Friday, February 5, 2016

This post is one month late, we're yaya-less again but here it is now! I started this blog to document my firsts with motherhood. 5 years later, the blog has evolved as I am as a mom. Honestly, I can't believe I am still here, blogging after 5 years even when there are times when I get too lazy to blog anymore but then I think of how I met some of my closest friends today through blogging, how blogging gave me opportunity to work with different people and different brands and I would not deny I love receiving products to try and most especially sharing all my experiences to my readers. For 2016, my wish is for this blog to grow even more. :)

Apples & Dumplings turned 5 last January 11. So... shall we celebrate A&D's 5th with a giveaway? I would like to thank the brands who have supported this blog and giveaway! And there will be five winners of great prizes and surprises! Yay! Thank you in advance for joining and hope you continue to read this blog!

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Friday, January 15, 2016

Last month, I got to finally try Kafé Batwan and went back to Cafe Sansó for the second time.

Kafé Batwan by Sarsá
Lunched at Kafé Batwan with some mommies to learn more about Study Buddy (which I will tell you about in another post). I've heard good reviews about the place and I was excited to try the food!
For starters, we had:
Inasal Tofu with rocket and spinach, topped with prawns, pomelos, grilled tomatoes and ginamos vinagrette, Php295
Ensaladang Espinida with grilled tomatoes, kesong puti, pili nuts, crispy crablets and mango salted egg dressing, Php295
Crispy Tawilis with Shaved Queso de Bola, Php220, which was so good!
Trio of Pinoy Spreads with Biscocho Pandesal, Php250. The three spreads were Monggo Labuyo, Salted Egg Labuyo, and Tahong Ginamos. 
Grilled Sugarcane Porkchop with Kamote Mash, Php350
Inasal Petso With Soy Sinamak and Batwan Achara, Php225. This was tasty! There's also Inasal Paa if you don't like eating chicken breast.
Madrid Fusion Super Batchoy, Php450. 12-hour soup stock, kurobota charsiou, soft-boiled egg and tuna skin. It's like batchoy na ramen style! BOS was envious because of this. Heehee! He's originally from Visayas and he always says there's no batchoy in Manila. I should let him try this!
Chocnut Turon, Php195

Everything was good and I would like to take BOS here and hear all about his negative comments heehee! I know you're reading this. Tama ba ako? Haha!

Kafé Batwan by Sarsá
GF, Joya Tower, 28 Puaza Drive, Rockwell Center, Makati, 1201
Phone: (02) 625 5166
Instagram: @kafebatwan

Cafe Sansó
Met with my high school barkada for a post-Christmas get together last December and while choosing what restaurant to eat in, I suggested Cafe Sansó because San Juan was our middle ground. Everything was good the first time I ate here but got a bit disappointed this time around. :( But I'm still sharing what we had!
First one to arrive! And while waiting for the others to come, I ordered pasta for the kids and tried one of their sandwiches.
I ordered their best-selling Francesinha, Php350. Rye bread with layers of Jamon Serrano, chipolata sausage, sauteed wild mushroom with chive cream cheese. The whole sandwich was covered with melted mozzarella and asiago cheese in spiced beer tomato sauce. Served with potato wedges.
The kids had the Tartuffo Linguini, Php395. Linguini coated in truffle-infused cream sauce. Topped with Jamon Serrano and parmesan slivers.

And when my friends finally came, we ordered more food.
Ensalada Mixta y Gambas, Php340. Mixed mesclun medley and arugula dressed in balsamic vinaigrette. Served with flambeed prawns and candied walnuts
Churrasco Pork Belly, Php370, served with sauteed haricot verts and rosemary-infused marbled potatoes. It's not as tasty as it looks. The veggies were tastier pa.
Paella Valenciana. I had this before but it was good the first time around, the second time, not so much. I don't know why. :(

Cafe Sansó
32 V Cruz St. Little Baguio, San Juan
(0922) 894-6144
Facebook: Cafe Sansó
Instagram: @cafesanso

Thursday, January 14, 2016

When your kids are active and play rough, getting scratches and wounds are unavoidable. And as moms, we easily get freaked out especially when there's blood. Aminin! I know I am not the only one! Heehee! While we can't stop our kids from being kids and have fun, we can certainly avoid infection they can get from scratches and wounds.

Last October 2015, I was invited by PurpleBug® to an intimate event with LEO Pharma™ to learn more about the #NoToStaphy campaign against wound infection plus wound care 101. I'm glad I was able to attend this event as I've learned a lot and busted some myths about wound care that I thought were facts! Read on to know more about them too!

This was Fucidin®'s first ever blogger event!
Ms. Joane Opulencia was our lovely host for that day.

First speaker was Dr. Kristine Gutierrez, a pediatrician at Santo Tomas University Hospital and World Citi Medical Center but she is first of all an extra sure mom of two. Dr. Kristine talked about proper wound care and actually busted a myth that even I actually believed in and practiced for a long time!
Dr. Kristine explained the proper steps to wound care and now I am sharing it with you!

1. Keep calm and stop the bleeding.
Mommas, don't panic! Using a sterile bandage, apply a steady but gentle pressure on the wound for 15 minutes to stop further bleeding. Elevate the wounded area, if necessary.

2. Clean the wound with soap and water.

Wash wound with soap and lukewarm water for 15 seconds to prevent further contamination. Yes, you read that right. Water and soap and not with hydrogen peroxide or alcohol! I am sure a lot of us did this, it is a complete no no pala! Using hydrogen peroxide or alcohol can actually do more harm than good. Cleaning the wound helps get rid of bacteria and debris from the injury.

3. Protect against wound infection.
 While cleaning the wound removes bacteria that surrounds it, it doesn't necessarily kill the bacteria specifically Staphy or Staphylococcus Aureus, a common bacteria found in children's wound infection. This is where Fucidin® comes in. Fucidin® is fast acting and deep penetrating yet does not damage healthy tissues is your best bet. Apply a thin layer of Fucidin® after cleaning the wound to keep it moist.

4. Cover bigger wounds with bandage.
Covering bigger or worse wound with a sterile bandage will help protect the wound from dirt and further irritation. For minor wounds, scrapes or scratches, it is ok to leave it uncovered. For small cuts, use Band-aid. My kids love the ones with cute designs, that helps them forget about their sugat.

Here's another myth busted by Dr. Kristine. Keep wounds wet. Don’t let it get dry and leave it exposed to air. I hear this all the time! But bacteria will not flourish under a wound dressing! A dry wound will not heal faster, it can actually lead to greater chances of reinjury and scarring! Remember that wounds should be moist, clean, and covered so they heal faster.

5. Change the dressings!
If you had a C-section like I did, you would know what we have to change the dressing everyday. The same goes for your wound care. Change the dressing whenever it becomes dirty or wet. Ask a healthcare professional for the proper ways of changing the dressings specific to the wound.

6. Observe for infection.
Watch out for signs of infection and consult your doctor immediately if and when you see these signs.
Signs of infection: redness, increasing pain, warmth or swelling around the area, and pus oozing out of the wound.

7. Consult your doctor.
 Take note of the following to know when to seek medical care for your kids wound:
       If the infection fails to heal, is bleeding or oozing with pus, has read streaks, or if your kid has a fever
       If the bleeding cannot be controlled by a bandage, direct pressure, and elevation
       If his wound looks like it may need repair with stitches because of its size or cosmetic reasons
       If his wound is from animal bites
       If the wound is difficult to clean
       If there is any of the aforementioned evidence of infection

Now that we know the proper steps for wound care, let's all take a look at our first aid kits and make sure we have all the essentials for treating our children's wounds.
We all got this Wound Care Kit (which I super love!) from the event which includes: sterile cotton balls and cotton-tipped swabs, sterile gauze pads, medical tape, plastic strips, surgical scissors, antiseptic (ethyl alcohol, for your hands) and Fucidin® of course! I love receiving tokens as useful as this! I made a smaller version of this Wound Care Kit for a trip we had a week after the event!
A few more things to add to your wound care kit are: sterile saline solution (contact lens saline solution may do),  Calamine lotion (to prevent itching from stings or small insect bites), Hydrocortisone cream, ointment, or lotion - topical steroids can provide quick relief from itching, especially from insect bites, and help reduce inflammation and adhesive bandages of various sizes.

After learning about proper wound care, Dr. Irene Gardiner, Medical Affairs Manager for LEO Pharma™ South Asia, told us more about Fucidin® and its uses. 
Dr. Irene Gardiner mentioned that Fusidic Acid (Fucidin®) is highly effective against Staphy. It has an excellent skin penetration, low reports on allergic reactions, and no cross-resistance. Fucidin® is also safe for pregnant and breastfeeding moms!
Fucidin® topical formulations reach effective tissue levels in as little as two hours! Staphy is sure gone!

Fucidin® has five different formulations but there are only two kinds that you can buy over-the-counter (without prescriptions).
Tip: Cream is for moist wounds while ointment is for dry wounds. Hope I remember this because I always interchange them! Heehee!
Fucidin® retails for Php347!
Mr. Lars Olen, Vice President of LEO Pharma™ (Global), also graced the event. He happily answered all of our questions about Fucidin® and LEO Pharma™.

Staphy, the official mascot for Fucidin® also graced the event and we all had a mini photo-op with him!       
Cute ba si Staphy? Heehee! Check out the video below for more of Staphy!
Thank you LEO Pharma™, Fucidin® and PurpleBug® for inviting me to your first ever blogger event. I've learned so much about proper wound care and wound infection and now I know what to do when my kids get wounded (knock on the wood!!!). I love the Wound Care Kit which I would make more and put it my daughter's school bag and include it in our travel kits!
To know more about Fucidin® and the #NoToStaphy campaign, please visit!
You can also check their social media accounts:
Instagram: @notostaphy
Twitter: @NoToStaphy

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Last year, a month before the holidays, Mish and Sab invited me to their last Mothers Who Brunch for 2015! It was the same weekend as the Block Party that I had to do ingress first before going to the Viking Range Showroom. I was already running late and was thinking if I should skip na lang but I knew if I miss MWB's Holiday Edition, I will regret it later, most especially when the food was prepared by NawwTy's Kitchen! **All photos are by Jay Santos.
I was excited about the food and it didn't disappoint! I loved everything: the food, the company, the booze and chikahan! It was a much needed break even though R was with me that day. Haha!

Who here panic when you have to host a party at home or when you're asked to bring food to a party? Me!!! But you don't have to panic anymore because when you bring anything from NawwTy's Kitchen, you will be the star! Heehee! There were six dishes prepared: Prawn Farfalle Salad, Jalapeño Beef Fingers, Crab Fat Paella, Apple & Sausage Stuffed Turkey, Dulce de Leche plus Manila Belly's Lechon Belly!
Charcuterie and cheese plate which hindi ko na naabutan heehee! I heard that truffle honey was good! I'll try serve something like this at home and serve it when we have guests.
Prawn Farfalle Salad
Jalapeño Beef Fingers
This Mothers Who Brunch Holiday Potluck edition was one of my favorites for 2015! It was my first time to have Turkey! I always see it in movies and TV but never actually seen and tasted one and ohhhh I loved it! I love the stuffings and the sidings, that turkey made me so happy! This is a must-order from NawwTy's Kitchen!
Such a beauty!
Roasted Peppered Veggies

Making an appearance at Mothers Who Brunch was Sab's newest venture, Manila Belly! Bring this to your potluck party and I'm sure everyone will be happy!
Manila Belly in spicy and original. Crispy balat, juicy and tender meat makes the perfect lechon! We super loved the lechon bellies, we made an advance order for Christmas Eve! They also have truffle flavor na! I ordered that for Christmas and everyone was super happy!
 Dulce de Leche for dessert!

And more cakes for dessert from The Flour Girl! Most often than not, dessert is the last thing you think of to bring to a potluck. We always think of the main dish to serve. It happened to one of our parties last Christmas and we were so happy when one of our friends who were last to come brought cake! Next time, order a cake from The Flour Girl. Okay?
Thank you Trish for the memorable lunch... from the bottom of my tummy! Heehee! 

Thank you again Sab and Mish for inviting and congratulations as well for the success of Mothers Who Brunch! Attending the Mothers Who Brunch was one of my highlights for 2015! I can't wait what Sab and Mish will whip up this year. :)
And as always, we didn't go home empty handed! Mothers Who Brunch always put together a nice loot bag from MWB's sponsors.
 More Glad Kitchen stuff! I'm one glad momma. Heehee!
Handmade crochet coasters by none other than Mrs. C! Follow her @crochetbymrsc on Instagram!
 Cute Christmas Tags from @noteworthy_ph
Macadamia Natural Oil Hair Treatment
 So True Naturals Baby Cologne
Follow on Instagram!
I love the glass board from The Coolist! I've yet to use mine. I can't wait to move in to my new kitchen!
 Gift Wrappers from The Lunchbreak Project
 And more Pine-Sol goodies!

Thank you again Mothers Who Brunch for having me!