Oishi Snacktacular 2017: What Activities To Expect This Year

This is one of the most anticipated events every year! Oishi Snacktacular is happening next weekend July 28-30 at Festival Mall. Who's excited???

Participate at Oishi's yummy activities and fun booths! Here's just some of the fun activities you can do at the Oishi Snacktacular!
Full mechanics:
1. Get your 2ft Giant Pack to fill in 60 seconds for P295. 
2. Take home everything that fits the seal!
3. Get your Pass to Wow stamped.

Full mechanics:
1. Pair up in cuckoo suits and catch as many balls as you can for P120/player.
2. The total number of balls caught earns your team a corresponding prize based on the prize meter. 
3. Get your Pass to Wow stamped.

Full mechanics:
1. Get a cup of soft-serve ice cream of your chosen flavor: Oishi Choco Chug, Tea Matchi Matcha or both, for P20.
2. Pick up to 2 Oishi toppings and enjoy!
3. Get your Pass to Wow stamped.

Full mechanics:
1. Get your Make Your Own Snack container for only P20.
2. Choose a maximum of 2 chips and 2 dips to enjoy.
3. Get your Pass to Wow stamped.

Full mechanics:
1. Strap up and dive into the giant pool of Oishi snacks to grab as many as you can for P200.
2. Bring home your entire catch!
3. Get your Pass to Wow stamped.

When you finished all the booths and complete your Pass to Wow, you get a free shirt! You can also 
join the daily raffle draw and get a chance to win a limited edition Oishi Friend plush toy and Php500 worth of gift checks! You can also meet and eat the Oishi Friends, hoard your favorite snacks, and join the fun with Team O - Alex Gonzaga, Maine Mendoza, Kathryn Bernardo, and Daniel Padilla! See you at the most O,Wow! event of the year!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Althea Korea + My Skincare Routine!

Ok, let's talk about skincare. If you ask me to pick between make-up and skincare, I would always go for skincare. While I do put on make-up, I am lazy when it comes to removing it especially eye make-up so it's really skincare for me. When I hit puberty, my skin became oily and I had cystic acne. It was really bad. I went to the derma religiously but I eventually stopped then I started using skincare when I was in college. I've tried brands like Murad and Lancome but what really cleared my acne was ProActiv then I stopped using any skincare. I only started again when I was working and my mom gave me a pot of moisturizer. My routine was just cleanser + moisturizer, that's it. Then I eventually started applying anti-aging eye cream because I noticed I had fine lines around the eyes and I wasn't even 30 at that time! Then motherhood happened, I was tired all the time and me just thinking about putting all those creams on my face was making me lazier and I'd rather sleep! Who can relate?! But ever since discovering Althea Korea, I've a newfound love for Korean skincare!
Althea turns 2 this July!

I have to thank Althea Korea for making K-Beauty so accessible! I'm slowly shifting from Japanese brands to Korean brands because they're more affordable, they use natural/holistic ingredient and they're also very effective. My skin has never been this good! What made me became more addicted to K-Beauty: Goblin, Weightlifting Fairy, and Joan Kim, a famous Korean beauty vlogger. How are Koreans poreless?! The more I watch them the more I got curious about Korean skincare, the more I wanted to learn more about 10-step Korean skincare and the more I was excited to shop at Althea Korea.
Almost everything in this photo I got it from Althea! Some of the products here at not opened yet and not everything I have are in the photo. Haha! I also use local brands like VMV and Zenutrients mostly for my sweat acne problem.

This July, Althea Korea is celebrating its 2nd Birthday and they are celebrating it with daily giveaways plus you get a chance to win a trip for two to Korea! I want to WIN!!! Joining is really easy, all you have to do is to shop at Althea from July 3 - 30, 2017 and that earns you a chance to win their awesome prizes!

I've been trying (operating word: TRYING) to follow the 10-step skincare as much as I can everyday, There are lazy days, I skip a step or two. If you want to know more about the 10-step skincare, you check this link: https://sokoglam.com/pages/the-korean-skin-care-routine. When I shopped two weeks ago at Althea, I only bought what I don't have to complete the 10-steps. After watching maybe 10 episodes of Joan's vlog, I had a long list of NEEDS. But I narrowed it down to these products: 
Missha Time Revolution Essence, Klairs Toner, Klairs Vitamin C Serum and Klairs Sheet Mask. I've heard good reviews about these so I'm so excited to use them na! Winner talaga because they're not expensive and my skin is great. My friends have been complimenting my skin lately so that means my skincare is really working!
I just want to share this photo. I went to Hong Kong a couple of weeks ago with my mom and sisters. The only shop I was looking forward to shop in was Innisfree and they shopped more than I did! So happy they're Innisfree and Korean skincare converts too! It was what we've been talking about in our Whatsapp group.
The little bottle in the middle is Sulwhasoo which is a cult favorite. My mom bought the anti-aging line and got samples and she gave them to me because she knows I've been wanting to try it too but they're more expensive. So let's see if it's really the best.
Happy Birthday again Althea! Thank you for making my shopping life easier, I wish you many more years of success and may you continue to bring joy to K-Beauty fanatics like me out there!
Shop at Althea Korea today! I got so many freebies and samples from this year's birthday box! Get Php200 off on your first purchase, just click this link https://www.talkable.com/x/I0K5dk! Happy Shopping!

New Kitchen Toy: Tupperware Can Opener + Review

One of the things I truly enjoyed after getting married and moving in to a condo 6 years ago was buying anything for the kitchen. As simple as a spoon or a new set of pots was a source of happiness. Haha! Was it pregnancy hormones? Or maybe it was a start of my being a tita?

Fastforward to today, the kitchen remains to be one of my favorite in our home. I don't really cook well but I like our kitchen to be pretty and neat. I was obsessed with plates for awhile (a lot of my friends know this!), I've stopped buying because I don't have a place for them anymore. Now, I'm trying to declutter fix our kitchen yet again. I need new pans! But here's something that has been in my wishlist for so long, a new can opener!!! And I was so happy when I received a Tupperware's Can Opener in the mail!
Tupperware's Can Opener isn't your ordinary can opener. Say goodbye to accidentally cutting your finger from lifting up that stubborn lid. I've scratched and cut myself a few times and the cut is usually deep and really hurts. With Tupperware's Can Opener, it lifts the lid away from the can and leaves no sharp edges after opening!
It looks simple but don't be intimidated because it's actually easy to use.

What I learned from this can opener is that, not all cans are made the same pala! Some didn't work with this kind of can opener like a can of pineapple tidbits, I had to use the normal can opener. I tried the can opener on a can of pork and beans.
Put the edge of the can in between the two circles, put the handles together and wind it!

When you hear a click, that means you can already remove the lid. But I wasn't able to remove the lid the first time (not reading instructions kasi!), I had to wind the can again for a second time and used a knife to remove the lid. I felt disappointed then I watched the video (you can see it down down below) again and that's when I figured it out.
The can opener has a small clip in front which you can use to lift the lid. TADAHHHH!
 See those smooth edges? Opening a can has never been more easy!

Different cans have different lids. So far I've been very successful on opening our canned good except for a can of pineapples which I had a hard time using this can opener. But other than that, I love Tupperware's Can Opener! I still have to convince our helper to use this instead of our old one because I seriously want to throw our old one away na. Haha!

Sharing with you Tupperware's video on its new can opener!

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Thai Temple Time!

June seem to breezed by so fast and now we're halfway through July and the kids' school will start in a week! Hindi pa ako ready, guys! ! I feel like I am still recovering from our trip from Cebu which is almost month ago na pala! Oh my. No blog posts pa because my SD card crashed, hay buhay nga naman. I've been wanting to go back to Thai Temple for some me-time but I don't think it's happening soon but I'm glad I was able to squeeze in some girl time and try out Thai Temple's services first week of June with Michelle, Chessy and Ro.

I love getting a massage especially on the feet. When I was still single, our family day was usually going to the mall or spending it in a massage place. We watch ASAP while getting our foot massages. Haha! Nowadays, getting a massage is rare for me. BOS would always tell me to go out and get massage, I would usually don't want to go because I always feel guilty. I'm at the spa while he's getting stressed out by the kids lol. But I'm always thankful he's always insisting me to go because I feel recharged after.

The first time I've tried Thai Temple was during one of Onelife Studio's Fitspoparty! They had a hand massage station which I really enjoyed so I was very excited when Thai Temple invited us for a afternoon spa time and some tea after.
Thai Temple located at J. Abad Santos cor. Lopez Jaena St.,Little Baguio, San Juan City. It's very Onelife Studio! There's everything in San Juan, maybe I should just move here.

I love the interior! The reception area is small but it's because the massage area is big! I picked Thai Foot Massage for 90 minutes. You can choose from 60 minutes (Php300) and 90 minutes (Php450). They also have other services which you can check down below. I like that their prices are affordable.

These are the services they offer and the prices. You can opt for add-ons, just add Php150 for foot, head or back massage.
The left one is for Swedish Massage while the one on the right is for the Thai Body Massage. They also have couple rooms.

At the end of the hallway is this little corner where they wash your feet before having your foot massage.
Super love this corner!
Washing my feet before my massage.
The foot massage area sits four people which was perfect for us, they have curtains as partition and for privacy. But we asked them to tied it up so we can chitchat while having our massage.
Grabbed this photo from Ro :) We were given heated pillows to put on our lower back and neck. It was surprisingly soothing and relaxing!

I had a super relaxing time with these ladies. They were all surprised that I went for the 90-minute foot massage haha! I think they had 60 minutes foot massage and 30 minutes back massage. I thoroughly enjoyed my foot massage.  I usually go for hard massage pero guys di ko kaya ang hard nila. Hard talaga! Which is a plus for me because I like to feel the pressure and I've been to spas and foot massage places that when you request for hard massage, you don't feel it and you get disappointed. So happy with Thai Temple and I'll be back to try their body massage naman.

Parking can be a little challenge here. I think you can park on the building beside it but call them first just to be sure!

Thai Temple
J. Abad Santos cor. Lopez Jaena St.,Little Baguio, San Juan City
Contact No.: 576-7043
Facebook: Thai Temple Spa
Instagram: @thaitemplespaph

Bibi Shoes: Brazilian Footwear Brand My Kids are Currently Loving

When my kids have a preference on which shoes to wear, I really don't argue with them. I've learned my lesson well. I've bought a few shoes that they didn't want to wear because it's not comfortable. That's money down the drain. So when it's shoe shopping, I just bring them with me so they can choose which one they want and I am just there to approve haha!

Just recently, my kids and I went to the launch of Bibi Shoes in Rustan's. Bibi is a Brazilian brand that makes stylish and fashionable shoes for kids. Bibi has been around for 65 years, making kid-friendly footwear and developing shoes that feels like you're walking barefoot! I think my kids can attest to the comfort of Bibi Shoes. Ever since getting their new pairs of shoes, it's the only shoes they want to wear these days!
There were arts and crafts stations, kid's nail polish booth and food for kids and kids at heart. My kids thoroughly enjoyed every activity. I had a hard time chasing them around and telling them to pick which shoes they like. Haha!
Mini doughnuts YUM!
Gellibean getting her nails done!
From casual shoes to school shoes to party shoes, Bibi has it! They come in different colors and sizes for children up to 7 years old. Bibi is the first children's footwear brand to be certified by the Brazilian Society of Pediatrics and the Brazilian Association of Medicine and Surgery of the Foot and Ankle, as each pair is engineered with Fisioflex Technology. Bibi Shoes is the also first Brazilian footwear brand to receive the Sustainable Origin Silver Seal. Each pair of Bibi Shoes is made with sustainable and non-toxic material making them truly child-safe!

No wonder why my kids love wearing their Bibi Shoes! They've been wearing their Bibi's ever since we got them at the launch. Y has a big feet but they got her size, so happy! Achi is more picky when it comes to comfort and R is the one who like to "porma". They both got what they wanted!
We love Bibi!

Bibi shoes are available at Rustan's Makati and Rustan's Shangri-la Plaza and will soon be available at Playground Stories in Trinoma and Glorietta. You can also check them out online at www.bibiphilippines.com. Don't forget to follow @bibiphilippines on IG and like Bibi Shoes Philippines on Facebook!