Is One of Your Goals This 2023 is To Save Money? Make Your Money Work This 2023!

Happy New Year, everyone! Are you the kind of person who makes New Year's resolution or goals for the year? I am not the type to make resolutions but more on making goals and making sure I sustain it for the years to come. One of my goals this year is to save MORE than what I saved last year and I just discovered a website that can help me with my 2023 goal! It's the!

The website allows you to input any currency so you can use this anywhere you are! has other calculators in their website like College and Retirement. 

With the COVID-19 lockdowns and the current crazy inflation, saving money can be a challenge but it's not impossible so let's start 2023 with a positive note! Savings Calculator has a Goals Calculator. It has 2 separate calculator: 

One is for "How Much" is your savings goal

One is for "How Long" will it take for you to reach your savings goal

With these calculators, you can easily calculate and adjust your savings goal for the year! Now, the hard part is actually doing the saving! I have to admit that I did a lot of online shopping during the lockdown, some were good purchases but some were really just bad budols. The WANT won versus the NEED haha! 

So, here are some money-wise TO-DOs for 2023! And maybe this can help you too!

1. Delete shopping apps - I have deleted a lot of shopping apps on my phone. They're just too much temptation. I've only kept 2 apps which I use both for personal and business use.

2. Keep personal purchases at minimum. Buy what you need only! - Even with the 2 apps I've kept, there's still temptations! Sales and deals all over! Remember: A sale can still happen in the next few months. If you're not going to use it ASAP, you don't need to buy it! I've been a victim of this especially for skincare products and they end up expiring and that's money down the drain.

3. Buy in bulk for necessities - this may sound contradictory to NO. 2 but things like household products and toiletries, buying in bulk maybe heavy on the pocket at first but it's actually more economical in the long run. Buying shampoo, conditioner, laundry detergent, etc. in bulk saves you money and time as well!

4. Plan mall and dining out trips - With the inflation, prices of everything has went up. We have been home buddies since the pandemic but we get cabin fever too! But going out can be expensive. There's gas, parking, a little food shopping and we also indulge on dining out because this momma needs a break from cooking sometimes. We plan our trips, do some errands in the area, and eat within a budget only.

These are just a few tips on top of my head. Please do share your tips with me cause I like to save more! And when you can save more, you can go back to the website and calculate compound interest if you are going invest your savings in bonds or investment funds. You can always go to your bank and inquire about these!

2023 I am ready for you! Manifesting the biggest savings I'll ever have this year!!!

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