Friday, July 24, 2015

Last Saturday, I had the privilege to watch Regine Velasquez-Alcasid perform live at Trinoma. It was the last leg of The Regine Series Mall Tour which was 5-mall concert series brought to us by PLDT HOME. Regine Velasquez-Alcasid is the new Brand Ambassador for PLDT HOME's Regine Series Telsets.
The concert was accompanied by a live band, a lineup of talented performers with the musical direction by Raul Mitra.
The red band for my special seat. (Those who availed of a Regine Series Telset got special seats to the show!)
The show started with a comedian act by Ate Gay and she was later on joined by Regina, who showed her singing prowess.
I can't stop laughing at Ate Gay's hirits. Heehee!

There were a few games where winners get to take home special premium PLDT products.
And after the opening act and games, Asia's Songbird finally came out to perform! I'm so happy she sang one of my favorite Tagalog song "Tuwing Umuulan at Kapiling Ka". It was really a treat to see Regine Velasquez-Alcasid perform live and to sit really close to the stage.
I follow Regine on her IG. Her son Nate is oh so cute and so bibo!

The Regine Series Mall Tour was free and open to the public. The activity center was packed with Regine fans and PLDT subscribers who were able to grab special seats to the concert when they signed up for the Regine Series landline units.
PLDT HOME's Regine Series Campaign offerings are super affordable. No cash out, no application and documents required.** Pick one that suits your family!
How cute is this Classic phone?

Photos from PLDT Home Facebook Page
1. Limited edition landline units for as low as P75 per month: CLASSIC, CORDLESS, CORDED-R and CORDED-W and, 
2. Call Plans: ONE PHILIPPINES (Unlimited PLDT-to-PLDT NDD calls and P10/ call to SMART and Talk’N Text for just P75/month, and ONE WORLD IDD CALL PLAN with 15 free IDD  minutes/month to select international destinations and P2.00 per minute in excess, for just P50/month).
**For existing subscribers, rates will be applied on top your monthly bill.

For more information, just go to!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Life can't get any busier nowadays, with no yaya (for a month na), I do everything! But thank God for extra help, my SIL stayed with us for two weeks and now my mom's help is staying with us until I find a new help. But still, I need my me time that I immediately said YES! when Mish invited me to Mothers Who Brunch Part Deux and also because we will be taught home-based food styling and photography tips for Instagram! I envy those who take and post great food photos on Instagram
Mothers Who Brunch is a vision of two moms, Mish of Momma 'N Manila and Sabrina of Sinfully Sabrina, bringing fellow moms together to share, inspire and feast. Brunch being their favorite meal, is versatile in the same way that mothers adapt to meet their families' needs.
Say hello to Mish and Sab! It was my first time to meet Sab and she was lovely. Loved everything they cooked and prepared for us that day.

I told Mish I would come a little extra early because I was coming from school. I came in my "school" get up and brought clothes for changing, make up kit and my ever trusty hair iron! Heehee! 
Changed into my new Mosaic Maxi, Suelas Andorra Espradilles and my ever favorite R2R Mini Buslo!
The Mothers Who Brunch event was held at the Viking Range Showroom at Westgate Commercial Center in Filinvest City.
I am truly amazed of Viking Range after this event!
Mish and Sam were still cooking when I arrived. Heehee!

Boqueria Lifestyle Market did an awesome job styling and sprucing up the place and the tables. I've been a fan of them for so long and I'm so kilig that I got to finally meet them in person! This is one of my frustrations, since I cannot style something as pretty as this, I will just admire and be inspired by the ladies of Boqueria!
Tablescape made with fresh blooms. Love that pink goblet!

Mish and Sab came up with six dishes and one refreshment and we all got to take home recipes of them. And while waiting for everybody to arrive, the early birds got to help a little with the prepping and we took turns having our head shot by the official photographer that day, Jay Santos.
Ang serious namin ni Tina! We're cracking eggs and putting them inside the bacon cup. While Mia is busy taking our photos. Heehee!
 The Mommas who lunched! From left to right, top to bottom: Mish, Me, Tina, Joey, Sab, Cat, Nicole, Mia and Michelle.
We were asked to share a kitchen/cooking tip. I cook because if I don't, my kids will go hungry haha! I like cooking naman but this last month that I don't have a help, it's really a challenge to cook and think of what to serve my kids next so it's all easy and quick recipes to the rescue, also my crock pot/slow cooker has been my best friend. I just throw everything in it in the morning or after lunch and it's ready by the next meal and the flavor is full and the meat is oh so tender!

After everything was prepared, it was time for our food styling and photography class by Hazel Dizon (@clari88e_8 on Instagram) and Ezra Antonio (@ezgasm on Instagram). Make sure to follow them for their drool-worthy food photos!
The ladies of MWB with Ezra and Hazel!
We had five styling stations. All the props were from Boqueria. I secretly wanted to take home everything! Heehee! And that Shorbs from Shorts Gourmet Manila makes the perfect subject, don't you think?
Ezra giving us tips on how to compose/style your food, create drama, and shoot it. He made it sounds so easy! Learned a lot from him and I've been trying to apply it every time I take photos!
This is me taking a photo of the Mixed Greens with Walnuts and Seared Goat Cheese with Citrus Basil Vinaigrette. It was already styled by Ezra and Clarisse so all I did was edit my photo on Instagram!
This was what I posted on my Instagram. One of Ezra's tip was it is best to have odd number of items inside your square. These are the big items like the bowls and wooden salad spoons. Small items like the lemons and napkin are not counted. If items exceed the count of 10,  item quantity doesn't matter anymore.
Pulled Chicken Tacos. Styled by Ezra and Clarisse. Props by Boqueria Lifestyle Market. Photo by Cai Sio! Heehee!
 For colorful subjects, best to have a plain background.
And this what they called inception! Picture within a picture! Sab and Mish here were the "willing victims" as what Ezra likes to call his models. Heehee!
Here's one of the many photos I took. This cake is divine! Those are fresh flowers! Cake by The Flour Girl.

After all the snapping, the mommas were all hungry and it was the perfect timing as the Prime Rib Roast just came out of the oven! It was roasted for three hours! This was a recipe of Mish's husband, Nino, who would make his famous Prime Rib Roast for his family on special occasions and he was generous enough to share the recipe to all of us. Yay!
Oh what beauty. This is why I will never be a vegetarian. Heehee!
I had two servings. Ssshhhh....

After all the cooking and snapping, now it was time eat and chat! Great food + great company + great conversation is the best combination. I always enjoy the company of other mommas.
This was my first plate. Now this photo is making me hungry!
One of the things I love about Mothers Who Brunch is I get to spend my morning with fellow moms. It's nice to have a group of moms who share the same things/hobbies as you! It's one of those events that I don't want to be the first one to leave because I'm with such great company and I don't want to miss anything. Heehee! Being with other moms keeps me inspired and energized knowing what I am not alone in this.

But before everyone got to leave, Mish demonstrated to us how amazingly safe a Viking Range is.
I know a lot of people I know are not too keen on using a gas range and Mish showed us that even at the lowest heat, the paper didn't burn but the choco chips above it melted. Galing noh? And it's only one of the many reasons why a Viking Range costs how much it costs.

And it must be my lucky day because I won the raffle prize! Joey won too! She's the famous 80breakfast, I'm so happy I got to finally meet her in person!
It was a Hydration Nation Eco Vessel water bottle! Another one to add to my growing collection heehee! Thank you Hydration Nation and Mothers Who Brunch! This would be a perfect partner to the gym!

Everybody got to take home a bag full of goodies! And what I love the most was the wooden board we got to take home to practice our food shots!
Congratulations Mish and Sabrina for this very successful second series of Mothers Who Brunch. It was a much deserved time for myself. Definitely worth the trip down to the south! Looking forward to your next Mothers Who Brunch series and hopefully I'll be a part of it again!
The mommas of Mothers Who Brunch Part Deux. Lovely meeting everyone!
 And here's my headshot. Heehee! I wished my hair was more "maayos". Thank you Jay Santos!

And you can check out this video for more the actions and behind the scenes that day!
To know more about Mothers Who Brunch, check out the following:
Mothers Who Brunch Facebook Page
Mothers Who Brunch Instagram

And thank you to the sponsors who made Mothers Who Brunch possible:

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The British have invaded Manila! British coffee that is. Heehee! Costa Coffee, UK's #1 coffee chain is now in Manila! If you think the British only drink tea, you're wrong! It is a common misconception though. Costa Coffee aims to tell the world that the Brits love their coffee!
My hot cup of Costa Coffee's Flat White.

Costa Coffee was founded in 1971 by the Costa brothers, Bruno and Sergio. Their love for coffee led them to sell their product to local caterers and soon after, to open their very first cafĂ©. The Costa brothers’ dream was to bring irresistible coffee and community spirit to the people of London and today to be the world's favorite coffee shop brand.
Costa Coffee opened its first branch in Eastwood Citywalk 1 last June 29 and a week before that, I was one of the firsts who were able to try their famous brews and tasty food.
Cakes, muffins, cupcakes, cheesecakes, sandwiches and freshly baked croissants. Sweet or salty? Take your pick!
This is Judd Williams, Costa Coffee Head of International Franchise, telling us more about Costa Coffee and that a lot of Filipinos work at Costa Coffee cafes in the Middle East.

I was with Didi and we couldn't decide which ones to get so we ordered what we both liked so we could share and try everything (well, almost everything heehee!).
First batch of Costa goodness!
My date busy with her games.
Didi enjoying her Frostino, which is specially crafter for the sweet-loving Filipinos!
I had the Flat White which was so good as is. No sugar needed! The Costa Brothers created their own unique blend of coffee, the Mocha Italia, a smooth, round but rich tastes, which is a combination of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans.
London Cheesecake which Y loved! It's creamy and not so sweet. My kind of cheesecake!
Mango Mousse
A must try is the Swiss Cheese Sandwich! It's so good I think I can eat two!
I forgot what this is called. Beef sandwich something... Heehee
Tried their Iced Flat White too while Y had the Iced Chocolate. Every cup of coffee served is handmade by only the best baristas, rigoriously trained in various Costa Coffee Academies around the world.

Costa Coffee now has over 1,968 coffee shops in the UK and more than 1,247 coffee shops in 30 overseas markets. Costa Coffee will be opening next at Robinson's Ermita this month! It will also open branches at Tera Towers, Bonifacio Global City, and Robinson's Antipolo this 2015. And if you want to taste a cup of free Frostino Mocha Cream, just go to each store opening (from 2-4PM) and order with a British accent!
All of the Costa Coffee shops will have the same look and feel of Costa Coffee shops in London! See you at Costa Coffee in Robinson's Place Ermita soon! So happy it's so near me!