Shopping for the Little Guy!

Now that we know we're having a boy, I really don't know where or what or how to start buying. Because I started nesting last February, I've given away most of Y's stuff to my sister who gave birth a month ago. Now ako yun walang gamit! LOL. Good thing shobe lent me some of G's old clothes, but I still need to buy a few newborn clothes, burp pads, wash cloths, towels for the little guy.

Since I'll be breastfeeding and pump again, I need to replace parts of my pump and have pump serviced (need to call Philips Service Center here!). Buy new storage bottles, feeding bottles, and some other stuff (Read: unnecessary things)

Here are the things I've bought online (way way cheaper than sold in the department store):
1. The First Years Drying Rack - I already have one but I thought of buying another one for the little guy's bottles and utensils.

2. Pura Kiki Stainless Steel Bottles and Silicone Sleeves - Bought two, each for Y and shoti. To use for when we go out. I bought this because Avent rings and spouts fit since we are using Avent.
3. Philips Avent BPA Free Classic 4 Ounce Bottles - This can double as my breast milk storage bottles. Since Y is using the honey tinted Avent bottles, I opted to buy this to avoid confusion.
Philips Avent BPA Free Classic 9 Ounce Bottles in Blue - Since we're having a boy, I bought blue ones! Cute noh?

5. Themos Foogo Food Jar - In anticipation for solid feeding and for baon purposes when going out. I already bought this because it's really cheaper to buy in the US!
6. Bumkins Flushable Diaper Liners - I bought this in anticipation of my challenge to use cloth diaper all the way.
For my breast pump...
7. Philips Avent Diaphragms with Stems - for my manual breast pump.

8. Philips Avent Twin Electric Breast Pump Diaphragms and Duck Bill - for my electric breast pump.

9. Changing Diapers: The Hip Mom's Guide to Modern Cloth Diapering - I failed to join Jenny's giveaway, and since I trust her cloth diaper-ing skills, I bought one for my own reference. Kung dati, I bought several breastfeeding books, now it's cloth diapering! naman!

10. Also bought mattress protectors for our beds and crafting items!

There are still so many things I still need to buy like nursing bras, nursing pads, more cloth diapers, binder, nipple cream, etc... I'm 30 weeks now and I feel like I'll be giving birth any time soon! Hay... I'm going to Divisoria this weekend to buy some baby stuff, sana may makita ako! Oh there's Expo Mom next weekend!

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