What's Up with Apples & Dumplings....

Wow, it's been more than a month since my last blog entry! I took a mini break from all the stress that has been piling up from my work-at-home job. I took a break from that job and I'm lucky my boss is very understanding. It's also getting busier at Paper Chic as well, it's always this time of the year when everything is all about the holidays. It's less than 40 days away from Christmas! You can feel at the malls with all the decors and TRAFFIC at the parking as well... so I'm trying to finish all my shopping online and before November ends so I can focus on Paper Chic Studio.

I have so many ideas for products and I never really got to execute them or really develop my ideas into something tangible. I always have reasons and excuses for delaying them: kids, no yaya, house chores, my job... then I ended up seeing regretting not doing it before and now others are doing it as well. Nauna na sana ako diba? Kulang pa ako sa push! Now, I have a few products in line and I really have to push myself to finish it before this week so I can put it out on my shelves for Christmas. I have so much hope for Paper Chic every year and I really hope and wish 2018 will be the year I can get to revive the brand.

As for the future of this blog... hmm... I have a lot of entries lined up and I haven't written all about them yet. Our trip to Cebu, Hong Kong.. brands Biolane and Bobble Art... I hope I get to find the time to sit down and write. The no helper situation isn't really helping! While this blog is an on-and-off hiatus, I made a new IG account just for my current skincare obsession... I made a promise a few years ago to take care of my skin because I'm not getting younger and so I guess the obsession went full force this year after I fell in love with Korean skincare and now skincare in shapes and forms!
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That's it for now! It's the kids' exam week as well so I will be really busy for the next few weeks! For now, hope to see you at my new IG!

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