PhilCare ER Vantage Plus

Healthcare is one the things I'm looking into investing this year. BOS and I have been looking for a HMO for our family but always putting it aside because of our busy schedule. But I think I may have found something that suits our busy schedule and for working moms and dads.

PhilCare is one of the country’s pioneering Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) companies. The company is built on a vision to allow Filipinos to enjoy better quality of life by providing them access to world-class health services. PhilCare also opened its e-commerce website in 2014 where it adapted the sachet-packaging or tingi system to making healthcare accessible to many. Today, PhilCare just made healthcare more accessible! Introducing to you, PhilCare's online-exclusive product, the ER Vantage Plus!

ER Vantage Plus is a one-time use healthcare benefit. It covers emergency care and hospitalization in over 500 PhilCare-accredited hospitals nationwide. ER Vantage Plus covers viral and bacterial illnesses, treatment of injuries resulting from accidents (except for stroke) and gives Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) benefit of P50,000. ER Vantage Plus has 3 variants and tiered pricing according to the age of enrollee: ER Vantage Plus 40, ER Vantage Plus 60 and ER Vantage Plus 80.
ER Vantage Plus 40 gives you a one-time coverage of up to Php40,000 for emergency room care and hospitalization expense.
ER Vantage Plus 40 for Adults is for clients aging from 18 to 64 years old.
ER Vantage Plus 40 for Kids is for clients aging from 6 mos to 17 years old.
ER Vantage Plus 60 gives you a one-time coverage of up to Php60,000 or emergency room care and hospitalization expense.
ER Vantage Plus 60 for Adults is for clients aging from 18 to 64 years old.
ER Vantage Plus 60 for Kids is for clients aging from 6 mos to 17 years old.

ER Vantage Plus 80 gives you a one-time coverage of up to Php80,000 or emergency room care and hospitalization expense.
ER Vantage Plus 80 for Adults is for clients aging from 18 to 64 years old.
ER Vantage Plus 80 for Kids is for clients aging from 6 mos to 17 years old.

All of ER Vantage Plus's benefit includes:
  • Doctors’ fees 
  • Laboratory and diagnostic procedures 
  • Room and board 
  • Medicines (except vaccines) as medically necessary during confinement, except for cases declared as non-coverable 
  • Special modalities of treatment which are medically necessary during ER and confinement and subject to P5,000 limit 
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic procedures as medically necessary during ER and confinement 

By definition, emergency cases are sudden, unexpected onset of illness or injury, which at the time of contract reasonably appeared as having the potential of causing immediate disability or death or requiring the immediate alleviation of severe pain and discomfort. Emergency cases include but are not limited to the following: (a) Massive Bleeding; (b) Acute Appendicitis; (c) Fractures/multiple injuries secondary to accidents; (d) Convulsions; (e) illnesses or conditions resulting in moderate or severe dehydration such as diarrhea or fever; and (f) Syncope. Pre-existing conditions and those conditions under the general exclusions of PhilCare are not covered. Read about the ER Vantage Plus coverage here.

ER Vantage Plus is not only accessible but also friendly on the pocket. Since this is an online-exclusive product, getting an ER Vantage Plus is very easy! Just go to PhilCare's online shop ( and click on your ER Vantage Plus of choice to purchase.
Payment can be made with your debit card, credit card, online banking or over-the-counter!

Once your purchase and payment is confirmed, you will receive an email from PhilCare containing the registration details (voucher number, serial number, and PIN code) and the registration link. When you have successfully registered, you will receive your ER Vantage Plus voucher with your unique certificate number, validity period and complete product details. The plan is activated and becomes valid seven (7) days from registration date. After validation, your ER Vantage Plus is ready for use. An ER Vantage Plus is valid for one year and when it expires, you can always repurchase! Also, Philheath is required for the availment of this card during hospital confinement.

With just few clicks, you're good and ready with a great healthcare plan. You can choose a plan that suits your budget and when you're plan expires, you can always maintain or upgrade your plan. For more information on ER Vantage Plus, you can check out! And if you're ready to get a plan, visit!

A&D Eats: Buendia Food By The Court

A new food concept has popped up in Makati! Combining two favorite past times of Filipinos, eating and basketball. SUDECO (Subic Bay Development & Industrial Estate Corporation) created something of not the usual and the first of its kind in Makati, Buendia Food by the Court.

Buendia Food by the Court opened its doors to the media last February 8, giving us a taste of what the food park offers. Buendia Food by the Court is just 10 minutes away from Makati Central Business District, a great place for after-work basketball game, a hang out place to wind down and just chill after a day at the office or when you and your foodie friends want to try something new, bring them here.
With its wide array of well curated food options, Buendia Food by the Court has something to offer for everyone. From Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Mexican to Indonesian food, your options are endless!
I bet the place looks good at night with these lights at night. Ahhh with a bottle of beer in hand and in company of great friends, it's definitely a good way to end your week this way. Yes?

Here's a sneak peek of what you can enjoy at Buendia Food by the Court...
Rojak Salad offers healthy and special one-of-a-kind salads.
MAD Subs lets your build your own sandwiches and more!
Little Kodo offers Japanese street food like takoyaki, sushi and ramen!
Rouche Grille serves Filipino grilled specialties as well as pasta and pizza
Sisig and more at Sisig MNL
Bakmi Nonya serves aunthentic Indonesian food! This is something I wasn't able to try during the media launch and I want to go back for this.
Juicy gourmet burgers from BMW (Burger Meet Wings)!
Chinese buns at Shangkee Buns
Pizza from Jack's Joint. They also offer Persian-inspired fare like shawarma and kebabs!
Tacos from Lamexa Cantina
Goto and more at Goto Pinoy!

There's also Doss Pares for speciality pares, goat meat specialities at Korvitz Grill, award-winning premium beef tapa (so goood!!!) at Tapaddiction, Brothers' Blends for cold pressed juices and organic coffee, and Ice Cold for well-chilled soft drinks and ice cold beer!

Plan your next food trip/basketball game at Buendia Food by the Court!
24 Sen. G. Puyat Avenue corner Bautista St, Barangay San Isidro, Makati City
Food Park Hours: 5PM to 12MN

Pixi x It's Judy Time: ItsEyeTime and ItsLipTime + Meet & Greet!

I first heard about It's Judy Time from my friend Kaye about 2 years ago, she kept on telling us to watch the vlog. I've only seen a few episodes and a couple of Judy's FB Live and I can see why they have a big fanbase from kids to teens to moms! Early this year, Judy Travis and her family visited again the Philippines and one of the events they did was the launch of Judy's collaboration with Pixi!
If it's your first time to hear of It's Judy Time, let me tell you a little something about them. Judy Travis is a beauty turned mommy vlogger. She started her YouTube Channel "It's Judy Time" in 2008 where she would do video blogs and share her love for make-up, she would share her tutorials, her "First Impressions" and reviews on new beauty products. In 2012, she started doing daily vlogs with her husband Benji and their three daughters: Julianna, Miya and Keira (OMG, the baby bears are super cute!!!) on her "It's Judy's Life" channel, sharing tidbits about their family life to their growing audience. I'm trying to catch up on the vlog when I get the chance and I usually ended up binge watching because once you started watching, it's so hard to stop!
Such a lovely family!

Last January 29, it was the launch of Judy's collaboration with Pixi which was also an exclusive Meet & Greet for her Philippine fans at the Samsung Hall, SM Aura Premier!
It's Judy Time merchandise being sold outside like pins, tshirts, etc. :) 
I arrived early at the venue. Lines weren't long yet but was too excited for the event so I went inside Samsung Hall and reserved our seats! The launch was also a Meet and Greet for Judy's fans in the Philippines.
 Here I am together with Sabine, Fleur, Mish and Chesca! Photo grabbed from Mish!
Say Tioco, a beauty vlogger also, hosted the event.
Lia Ramos, CEO of Glamourbox Philippines, also the official distributor of Pixi, gave a small presentation about Pixi and the collaboration with ItsJudyTime.
On the left is the eye palette while on the right is the lip palette. The eye palette is so pretty! But I don't use eye shadow that much so I chose the lip palette! A mom's life can get really busy, finding balance can be a challenge. I have never really found happiness in make-up until a few years ago which started with kilay and just recently I am starting to experiment with lipsticks because I've always sticked to nudes and shades I like and ended up with several brands with the same shade! (Who can relate??? Haha!) Hence, I chose the lip palette!

Being the successful beauty vlogger that Judy is, it isn't a surprise that big cosmetic brands, such as Pixi, wants to collaborate with her. Judy together with Pixi, she came up with ItsJudyTime Eyeshadow and Lipstick palettes!
This is the eye palette, ItsEyeTime, which has 12 silky, highly pigmented and blend-able eyeshadows. I am no eye shadow expert but based on just looking at it. This palette can take your from a day look to a night look. The shades are so nice and each shade has a cute name like It's Mommy Life, Ping, Aww Snap, Honey Bear, etc. 
ItsLipTime is a palette of 12 creamy hydrating lip colours to wear each shade solo or layer to add dimension. You can use a lip brush or just your fingers then tap on the lips. The shades also have cute names like ItsEyeTime!

When the Travis family finally came out, the crowd went wild. As in! I was really really overwhelmed on how big their fanbase here in the Philippines. The Samsung Hall was FULL. I heard the tickets for the Meet & Greet got sold out really fast!
The twins gave an impromptu performance which we all loved. I am smitten by the baby bears! Gosh they're so cute!
Nakakakilig sila! I can see how protective Benji is of his family but also supports Judy. 
Judy met each and everyone here. Grabe! She met (talked to and took photos with) all of the 300 fans present at the Meet & Greet. It took about two hours to finish. I love love how she values her fans and I love her!
Me and Judy! She reminds me of Mariah Carey, diba? :) Ang bait niya! I got starstrucked and tongue tied! I forgot what I said to her na. lol
Thank you Mommy Mundo for inviting me! I wish I stayed longer for the private event with her but had to go home to my babies. I had a great time with the mommas and so so thrilled I got to meet Judy.