and play my favorite games. No need to download on my laptop, no additional space occupied on my hard drive! Some games may took time to load but it's not really an issue! There's no ads too (don't you hate it when an ad appears in the middle of the game???) and it's totally free!

Check out Plays.Org today! Let me know what's your favorite game!

#GlowByCaiReviews Cosrx Propolis Light Ampoule

Easing in to blogging again! Will try to post my skincare reviews from my @glowbycai skincare IG!

Cosrx is one of the OG in the Kbeauty world. Every skincare beginner goes thru a Cosrx phase! I love the brand and selection of products that cater to different skin concerns and situations. 

I won this Cosrx Propolis Light Ampoule from one of the events over at Go.Picky! Go.Picky is an app (Android and iOS) where you can check out skincare product reviews, discussions over products, routines, and there's the Picky Rewards where you can apply to review products! When you decide to register, please use my code: BAB3F7A7! Thank you!

This is the second propolis product I’ve tried from Cosrx. The first one was the Propolis Synergy Toner which I really like as well!
I really love the new minimal and frosted bottles of Cosrx. So chic!
Ampoules are supercharged serums! And this one has 83% of Black Bee Propolis Extract, a natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredient. The consistency is quite viscous, I thought it would be tacky and I would not like it. I’m really expecting it to be good because I really enjoyed the toner! And it
is good! This ampoule absorbs beautifully and I wake up with healthy and glowing skin. ☺️
I use this on days when I’m exposed to the sun for hours (laundry or garden day) and only at night because of its consistency. This ampoule feels like a hug to the skin! I still follow it up with a moisturizer or an overnight mask to seal it in the goodness 🍯

Thank you again Go Picky for letting me try this!

My 10th Year in Blogging

I started blogging in the year 2011 when my daughter was barely a year old. I wrote about my journey on being a first time mom and breastfeeding. I was also still working in the corporate world at that time. My blog was my diary and sounding board for the first few years. It was mainly about my breastfeeding journey as support groups and mommy tribes weren't a thing much then. I remember going to weekly breastfeeding support group in Mothercare in Greenbelt 3! I can't remember how I found that group! I was also active in Twitter at that time where it has led me to meet other moms!

As I got pregnant again and my children grew, my blog's topics widen as well. I grew as a person, wife and parent as well. My blog exposed me to a lot of things: parenting styles, school curriculums, kids activities and more! I also share our travel adventures, my kitchen attempts, budget finds and most of all I am grateful to all the brands and PR and ad companies that I have worked with. I didn't think it was possible because I only have a small following. 

Because life got a little busy for the past few years, I blogged less and less but kept my domain and hosting thinking I will eventually come back to blogging. And I hope this will be it! With all that's happening in the world and in my life right now. I need to come back to this outlet of mine. :) And while I was on hiatus, I started an IG skincare blog. I got so obsessed about kdrama and kbeauty that I started my little skincare diary on IG, @glowbycai. It has been 4 years since I started @glowbycai and I've been enjoying doing all the skincare reviews and thankful for all the opportunities I had to work with local and international brands! I've been thinking of putting some of my content here so it's easier to look for it than scrolling down my 800+ photos! Right?

With how social media grew throughout the years, almost everybody has their own social media account: Instagram, Youtube Channel and/or TikTok! With all the new breed of social media "influencers", it is  pushing bloggers like us to adapt to these changes. I saw a lot of bloggers and influencers go through branding. Revisiting your niche and your why's is something we could all do when we meet a few bumps in our blogging life. I've always wanted to do branding for blog but just didn't have the time. Maybe soon. I did, however, changed the layout of my blog by myself. And I was pretty happy and proud of the result. Will I ever make a YT channel or a TikTok account (contemplating on this)? I'm very awkward in front of a camera, so the most I can do for now is IG stories and IG TV. Need to improve my editing skills for sure!

Blogging 10 years ago was much simpler, you write your thoughts, include photos and that's it. Today, it's much more challenging with younger influencers being more creative and aesthetic is a very much important. But that doesn't have to discourage us from continuing our love for blogging, we can always adapt and change and learn new things. Explore different photography, writing style, editing apps to improve our skills. We can always practice and learn new tricks. Push on to a better us!

The Little Dapitan at Ayala Malls Cloverleaf

Dapitan Arcade has been one of my go-to places whenever I need new decors or accents for the house or new baskets and crates for my shelves in Common Room. It is a shopping haven! I love shopping at Dapitan Arcade because there's a lot of options and the prices are very pocket-friendly too! Now that Christmas traffic is upon us, going to Dapitan Arcade can be a feat!

Fret not! Ayala Malls Cloverleaf is bringing Dapitan Arcade closer to you with the Little Dapitan! A bazaar featuring the best of Dapitan Arcade - from Christmas decors, home accents and decors, local handicrafts made by local artisans and more. The Little Dapitan will be open starting this October until December! What I like about it is, it's right beside Cloverleaf! You can park in the mall or park right outside it (open parking). And when you're done shopping, you can go back to the mall to shop more, watch a movie or eat at the many varieties of restaurants.
Little Dapitan at Cloverleaf is right outside the mall. Exit where Uniqlo store is.
It is in a open, warehouse-like venue. It is well-lit, the aisles are wide enough and it was easy to go around.
Can you guess what I bought? I went around three times before deciding on what to buy!
A place for you to take your photos! I love the rattan lamps!

I like that there's only about 20 stalls more or less. There's not much of repeating/redundant products which makes shopping so much easier. Better for the sellers too! I'm the type of shopper who gets overwhelmed or anxious when there's a lot of choices that I ended up not buying anything! Are you like that too?
Plastic flowers and plants for those who has black thumb like me! Haha!

There's a lot of selection for Christmas decors too! I honestly cannot decide on what to get. But here are a few that caught my eye.
This is where I got something for our house!
There's a stall that sells room spray, linen spray, hand soaps, soy candles and more that is perfect for gifting this Christmas! You can mix and match then put it a wooden box (sold separately)! I love their design labels and the scents are pretty good too!

If you are looking for crates, there's a stall selling crates in different sizes!
This stall has this gold decors that can be used for lighting or as is. They have cupcake towers and more! They also do customized works!
 There's also a wide selection of bags and wallets. They make great gifts for your officemates, staff and friends!
I also saw these super cute pots for your cactus or succulents! They are hand painted. So pretty, right?

So what did I get? Since I cannot decide on what Christmas decors I want for our home, I just bought what I really needed. I hoarded these wire baskets! I need it for my shelves in Common Room (that's 4, soon to be 5 branches) hence, the quantity! I was able to get a good price because I got a lot! I actually need to go back and buy some more!
The only Christmas decor I bought was this pair of banana-leaf like white Christmas tree! It was love at first sight so I got it na! :)

Thank you Spark It for the invite! I haven't been out on an event in so long. I also haven't written for a long while now! I enjoyed shopping and I will definitely go back for more!
Follow @littledapitan and #LittleDapitan for more updates!

There Are No Perfect Moms, Just Real Ones!

I've been MIA from my blog since November. It seems to be the case every year as I got busier with Paper Chic Studio and the holiday season with 4 stores to supply to. Adding to that, my helper left mi-October which means I had to do all the chores and find a new routine that will work for me so I can still study with the kids and do other things. I had to sacrifice a few things and those were this blog, my work-at-home job and cooking.

Four months later, I still struggle with everything and I haven't really found a routine or schedule that I can follow. I still find doing chores overwhelming, so much chores so little time! There are days where I don't have the time to sweep our floors, too lazy to wash the dishes and there are days where I don't take a bath because I'm just too tired. TRUE STORY! Haha! And this is as real as it gets! There are no perfect moms, just real moms! There's no a guide book on motherhood, we learn from our experiences, listen to our mom's advice and get support from our friends. One thing I've learned early (during my breastfeeding days)  is to trust myself and that trust gave me confidence and strength that I can face any challenges that will be thrown my way.

Being a parent in this and age can be tough and Baby Dove gets us! From the brand that is recommended by many dermatologists, comes its newest baby, Baby Dove, to provide real care for our little ones.
This came in the mail last Sunday and the first thing I did was opened each one of them and smelled it. Haha!

I've been using Dove for the longest time, I've tried all variants and my favorite is the original blue one. I'm so excited to see that they've come up with a line for babies! Dove is one the trusted brands of women out there and I love their Real Beauty campaign which speaks about confidence and now they are extending the same confidence to us moms by providing the best care for our baby's skin.

Baby Dove is a premium line of baby care products that goes beyond mildness and restores essential moisture. It currently has 2 variants: Rich Moisture and Sensitive Moisture. Here's what I got in my basket:
 Baby Dove Rich Moisture Baby Bar - formulated with 1/4 moisture cream. It's hypoallergenic and and nourishing babybar.
Baby Dove Rich Moisture Hair to Toe Baby Wash is a tear-free and hypoallergenic baby wash and shampoo. I love multitasking products like this!
Baby Dove Rich Moisture Nourishing Baby Lotion is also hypoallergenic and a pH-neutral baby lotion. 
 Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture line is also hypoallergenic. It's gentle and fragrance-free! The Hair to Toe Wash replenishes essential for healthy-looking and hydrated skin and is compatible for eczema prone skin.

I cannot wait for my kids to try these new body washes and lotion! Other products available for Baby Dove (not in photo) are Rich Moisture Baby Shampoo, Rich Moisture wipes, Sensitive Moisture Baby Bar and Sensitive Moisture Baby Lotion.

For more information on Baby Dove, like the Baby Dove PH Facebook Page!

What's Up with Apples & Dumplings....

Wow, it's been more than a month since my last blog entry! I took a mini break from all the stress that has been piling up from my work-at-home job. I took a break from that job and I'm lucky my boss is very understanding. It's also getting busier at Paper Chic as well, it's always this time of the year when everything is all about the holidays. It's less than 40 days away from Christmas! You can feel at the malls with all the decors and TRAFFIC at the parking as well... so I'm trying to finish all my shopping online and before November ends so I can focus on Paper Chic Studio.

I have so many ideas for products and I never really got to execute them or really develop my ideas into something tangible. I always have reasons and excuses for delaying them: kids, no yaya, house chores, my job... then I ended up seeing regretting not doing it before and now others are doing it as well. Nauna na sana ako diba? Kulang pa ako sa push! Now, I have a few products in line and I really have to push myself to finish it before this week so I can put it out on my shelves for Christmas. I have so much hope for Paper Chic every year and I really hope and wish 2018 will be the year I can get to revive the brand.

As for the future of this blog... hmm... I have a lot of entries lined up and I haven't written all about them yet. Our trip to Cebu, Hong Kong.. brands Biolane and Bobble Art... I hope I get to find the time to sit down and write. The no helper situation isn't really helping! While this blog is an on-and-off hiatus, I made a new IG account just for my current skincare obsession... I made a promise a few years ago to take care of my skin because I'm not getting younger and so I guess the obsession went full force this year after I fell in love with Korean skincare and now skincare in shapes and forms!
Follow me at @glowbycai

That's it for now! It's the kids' exam week as well so I will be really busy for the next few weeks! For now, hope to see you at my new IG!

Family Celebrations at AG New World Manila Bay Hotel!

Every June, our family celebrates two special occasions. R's birthday and BOS and I's wedding anniversary which we celebrate a day after each other, June 11 and June 12 respectively. Last year, I was able to buy a promo for a resort in Cebu which we planned on using for this special occasion but I couldn't get airplane tickets for the weekend of June 10-12 so I had to move our trip one week later. Since we will have our "official celebration" a week later, we weren't planning on going anywhere. Then, I got an invitation for our family from AG New World Manila Bay to spend our weekend with them! I asked if our staycation can be arranged to be on the exact date of either R's birthday or our anniversary. We had instant celebration! This staycation was one of best staycations we had in the city, amazing view, big room and service was superb. And I LOVE their Residence Club Living Room!

AG New World Manila Bay Hotel is a 5-star luxury hotel in the heart of Malate, Manila, with 376 guestrooms, suites and executive accommodation designed for your comfort, convenience and efficiency!
Since we were booked in a Residence Club Room, our check-in is at the Residence Club Living Room. We got to enjoy complimentary services and benefits of the Residence Club Living Room. While we were waiting for our room to be ready, we got to hang out first at the living room. It was big and spacious. It's overlooking Manila Bay and Roxas Boulevard.

 While waiting for our room to be ready, we played Monopoly and Scrabble. There are other game boards available for guests to use.
 We were served beverages and snacks.
 The kids didn't want to leave if I didn't tell about the pool. Haha!
 Chocolate Cake for my sweet tooth!

We stayed in a very luxurious Residence Club Premier Room, which is 74 square meters room with separate living and dining areas, views of Malate, Manila and Manila Bay. What a perfect room for a special weekend my with loves.
We always request for a king-sized bed for our family.
A big living room with a large writing desk and a 50-inch flat screen TV with international channels. 
We had a Nespresso Machine! I really want one for our home! There's also a mini bar below this coffee and tea table.
There's also a dining area. We were welcomed with cupcakes, chocolates and stuffed toys!
I loved how our welcome card says "Bos Sio" Heehee!
Cupcakes for the kids which Y ate all by herself. Haha! Thanks New World for going the extra mile and making our weekend special!
I love the bathroom! It's huge! There's a bath tub, shower area, and it has two sinks. BOS and I and the kids did not fight over who will brush our teeth first. Haha! Love the Essential Elemis toiletries too. It smells good and it's one of those times that I actually used what was in the bathroom and not what I brought from our house.

After settling down, what else is on every kid's staycation agenda? Swimming! The swimming pool is located at the 8th floor, you have to pass through the hotel's gym, the Oasis Club, to get to the pool. The pool area is quite big. They have a  25-meter outdoor lap pool, children’s pool and relaxing whirlpool. This momma had her monthly period during the staycation so I wasn't able to swim with them. Good thing was there was a kiddie pool (but I don't remember seeing any lifeguard)! BOS and I hung out at the lounge chairs while we watched the kids swim. 
My happy kids enjoying the water! We stayed for about an hour at the pool before going up again to our room to get ready for cocktails.
If the kids' agenda was swimming, BOS and I's agenda was food! After swimming, we all took a shower before heading down to the Residence Club Living Room for evening cocktails. Residence Club Living Room serves a complimentary breakfast, all-day refreshments, afternoon tea and evening cocktails. From all the executives lounges we've been to (there's 4 only including this) and New World Manila Bay's Residence Club is one of the best (IMO) lounges. The food was good, selection is great for both food and drinks, the lounge is really nice too!
Ready to eat!
My kids were happy with the unlimited drinks offer. I was too haha!
This momma was a happy momma because I get to have my happy hour. Haha! Taking a selfie for IG stories haha!
A rare photo of myself and myself with R!

After our evening cocktails, it was time for dinner! BOS and I were looking forward for our dinner at the Fireplace. Our friends have been raving about the steak at the Fireplace and they've been telling us to try it out and we were able to try it last June. Finally! 
The place is super nice! It is a date place but families are of course welcome. We have been celebrating our anniversary with the kids every year. We only got to celebrate it as a couple last year when my MIL was in town. It really doesn't matter if we celebrate it separately or with the kids, we look forward to it every year!
We were served bread for starters
And we were also served this Seared Tuna, which I really liked.
We ordered wine to celebrate our 9th Wedding Anniversary! BOS rarely drinks, so I was pretty surprised when he also ordered a glass.
BOS likes to start his meals with soup. He ordered the Soup of the Day which was Pumpkin Soup.
While, I had the Traditional French Onion Soup, with Gruyere cheese on top, so good!
The kids wanted pasta but there was none in the menu. Our server told us we can request for it and the chef would gladly cook it for us and they did!

While the kids are enjoying their pasta, our server suggested that we try The Fireplace's Australian Long Fed Tomahawk and the Beef Takaki. We ordered the Tomahawk (200+ days grain fed) because BOS and I love steak and it has become a tradition that we celebrate our birthdays and anniversaries with a good steak. Actually, pwede siyang birthday cake namin! We also ordered side dishes to go with our steak.
I had the Seared Scallops.
While BOS ordered Foie Gras. YUM!
We also ordered Hand Cut Fries for the kids
 and Roasted Veggies to balance with the steak!
This was our first time to try an Australian Long Fed Tomahawk (1.2kg). We like our steak cooked medium rare! This was seriously one of the best meals we've had EVER. It is perfectly cooked and every bite melts in your mouth!
 As much as I wanted to devour (read: MATAKAW! haha!) the whole thing, we weren't able to finish it. We had it wrapped and had it for dinner the next day. Heehee!

R even had a little surprise from The Fireplace's servers! They gave him a birthday cake and even sang him Happy Birthday! I was not expecting it and he surely was as surprised as me! Haha! Thank you so much New World Manila Bay and The Fireplace!
He got so uneasy when the servers began singing haha! But he was happy deep inside. Heehee!
He was happy na after haha! And Achi Y ate the cake. haha!
Thank you The Fireplace for our very lovely lovely dinner! Here's a blurry family photo! We went up to our room, watched movies on the cable and slept late. I really like staycations because I don't get to do any chores after feeding the kids. Haha!

The next day, kids woke up in time for breakfast. They always wake up early when we go on to staycations, they didn't want to miss the chance of going to the pool again! But this momma has got to drink her coffee first and eat breakfast. Haha! Breakfast buffet is served at The Marketplace. My Amma used to frequent The Marketplace with her amigas and I would always join them because I am the designated driver haha! BOS and I also spent one of our anniversary dinners here too!
There's Filipino, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and American stations. Lots of dishes to choose from! The kids ate a lot, they enjoyed the pancakes and taho! As for me the BOS, I'm happy with freshly brewed coffee, bacon and eggs!

After breakfast, kids went on another round of swimming session at the pool! And would you believe the weather turned from this sunny...
 To this gloomy and rainy weather?
After showering and packing all of our things, we went down for some dimsum lunch. This time, we ate the Li Li which serves authentic Cantonese dishes using the freshest ingredients. Li Li is famous for its Unlimited Dimsum Lunch! I love love dimsum and we've eaten here before so I knew we were going to have happy tummies after! Their Unlimited Dimsum is available everyday from 12NN to 2:30PM.

Ordering is easy, they will give you a paper with a list of dimsum available for the unlimited dimsum. Just tick off what you like and they will serve it!
 Steamed nuts, pickled veggies and century egg which Y loved!
We ordered the usuals: Chicken feet, all kinds of siomai in the menu, har gao, xiao long bao, steamed ox tripe, beancurd roll, sweet and sour pork and more! We didn't order a lot because we were still full from breakfast but we made the most out of our appetite! Haha!
Chicken feet is a staple for BOS every time we eat at any dimsum place.

My staples (yes, with an S) are siomai, har gaw and beef balls (but they don't have that).

Y's new favorite is Xiao Long Bao!

Another staple is Sweet and Sour pork! So good with rice!
 Ended our meal with this glutinous balls with peanut inside!

After our lunch, it was time for check-out. Check-out is also at the Residence Club Living Room! Everything was so easy and smooth and we got to hang out again at the living room. The kids didn't want to leave yet, so we played another round of Monopoly and Scrabble!
Thank you New World Manila Bay for the very lovely stay! This has been one of the best staycations we had! If your budget permits, book a Residence Club Room, the service is super worth it! We can't wait to stay here again! Planning on a Christmas or New Year staycation already!

AG New World Manila Bay Hotel
1588 Pedro Gil cor. M.H. Del Pilar Manila, Philippines, 1004
+63 2 252 6888
Instagram: @newworldmanilabay
Twitter: @newworldmanila