Tuesday, June 30, 2015

One of the many bonding activities I do with my kids is doing arts and crafts. The last craft we did was making origami airplanes just a few weeks ago and just last week over the holiday, I surprised the kids with another crafternoon but now with the help of the new HP Deskjet 4515!
Spot the little hand who was excited to make his superhero mask!

I usually leave the technical part to BOS but since he's not home, I did everything on my own. With the kids so eager to do their crafts, good thing that setting up was fast, painless, and it connects to our wifi automatically! Easy peasy!
Instructions area easy to follow.
Just snap the ink in and we're good to go. And there's a video instruction on how to install the cartridge! So cool!
With its compact size, it can fit right into my work space, but I need to clean up (read: kalat) my work space first hence we're working on our dining table hehe! So for now, I work on our dining table and it's where we also do our arts and crafts and everything else!
After I finished setting up, it was time to print their crafts for the afternoon! R picked Spiderman while Y wanted White Lady but there's none so she chose Wonder Woman instead.
The HP Deskjet 4515 prints so fast that I wasn't sure if I snapped a nice photo because R was eagerly waiting by the printer to grab the paper when it comes out of the printer. We printed this wirelessly! I love it! Now I can print anywhere in our home!
I let her practice her cutting skills while I cut R's Spiderman mask. You can get the superheroes masks from here.
Happy with their superhero masks and I love the how vibrant the colors are. HP's low-cost Original HP ink cartridges certainly give that quality result!

Our crafternoon wasn't done yet! After seeing how the colors came out that I had to look for another craft the kids and I can do together. Then I saw this 3D Anna Papercraft on Pinterest and I know I had to do it!
Looks easy to do noh? You can get the Anna Papercraft here.
Ready to print Anna!
I started cutting then when Y was starting to glue them together, I realized I forgot to print out the instructions. It's easy to have it on paper than on screen, easier to read!
Then I remember I can print from my phone (and even from your tablet).

It says 20 minutes on the instruction but it took me 1 hour to finish everything! Some parts were too advanced for Y so I did it for her. I almost forgot to cook dinner because I wanted to finish it. Haha! But I was able to finish it naman (and cooked dinner) and Y was so happy with this papercraft that she wanted me to do another one! We'll do another one on our next arts and crafts session!
Not bad for my first papercraft, right? Afar, you wouldn't thought it's made out of paper. I really really love my new HP Deskjet 4515!

I've printed Y's worksheet, scanned a few pages from her school books and activity books so we can do some advanced lessons at home (nerd! heehee). My next printing project is Chinese Phonetics flash cards for Y. My new HP Deskjet 4515 will be my best friend in the next few years as Y enters the more challenging years (read: Chinese & Math) in her school and of course our arts and crafts sessions will always be there for our bonding and learning activity.
Here's three of the many reasons why the HP Deskjet 4515 is awesome! Its value for money is what every mom wants to hear plus let us not forget the quality print you get!
They couldn't get enough of their masks and want mommy to print more for them!
Thank you HP Philippines for sending us this awesome printer for my family!

My post doesn't end here because HP wants you to experience the HP Ink Advantage and its wireless printing feature like I did, I am giving away a HP Desket Ink Advantage 4515 to one of my readers! Wuhooooo!
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Monday, June 29, 2015

I'm a Crayola Kid! Are you? One of many things I love doing as a kid was spending my free time coloring and it wouldn't be complete without using my sets of Crayola. Now, Y's also a Crayola Kid and loves doing the same thing! Crayola has been around for so long. They have evolved and multiplied into a whole array of I-must-have-them-all Crayola products! What used to be a part of my childhood is now also a part of my kids' childhood!
A week before school started, I took Y with me to the Ogalala Flagship Store in Shangrila Plaza Mall to their first ever Ogalala Child Development Workshop. This wasn't our first time to visit the store, I took her there last April to she can experice the "Pick-Your-Own Crayola"!
Left: This was Y last April picking all pink and purple crayons hehe!
Right: Back at Ogalala and she was happy to see the craft stations. She just stayed there the whole time.

And this time I got to check out the store and take pictures! I have never seen so much Crayola in one place, even Y was out of words when she saw the wall of Crayolas.
All the moms and kids got excited when they saw this wall. I couldn't decide what to get for the kids that I didn't buy anything haha! And I have stocks of Crayola at home, gifts from their aunts and uncles from their birthdays and Christmas!
We have this at home and it's super sulit!
More Crayola products for your drool over.
Ogalala Flagship Store also houses select top branded educational toys such as Melissa & Doug, Artec, Animal Planet, Discovery Kids, and The Leaning Journey. Ogalala Sytem in Play integrates fun into learning! If you are wondering what Ogalala means, the word Ogalala is derived from the Native American term Ogallala which is an underwater irrigation system.  
I always know that toys and playing are beneficial to our kids but I never knew our kids learn things in different ways with different toys. Ogalala Flagship Store held its first ever invite-exclusive Ogalala Child Development Workshop with Teacher Maia, a professional educator with more than 12 years of experience on children’s development and assessment, special education, and multi-age program development for children.

Through the Child Development Workshop, I was able to understand how my kids learn and what kind of learner they are. Each child is different and with Ogalala System in Play, the different toys and tools can contribute to a child's physical, intellectual, social, and emotional development.
Teacher Maia asked us these questions. With Yukie in school for a year, I've taught her how I study/learn when I was a kid and these questions made me really think. Is she really learning from me?
What kind of learner is your child?
Auditory learners learn by hearing and listening. Does your kid understand or follow spoken instructions better than written ones?
Visual learners learn by reading or seeing pictures. They remember and understand things by sight. I think Y is a visual learner but also a tactile learner.
 Tactile learners learn by doing and touching. They are the "hands-on" learner. Y is also a tactile learner, she learns and remembers things from different places we have took her.

When you or your child identifies his/her learning style, then we can begin to develop it. Understanding your child's learning style is one of the many ways to maximize his/her potential and overcome learning differences. Ogalala System in Play now comes into the picture. With Ogalala's toys and tools, they supports our goal as parents in making our children to be happy and fulfilled, play and creativity enables our children to enjoy learning and love life.
These are the brands available in Ogalala Flagship Store at L4 East Wing, Edsa Shangrila Plaza Mall. All of their tools and toys can help/support your child's physical, intellectual, language, social and emotional development.

And as a culminating activity for all the kids who were at the workshop, we got to doodle and write on Ogalala's shop windows using Crayola of course! The kids were asked to draw what they love about school.
Y was excited to do this activity! She really loves doodling and coloring. I'm so happy she has taken after her papa.
Seryosong seryoso no? She really takes art seriously. She couldn't stop doodling even when they said that the time is up. Heehee! Must get that Crayola Window Crayons for her!

Thank you Ogalala for hosting a very insightful workshop. It made me understand how Y learns and look forward to learn what kind of learner R is! And thank you also for the Crayola Ultimate Art Kit which Y and R super duper love it that they always fight over it. Heehee!
Crayons, markers, water color and colored pencils! Now my task is to keep them in-tact and complete. Haha!
My kids are Crayola kids!

If you can't visit the flagship store, you can now buy anything from Ogalala online thru www.oga-lala.com!
And you have 1 day left to avail of the 20% off!

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Friday, June 26, 2015

The Minions are back! And they have officially taken over McDonald's! My little R loves the Minions and I got so excited when I saw the The Minions trailer last year at the cinema and even got more excited when I found out that there will be Minions Happy Meal toys just like last time!
R went ballistic when he saw this display! Heehee!
His outfit a few weeks ago which was a gift from his gwama. It has matching shoes but he didn't want to wear it.
With the new Minions Movie coming out soon, McDonald's brings us the fun and yum with the Minions Banana Festival! Watch the Minions come into life and get ready to get bananas with the new Minions Happy Meal toys and the Minions Combo featuring a variety of Minions-themed desserts.
Collect all 10 Minions collectible now available in-store!
On top of the craft box (L-R): Meet Chatting Bob, Marching Minion Soldier, and Minion Caveman
Below (L-R): Meet Groovy Stuart, Guard Minion, Martial Arts Minion, Lava Shooting Kevin, Guitar Strumming Stuart, Egyptian Hula Minion, and Minion Vampire.

And while getting your kids Happy Meals, indulge yourself and your husband or treat your friends with the all-new Minion-themed desserts!
Minions-themed McFlurries, McDip and McFloat! It's all yellow and banana flavored! 

Let's get to know more about these new desserts!
Left: Banana Crumble McFlurry (Php50) - crushed graham and banana flavor blended in creamy vanilla soft serve -- a certified Minions favorite!
Right: Banana McFlurry with Oreo (Php50) - a classic gets a banana-licious twist as banana flavor is mixed with Oreo bits in vanilla soft serve.
Left: Minions McDip (Php15) - delicious vanilla soft serve covered in banana-flavored dip on a blue wafer cone - it is the cutest McDip ever!
Right: Honey Banana McFloat (Php27) - a sweet and refreshing mixture of banana and honey flavor and Sprite topped with vanilla soft serve -- perfect for Minions and villains alike!

There's also combos perfect for Kevin, Stuart, and Bob or for your family or friends to share! You can choose from four Minion combos!
Minions Medium Fries and McFloat Combo, Php65
 Minions Medium Fries and McFlurry Combo, Php95
 Minions BFF Fries and McFloat Combo, Php165
Minions BFF Fries and McFlurry Combo, Php225

Head on over to McDonald's with your family or friends and order a Minion treat for everyone! Have your kids enjoy a Happy Meal and collect all 10 minions! Minions Happy Meal and limited-edition menu offers are all available in McDonald's stores nationwide!

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