My ZALORA Wishlist

Now that I'm nearing my due date, all I'm busy is about buying is the baby's stuff, and preparing for the big arrival! There are still a lot on my list that I need to cross out! How I wish I can shop for myself now but I have to put that on hold for now! Needs first before wants! But who says I can stop  from "window" shopping online? Right?

I've been checking out Zalora a lot the past few weeks. Checking out clothes or shoes I can wear after I give birth. Hihi... I love that local brands can now be bought online.. and baby things too!!! So much more convenient and best of all, it's mommy, breastfeeding, and cloth diapering friendly!

Here are my top five picks!
1. Anthology Cannes in Beige

With the impending arrival of baby#2 and looking after a very active toddler, I have to have comfortable shoes! And as a fan and lover of Anthology, I can attest that these pair of flats would be comfortable and perfect for mommies like me! I can wear these when we go out on family days, a visit to the pedia and even on a night outs with the hubby or to the office!

2. Mommy Matters FOV Afternoon Walks

Who says breastfeeding and fashion don't mix? I love this dress! It's so girly and versatile, I can wear it to the mall or attend a party in this! I can already see myself wearing this dress! I'll be breastfeeding baby#2 like I did with Y so I need all the nursing clothes I can buy.

3. Bayo Asja Overlap Blouse in Light Green
I love this blouse, it looks so light and breezy plus the fact that I can nurse my baby easily with its overlap style! Hit two birds with one stone right?!

4. Lässig Glam Global Bag in Black
I've long been looking for a diaper bag that can double as my own bag for when we go out with the kids without a yaya and I don't have to lug two bags (my bag and a diaper bag)! With all the compartments and changing mat included, this bag is IT!

5. SPINKIE The Essential Wet Bag

With the baby#2, we'll cloth diaper him and avoid using disposables (save Mother Earth!) as much as we can, even challenged myself to cloth diaper him even when going out! So this wet bag is very essential to a successful cloth diaper-ing career which I intend to have! And it doesn't hurt that it comes in a very cute design! I can also use this for wet clothes and swimsuits!

So, there's my very mommy list! It has more NEEDs than WANTs pa din! There's so much more I want to add but these five are pretty much what I need after giving birth. Other things can wait! :) Check out Zalora for yourself and be prepare to be glued to your computers! Click the image or the link below!


  1. Cai, you need to put  " under the logo :)

  2. applesanddumplingsApril 30, 2012 at 3:36 PM

    Thanks Trisha! I put the URL sa image, hindi pala nagwwork. Haha! Thanks for noticing!

  3. Congratulations applesanddumplings! You deserve it! :)

  4. so did you get your prizes already? :D

  5. applesanddumplingsJune 22, 2012 at 3:45 PM

    I just got the 5k voucher and vouchers din equivalent of the prizes. :)