A&D Travels - Ilocos Vacation Part 3 - Laoag and Vigan Tour and Our Last Day!

3rd day of our Ilocos Vacation! We woke up later than usual, we were a bit tired na haha. Again BOS and I took turns with our breakfast and kids. Good thing I brought cereals like Koko Krunch and fresh milk (our room has a mini ref) and plastic containers so they can eat in the car. This was our last day of tours! We went around Laoag City's famous landmarks and tourist spots before heading to Vigan for lunch.  
We stopped by Laoag Sand Dunes which our tour guide said to be the best sand dunes. R was bugging us to do another round of this, we said if we have time in the afternoon, we'll come back. But we weren't able to. Sorry R, we'll come back again to Ilocos!
We went to the plaza near Laoag City Hall, took photos then walked to the Laoag Sinking Bell Tower.
This is the Laoag Sinking Bell Tower, one of the famous local landmarks in Laoag. It is said to be sinking into the ground at a rate of an inch a year. We took a few photos and left to see MalacaƱang of the North and Paoay Church, also one of the famous tourist spots in Ilocos Norte.
We had a quick tour of the MalacaƱang of the North. I've been here twice, this was my 3rd time already. It's pretty much the same and it is well kept. They have clean rest rooms! We took a few photos, walked around then left na din for Paoay Church.
Paoay Church is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It's also a Baroque style church. I haven't been to many churches in the Philippines but this is one of my favorites from the ones I've seen and been to.
This is what it looks like inside.
These are famous buttresses found at the sides of the church. Paoay Church was declared as a National Cultural Treasure by the Philippine government in 1973.
After Paoay Church, we went to Baluarte ni Chavit. I didn't take photos anymore. It used to be so much nicer and well maintained. I don't think it is now... you can skip this from your tour, you won't be missing anything.

After Baluarte, we traveled for another hour to Vigan which is one of my favorite places in Ilocos. Old houses, old world charm, it's so rich in history and culture. We had lunch first at the Hidden Garden of Vigan, I also didn't put out my camera because I was saving my battery for later. Their bagnet was really good! After our filling lunch, we went on a Kalesa Tour around Calle Crisologo and the nearby museums. I forgot how much the Kalesa ride was, the rate was on a per hour basis.
Our first stop was the Provincial Jail of Ilocos Sur turned into an art center! This center is fairly new, it's clean and nice.
I can't imagine this used to be a prison jail. They turned it into a beautiful art center.
We also visited the Paburnayan and took silly photos. We didn't try making a jar anymore because it was just too hot that day.

We also visited the Crisologo Museum and passed by Syquia Mansion. I think it's nicer to tour around Vigan on foot. I wanted the kids to experience riding the kalesa that's why I opted for the tour. 

After the tour, we were so tired already that we went back home to our hotel in Laoag na and didn't get the chance to walk around Calle Crisologo anymore. I felt bad for not being able to go because I wanted to check out pasalubongs and Inabel... SO we went back the next day! After checking out at Vybe Hotel, we went straight to Vigan for lunch. We had lunch at Cafe Leona, which by the way, is very dirty. I'm so sad and disappointed how these establishments are not maintained given that they're a tourist spot. Are they maintaining that "old" feel because I felt that certainly but I don't know... Cafe Leona is one of the most recommended restaurants but it's really nothing special anymore. That or maybe we've had so much bagnet and pinakbet for the last three days that it didn't excite us anymore. Too bad I wasn't able to eat any kind of Ilocano empanada!
I was able to buy Inabel blankets and pillow cases! So happy but we haven't used them til now. Haha!

Our last stop before finally driving back home to Manila was the famous steel Quirino Bridge of Banaoang in Ilocos Sur which connects the towns of Santa and Bantay. The bridge spreads across the Abra River. This Old Quirino Bridge now serves as a tourist spot and a backup bridge. Cars can still pass this bridge however a new Quirino Bridge was built in 2007 and officially opened for vehicles in 2009. Pwedeng-pwede mag OOTD, family picture, jump shot dito! 
 This is the new Quirino Bridge. We passed this bridge going to Laoag but it was night time and we're probably asleep.
View from the Quirino Bridge. I was so scared I would drop my camera to the river because it was so windy! I wonder what's there at the end of the river.
And why on this angle, the water is green?? Haha! Final view before we left.

I couldn't leave Ilocos without buying pasalubong! I was able to buy bagnet and lots of chichirya from a pasalubong place at the highway. But my friend from Tuguegarao told me to check out Marsha's Delicacies for pasalubong and so we did! Mabilis ako kausap haha!
I got their Royal Bibingka, some chichacorn, and whatever I found yummy on their menu. Love the royal bibingka! Brought the royal bibingka to the Common Room Pop-Up the next day.

Our 3rd and 4th day was not as fun as the first two days. I think because it was so hot I didn't want to move so much. The heat made me tired, does that make sense? Haha! But it was still one of the most memorable family trips ever!!!

This pretty much where our trip ended. Kids were tired from the trip, kami din ni BOS. We had dinner at KFC in NLEX before finally heading home. 

You can read about Part 1 and 2 here and here. All about our hotel and tour is on the Part 1 of the blog. And if you have any questions, just send me an email at applesanddumplings@gmail.com

Scott's DHA Gummies is A&D Kid-Approved!

Both my kids are now in big school. R is Kinder 1 while Y is Grade 1 already. Y's school hours are now longer, she's in in school from 6:30AM until 3:50PM! We're up by 5:30AM, in school by 6:30AM and school officially starts at 7:15AM. She's in school for 10 hours and she would come home tired but still wants to play. She had a hard time adjusting the first few weeks, she would fell asleep at 7PM and I would feel frustrated because she hasn't eaten dinner yet or we haven't started doing her assignments. It took us two weeks until she was full adjusted to her new routine. R on the other hand had a little adjustment only. Since his school is until 11:10AM only, we would go home, have lunch, do his assignments which is not a lot, and he gets to nap and play. With all the things that they're taught in school, I really wonder if their brain can really process and absorb all of it.
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