Best Immune-boosting Tips To Bring Into the New Year

According to one study, about 40 percent of American adults make New Year's resolutions. The top three resolutions are related to health. As the new year begins during the coldest months, when colds and the flu are going around, it seems like a smart thing to focus on. With Covid out there, too, you'll be doing yourself a favor by investing in immune support that can help mitigate the exposure to and duration of the myriad types of sickness that are out there waiting to get picked up.
Get Fresh Air Daily

One of the reasons that aerobic exercise is so enthusiastically pronounced as essential for a healthy life is that it involves the amount of oxygen that you are taking in and how fast your heart rate is as you're taking it. A normal resting heart rate for an adult is between 60 and 100 beats per minute. Walking, jogging or even stretching out in the fresh air can help cleanse your lungs and lower your heart rate, besides boosting your mood and increasing energy levels.

Keep a Nutritious Diet

Wellements Vitamins can promote health and wellness but they are greatly complemented by a nutritious diet. Studies have shown that a high-fiber, plant-based diet can promote the growth and maintenance of beneficial microbes, which have been known to stimulate immune cell activity. 

There are loads of foods that contribute to gut health and immune system health. Yogurt, sourdough, almonds and olive oil are just a few of the foods recommended for their gut health benefits. Tumeric can boost the immune system by modulating the activation of T cells, B cells and other elements that enhance your body's antibody response. Eating garlic also boosts the number of T cells in your body. 

Vitamin C is renowned for its ability to stimulate white blood cells. All citrus products have this ability, as well as that of neutralizing free radical molecules, which, in excess, can damage cells. Eating raw vegetables that keep all of their nutrients like beta-carotene is another stellar way to use your diet to boost your immune system.

Get Your Rest
Lack of sleep can negatively impact the immune system. Studies have shown that people experiencing a lack of sleep are more susceptible to picking up viruses and for having a harder time dealing with them. When you sleep, your body is in recovery mode and part of that recovery involves the production of infection-fighting antibodies and cells that are critical for your health. Getting sufficient hours of high-quality sleep enables a well-balanced immune defense. 
When you're wondering how to boost kids immune system, there are many similarities to boosting your own. Gut health is important, as are diet and nutrition. Immune boosters and good rest can keep you from getting the worst of what's out there. Even when it does catch up to you, these things ensure that it's not as bad as it might be with a weakened, or otherwise unprepared, immune system. Visit a health and wellness shop today to see the OTC immune-boosting supplements that are available and better your odds of making it through this cold and flu season healthy.

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