Raizo Turns 1: Paper Treats, Paper Chic Studio and The Candy Shop Prints

My go-to graphic designer for invitations is Paper Treats. Trisha did my niece's invitation, Paper Chic Studio's flyer, business card and now Raizo's invitation, thank you cards, and stubs!

Trisha of Paper Treats is very easy to work with. We only corresponded via email. I showed her my pegs and sample invitations that I saw over at Pinterest. We had three revisions before the final invitation.
Super cute right? I love love everything! And we're also collaborating on something for Paper Chic Studio! So watch out for that! :)

For printing and other party effects, my other go-to person is Pat Leano of The Candy Shop Prints. She is in the printing business and I love her other products which you must check out! I had everything printed by her (but you can also have Paper Treats print for you). I got stickers for my invitation, name tags and thank you stickers.
Stickers for invitations
Sticker seals for giveaways
Name tag for kids
And here's how my invitation looked like. I love DIY. It looks homemade hihi but I loved it!
Used Paper Chic Studio's favor bags as envelopes and sealed them using robot washi tapes also from Paper Chic Studio!
Thank you cards tied to our giveaways using Paper Chic Studio's baker's twine!
Stubs given out for tokens to be claimed to used at Shakey's Fun Zone!

I love working with both Trisha of Paper Treats and Pat of The Candy Shop Prints. Very easy to work with and always a smooth transaction!

Here's their details! Contact them now na!
Paper Treats

The Candyshop Prints


  1. Love the theme and DIYs! Galing! Well done, Cai! I love the giveaways! Ang cool!

  2. love the theme!
    belated happy bday, R!