How I Let My Kids Be Creative!

Ever since school started, Y has been so busy with school work, assignments and extracurricular. She's always asking for play time and I felt so bad whenever I say "No" to her because I wanted her to sleep early because we also wake up early in the morning. That's why every weekend, when she asks for some screen time, I say yes (with limit). 

But what I am most proud of is Y is very creative little girl. She likes to draw and paint. R has been showing the same interests too. BOS is more than happy that the kids are showing interests in arts because he himself is an artist. We like to encourage them by:

Enrolling them in art classes and workshops I think they would enjoy. For the past two summers, they have been going to art classes and they get to showcase their artworks at the end of each module.
I love seeing their faces lit up when they see their paintings on the wall. We've yet to frame their artworks which I think is great way to preserve their childhood memory and at the same time support their creativity.
At any event that I go to, the kids are always happy to see these arts and crafts stations!
She always brings paper and pens whenever we go out. She is happy with just a pen and paper!
Showing you a few of Y's artworks through the years
There was a time she loves drawing abstracts.
And to date, her artwork turned into a necklace is her favorite. She's been wearing whenever we are going out.

Second is, I bring them to my "work". I used to have an online shop that sells party and craft supplies. Now, all of my products are displayed and consigned at different craft shops. Bringing them to my "work" exposes them to different kinds of arts, crafts and meet different local crafters.
Kids are curious and they asks a lot of questions. I hope by exposing them to these crafters will spark and explore their creativity!
 I'm lucky that I have friends who are crafters. I took my kids to the newly revamped Nayong Pilipino Park inside Luneta where crafters got to prettify the place.

 Third, exposing them to the ballet or theater. To be honest, I'm not an avid fan of watching plays or ballets not until I met friends who are fan of the theater. I took Y to watch a ballet last year which she enjoyed a lot.
 But it was not until I took her to watch Annie that made her fall in love musical plays. She loved it so much that she watched it twice! She even asked me to buy the souvenir program for her.
 And even went up on stage to have a photo taken with Annie. She was that impressed!

I have tons of books in the house, Y and R just like to browse them but never wanted to read until recently. This year, Y has been growing up so fast! She has been showing more interests towards books as well. I took her to the book fair with me and asked me if she can buy a few books because she wants to start reading. She has been visiting their school library as well for books she can borrow. I never forced my kids to do anything they don't want to do but when they show interest in anything, I encourage them!

Last is unstructured play time. Kids love to play, they have a wild imagination! My kids love to run around the house, jump and down from the bed, make their own role playing and I just let them be. As much as my husband gets annoyed when there's no order in the house but they're kids just once. Playing has lots of benefits for our kids as well and one of those is creative expression! 

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