Friday, August 1, 2014

August is Breastfeeding Month! Dr. Jack Newman is Coming plus a Free Book!

It's August na in a day! And August is breastfeeding month and of course there's a series of activities lined up! 

First and foremost and the biggest event for this month is Dr. Jack Newman will be back in the Philjppines for a 3-city event! This is very exciting! I missed last year's event and I am still making schedule adjustments so I can attend this year!
Dr. Jack Newman
 This was last year's symposium
This year's symposium BU:MP-2014 (Breastfeeding Uncovered:Mission Possible) will be in Metro Manila (August 9), Davao City (August 11) and Cebu City (August 13).
This year's topics will focus on breastfeeding challenges commonly experienced by Filipino families, such as poor weight gain and latching issues. Aside from providing explanations on the causes and solutions to these challenges, Dr. Newman will also include a module on what healthcare practitioners need to know about breastfeeding that were not discussed during their training.
Dr. Jack Newman is a renowned pediatrician, educator and thought leader in the international breastfeeding advocacy scene. He has been a consultant for UNICEF for the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative, evaluating its first candidate hospitals. He is the international bestselling author of the definitive breastfeeding guide book for mothers and health care professionals entitled “Dr. Jack Newman’s Guide to Breastfeeding.” He is also a founding member of the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine and is much
sought after as an international speaker.

Tickets for the event are priced at P1,500 for on-the-day purchase, but an early bird price of P1,000 may be availed until August 2, 2014. Groups of 10 or more will get a group discounted rate of P900 per attendee, while medical and nursing students will get a student rate of P800 each if they pre-register by August 2, 2014. 
Or you can join Mayumi and Me's group buy here.
For more information, you may email LATCH at You can also visit the LATCH event page for Paypal payments. To pay via BPI, please fill up

And another great news is Breastfeeding: A Journey Worth Taking by Teresa Gumap-as is now available on Amazon Kindle! Yay!!! And not just that, you may download it for FREE from August 1 to August 3!!! After the promo, the book will be back to its regular price ($9.99)
I'm happy and proud to be a part of this book and share my breastfeeding story! Download this book now while it's free!

For more breastfeeding month activities, check out Chronicles of a Nursing Mom!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A&D Eats: Lunch With Bestfriends at Tipsy Pig, Capitol Commons

We've been friends for 18 years and we never realized it until we had lunch for Clarissa's birthday and we're finally and officially complete in Manila after 10 years ba? We decided to have lunch at Tipsy Pig at Capitol Commons. It was my first time to actually be in Capitol Commons and not just pass by lang.
We didn't realize it's a gastropub! We were with kids. Haha!
We asked for the best sellers so we wouldn;t have to think about what to eat and go straight to chikahan!
Belly Good Sisig Tacos - one order is bitin! See that little hands, Y loved the chicharon!
The Tripe Chop - this was so so lang
Spicy Butter Shrimp which was good but would be better if it was spicier!
Pulled Pork BBQ Pizza - good but not that good
Rigatoni With Spicy Shrimp - we love this!
Creamy Carbonara - ordered for Y and we like this also!

Food was good but not great buti na lang may chikahan portion! We liked the Sisig Tacos, Rigatoni With Spicy Shrimp and Spicy Butter Shrimp. Maybe because we don't drink kaya we didn't enjoy the food? But nonetheless, it's the company of my friends that matter!
18 years of friendship!
For more information on Tipsy Pig, follow and like them on their social media accounts!
Facebook: Tipsy Pig Gastropub
Instagram: @tipsypig_ph

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

To Legazpi Sunday Market We Go!

I've been wanting to go Legazpi Market for the longest time but ang hirap kasi gisingin si BOS so when Ninang G was asking where we can go for our "date" I suggested Legaszi Sunday Market! I woke up early and picked up Ninag G and off to Legazpi Sunday Market we go!

We started first with the dry goods before we checked out the food section which saved for last which we saved for last! Heehee!
Rawlicious and Fresh Organic Vegetables for sale

 From plants ats!..
to more vegetables and handwoven products. I want those handwoven place m
There was a stall was selling mulberry and bought Tong's Coffee! Ninang G and I were able to meet the owner and got to try their different variants! Love meeting people who are passionate about their products.
 Suman Budbud which I bought a lot to take home because BOS loves kakanin. Loved the Mango and Biko and would love to try other flavors too! The owner was very nice too to have us taste test almost all flavors. As in he wanted us to try all of them that Ninang G who is not a suman person also bought to bring home as pasalubong.
Ritual Products

Silly Monkey Clothing, Indigo Baby Shop was also there and a whole lot more! I just didn't take photos because I was busy looking around. I love markets, wt markets, groceries! Such a mommy thing! Haha!  After looking around the dry goods area, we went to check out the food. Inikot muna namin before buying. There was Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, Indonesian, Spanish, Singaporean, Malaysian cuisine. There was a burger station and ice cream too!
 Grass-fed Burgers and another stall that sells pastas I think :)
 Indonesian Food and Yakitori which I bought some chicken skin to take home for BOS. Sayang naubos ang wagyu!
I love the food covers! I want that for our home!
 Asian Hawker Food!
There were also cakes and cupcakes stalls but we were there for the savory food haha! Ninang G and I sbought food to share plus we had Thai Iced Tea!
Left: Swedish Balls which was not good and cold :( And not that cheap ha.
Right:  Something Mee. Haha! Forgot the name but it was just so  so
Indonesian Food! Good but not memorable.

Next time I'm trying that stall who's selling Phad Thai and the Wagyu barbecue and next time I'm bringing BOS na with me whether he likes it or not hahaha! And next time Salcedo Market naman!

Go early as parking can be hard.

Do you have your favorites? Share naman so I can check it out the next time I go!

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Legazpi Sunday Market is located Legazpi and Rufino Sts
Opens: 7:00AM to 2:00PMFacebook: Legazpi Sunday Market
Twitter: @legazpiMarket

Monday, July 21, 2014

Better Together with Oreo and Transformers

Two weeks ago, Oreo invited the SoMoms to an exclusive screening of Transformers: Age of Extinction at the Resorts World Cinema. I loved the first three Transformers movie, at one point I had them all in my iPod and so I can watch them whenever I want. Actually I didn't know that there was a new Transformers movie! Hindi na ako updated sa Hollywood chizmiz, must read Perez Hilton na again! Siya pa din ba ang uso? Hahaha. Anyways, it was my first time going to Resorts World so me and Y left the house early and we got there just in time but parking was full na! I was considering taking the shuttle from Lucky Chinatown to Resorts World nga at first!
First time to watch a movie in Resorts World!
Excited Y before she got bored hihi
I brought Y with me to the movie screening. I was prepping her about the movie because I know she gets scared with "robots". She was excited about watching a movie but I was not so sure with Transformers knowing it was a an almost 3-hour movie but she was looking forward to it nonetheless. We arrived the same time with Neva, went to the movie house, got our Oreo gift packs, took photos and raided the dessert buffet! Heehee! The Oreo Pannacotta was so good! Y liked it!
Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee! Did not get a chance to have a photo with them because Y is not so fond of them. Heehee!
Oreo Dessert Bar!

Mommy Fleur checking out the dessert bar
Yummy cupcakes!

And finally after people settled in, there was a short program and a raffle where Fleur, Michelle, Tina and Mish all won prizes! Yay! Movie finally started at around 7:30PM.
Y is excited because of the little tray where we can put all the food. Hehe! Simple joys nga naman :)
Yay for our Oreos!
I had this cupcake while waiting for the movie to start. Yummy!
This commercial of Oreo x Transformers was on loop while we were waiting for the movie to start. Mukhang hindi aabot sa lalamunan ni Optimus Prime yun Oreo hehehe!
Transformers: Age of Extinction takes place five years after the invasion in Chicago in the Transformers: Dark of the Moon. The human cast is entirely new! I only found out about that 2 days before! With Mark Wahlberg and Stanley Tucci on the starring roles, I didn't recognize na the other casts but of course there's always a hot girl involved. Heehee!
Photo from IMDB
I loved the three previous Transformers movie but this one... I didn't like that all of them look so high-tech and "human". One of the Autobots has "balbas", smokes and umuuno-ubo pa! They're robots!!! And they seem to be indestructible. The movie was a bit dragging that Y got bored and asked me if we can go home na. Sayang I didn't get to finish but I heard they went to Hong Kong or China.

Is it me lang or they look too modern?
Photo from IMDB
But ok lang kasi we got to take home the new limited Transformers flavors: Prime Berry Creme and Action Fruit Creme 
Have you tried these new flavors yet?
So excited to see yellow and blue fillings inside Oreos!
Limited edition packaging too with free Transformers stickers which can collect and get you a chance to win amazing prizes from Oreo!

I'm sure you've already noticed the Oreo x Transformers contest banner on the right. It's actually  very easy to join!
Then click Oreo Lab Grab
Let's get ready to play!
 Then enter your promo code... 
which can be found at the back of the stickers
or the barcode at the back of the individual packs
You get 5 entries automatically upon entering the code! And can earn more by playing the game!
Rules are easy peasy!
I got 59 entries plus 5 more when I shared it on my Facebook wall. I wanna win that trip to Universal Studios Hollywood!

And you can also win instant prizes like tumblers and travel luggage trolley  when you pick up the Oreos with cream filling! So what are you waiting for? Go to your nearest grocery and hoard Oreos na!

Happy joining and good luck to us all!


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