Things I Want After Giving Birth

I'm 31 weeks this week. Ang bilis! And before you know it, I'll be popping out this baby boy! Which reminds me, we don't have a name yet!!! Well, I do have a list but haven't pick one yet. I like how we named Y, I love her second name, so I want it to be the same for this baby!
Although I'm excited to see and cuddle my baby boy, I'm also excited to do/eat/buy the things I want that I can't do/eat/buy while I'm pregnant!

1. Anthology Hudsons!
2. Eat sashimi to my hearts content!
3. A nice long hard foot massage or body massage
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4. Drink caffeineated coffee! (With limit of course because I'll be breastfeeding!)
5. Have hair rebond or perm and treatments! (after 6 months of breastfeeding!)
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6. Go on a vacation!
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Hope I get to have one or two things from this list!

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