Raizo Turns 1: Shakey's Quezon Avenue

I wanted a fuss free party. I started looking for venues like clubhouses and events place but when I computed for the estimated costs, I had to think twice. I was still working when I was planning R's party and I was strict on the budget I set so I had to look for another option.

I remembered a friend of my sister mentioned about Shakey's Quezon Ave have their own arcade inside the restaurant. I Googled and stumbled upon couple blogs. So we decided to do an ocular first one Sunday and had our dinner there. And right there and then, I picked and reserved our function room and put a downpayment. I didn't get their package because I didn't like the only theme available which was Justice League. Pwede naman daw. :)
This was the function room when set up
The function room can fit upto 120 people but siksikan na. I think 80 people would be just right. 

For the food, I had 9 orders of the monster meal and had it served buffet style.
Pasta! Carbonara and Bolognese!
My favorite!
Medyo nagkulang kami sa food. Yeah. Some of my relatives came late and the pastas were finished by the time they arrived. Kahiya hihi! 

I also availed of their promo of when you buy 200 tokens (which I gave away to the kids and what the stubs were for) for the Fun Zone you get a 32-inch pizza!
Pizza was HUGE! We had tons of leftovers that lasted a week! Haha!

Verdict? The place is a bit a small. I had a photobooth placed at the back so it became a little cramp. They are strict with the time. My party as scheduled 10am-12nn. The party started at almost 11am and by 12nn, the manager was already telling us our time is up. Our program wasn't done yet that I had to hurry up our host. We ended at 1pm. Hehe.

It's either I should went with my original plan of getting a venue or get a later time. I hope my guests had fun despite the place being so cramped and a short program that had to be hurried up.

Shakey's Quezon Ave
Lot 3 Blk. W-39-E Quezon Ave. corner Abad Santos St Brgy. Sta. Cruz Heroes Hills Quezon City
Tel. No. 351-0221 


  1. ay bakit ganyan? nice everything but sana if wala namang gagamit ng function, sana they let you use it pa in extended time.. parang pinapaalis na talaga kayo

  2. 2 hours is too short for private parties - that's the downside with QSRs/fastfood chains. But the food in Shakey's will make up for the cons :)

  3. Hi. How much lahat ng nagastos mo? I am planning kasi na dyan na din i-celebrate yung 1st birthday ng baby ko.

    1. Hi Martha! If Shakey's alone, I got 9 Monster Meal plus the 200 tokens, around more or less 14k ata. I didn't get any of their theme character parties. I used my own theme. Visit Shakey's and inquire, this was 2 years ago na baka their rate changed na. But overall, sulit ang Shakey's! :)

  4. Hi Cai, did you do the balloon decors, or was it part of Shakey's package?

  5. Hello Cai! Did you do the balloon decors or was it part of Shakey's setup?

    1. Hi Rachelle! I hired a stylist for the balloons. :)

  6. Hi, may I ask what was your supplier for balloon decors? thanks