Saturday, June 6, 2015

Coffee is my fuel. I think my blood type is really coffee. Heehee! I started drinking coffee in college while doing our thesis to keep me awake thru the late nights and now that I'm a mom, I need my coffee in the morning to jumpstart my day!
A new A&D discovery, Super Coffee!

Here's a new coffee brand I was introduced to last week, Super Coffee! Super Coffee is the newest 3-in-1 instant coffee brand out in the market today, inspired by the traditional coffee shop culture in Ipoh, Malaysia during the 19th century. Aside from the unique flavors it offers, Super Coffee boasts of its roasting and blending techniques to capture the aroma and buttery characteristics of this classic brew.
During the media launch, we were able to try Super Coffee's two flavors: Roasted Hazelnut from Charcoal Roasted line and Salted Caramel from the Palettes line.
Super Coffee kiosk all set up for the media launch.
Super Coffees being sold in the Philippines are created at Super Coffee's modern facility in Malaysia and are packed in Thailand.
You can have your Super Coffee hot or cold! Both flavors were good but I like the Roasted Hazelnut more. Read on below to know more about Super Coffee's different flavors!

There are three ranges of Super Coffee available in the Philippines. First is the Super Charcoal Roasted White Coffee which has the Roasted Hazelnut, Brown Sugar and Toffee Caramel.
Rich and aromatic classic with a twist of roasted hazelnut to give you that unique warm nutty creamy indulgence with a velvety texture that is so smooth to the palate
With the robust richness of brown sugar, giving coffee a mesmerizing aroma and a deep, rich flavor

For the true sweet tooth, an indulgent toffee caramel flavor, buttery and sweet to compliment the sharpness of coffee

The second range is Super Coffee Classic which has the Brown and Original flavors.
An enticing blend of coffee, non dairy creamer and the right touch of occidental caramellic brown sugar

The perfect cup of classic coffee, with the right blend of sugar and creamer for a smooth and delicate well-balanced taste and robust aroma

And last but certainly not the least is the Super Coffee Palettes which has the Salted Caramel flavor.

A surprisingly enticing blend of  sophisticated flavors in the palate – bittersweet, creamy and nutty with a hint of saltiness to bring out the harmony of flavors.

If you like the taste of coffee from the coffee shops near your office but don't want to break your budget or there's no coffee shops in your area (like where I live, heehee) but don't want to drive all the way to the mall, then there's Super Coffee for you!
This is me having my Roasted Hazelnut the other morning for breakfast.

Super Coffee is now available in supermarkets including Puregold and Waltermart! I went to the nearest Puregold from our house the other day and found Super Coffee! Yay!
Very affordable! Diba?

Super Coffee also launched its Smile Caravan featuring their Dancing Baristas last March to promote brand awareness. They've been to Baguio and parts of GMA dancing to the Super Coffee jingle and giving out free hot and cold coffee samples.
Make sure to look out for the next Super Coffee Smile Caravan and take a photo/video of the Dancing Baristas and you might win a one-year supply of Super Coffee! More details at Super Coffee's Facebook Page.

For more chances of winning, I'm also giving away one-year supply of Super Coffee to one reader of mine! That's two cups of coffee per day, so that's around 700++ Super Coffee sachets! 
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Friday, May 22, 2015

"Being a mom is so easy!" said no mom ever! Heehee! It is one of the hardest job in the world! Hardest yet we don't get paid for it. May hugot talaga? Haha! Kidding aside, it's the best and most rewarding job when you #momazing moments like the first time they walked, said "I love you", or when you took them to watch their first live show, Hi-5. I am sure we all have our #Momazing moments to cherish and to keep in our little memory banks. 
Baguio, 2013. It's one of the best trips we had. Y would always asks us to take her back here because she was so happy in Baguio. That's was #momazing to me!

Last Mother's Day, I got to spend it with my fellow SoMoms at Scott's #Momazing Launch where Michelle Lim, Fleur Sombrero and Michelle Aventajado shared their #Momazing moments with hosts Daphne Osena-Paez and Dimples Romana.
Tina, Mish, me and Pam chatting before the event started. (Photo from
Hi there, Gelli! :)
Gorgeous momma hosts!

They shared this Scott's #Momazing video that got us all teary-eyed. Watch this and grab a tissue just in case. :)
Fleur, a full time working mom; Michelle, a stay-at-home mom and homeschools her son and tutors her daughter; Michelle, a mom of 4 and is blessed with a daughter who has Down Syndrome. All of these moms shared their #Momazing stories and moments
Scott's from GSK, the brand behind Scott's Vitamin C products, recognizes our #momazing moments and supports all moms' endeavors and celebrate these moments, which make motherhood so special.
My kids love Scott's! R thought it's candy and would always for "last na" when he finishes one. Scott's make it easy for us moms to have our children take their vitamins!
Fleur shares her story on how she juggles work and motherhood. She reminded everyone that your child should always be your first priority. She told us a funny story that when Anika was younger that she can't practice walking when Fleur isn't home because she wants to be there in every Anika's firsts.
Michelle is a full-time mom and it's true what she said that staying at home has its perks. Everyday is a chance to create more special moments with your kids. I don't know how Michelle does it, she cooks, homeschools, blogs, tutor her daughter. I need more tips from this momma!
Michelle shares her journey with Gelli who has Down Syndrome and reassured them that having a child with special needs doesn't limit the special moments. We all cried when she was sharing her story.
It was such a wonderful morning with these mommas. One of the things I learned about being a mom is we are all in this same journey together, we must not put each other down but support each other!
(Photo from
It was such a fun event to celebrate Mother's Day with the kids. There was balloon twisting (which I had two bow and arrow set made to take home for the kids), face painting, video booth, and hourly games for moms and kids.
For more information and updates, like Scott's Philippines Facebook Page!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Last March, I received an invite to a private afternoon tea from one of the brands I've been using since highschool, Stabilo! I literally shrieked in my seat while reading the email. Haha! Stabilo highlighters were one of my pencil case staples from high school to college then to my office table when I was working. I had in it almost every color! And each color represents a subject or a module or deadlines. Relate ka ba? Heehee!
And school opening is upon us, most of us mommas are planning our trips (trips talaga?) to the bookstore to buy school supplies for our kids and you must know that Stabilo also has pens, pencils, color pencils and more!
Pens and blooms. So much eye candy!
Left: A shelf of different lines of Stabilo products
Right: Colorful pencils in different sizes
Ly Shiel, Mish, me, and Patty! (Photo from
STABILO has established itself as the "in-brand" of pen amongst young people all over Europe. The reason: STABILO products stand for design, trends and lifestyle. Whereas in the past the main focus was on the pens' technological features, such as the amount of ink and the line thickness, the needs and wants of those who write, highlight or draw with a STABILO are now central to product development from the very beginning. This results in innovative and high-quality products perfectly suited to modern lifestyles, especially to those of young people. (From Stabilo's Facebook Page)
Blaise Lim, Country and Marketing Manager for Stabilo Philippines
This is Ly Shiel, Senior Manager, Regional Sales and Marketing of Stabilo here in Asia, was there to tell us more about the different lines Stabilo has!

Honestly, I didn't know Stabilo has a wide range of pens. Who knew, right? And after seeing all these different pens with different features and uses, I am more in love with Stabilo!
Hangdami diba??? And there's more pa!

Here's some of my favorites:
Stabilo Point 88, Europe's number one fineliner. I have this in my bag all the time. And I love the colors! Y used this one time to doodle on my planner.
Left (straight pen): Stabilo EasyErgo 3.15, an innovative, ergonomic pen design - specially developed for children who are just starting to write. Perfect for pre-schoolers! And this pen has two versions: for right and left handed users! How awesome is that?
Right (curved pen): Stabilo EasyOriginal, an ergonomically designed rollerball. Also has the right and left handed feature.
Stabilo EasyGraph is also made for children learning how to write. It's the  first ergonomic graphite pencil especially for left- and right-handers
Stabilo Boss Mini. So cute! Fits perfectly in my bag too!
Stabilo EasyColors, just like the Stabilo EasyGraph's design, but this one is for coloring. It's the first ergonomic colored pencil especially for left- and right-handers. It's color-coded so you'll know if it's for right and left handed users. Its triangular design and unique non-slip grip moulds ensure a relaxed hand posture.
Safari-themed pens! Rawr!
We even got a few tips on doodling from Nelz Yumul of WeeWillDoodle!
Y showing Kailee her doodles! (Photo from

Thank you Stabilo Philippines for inviting me to your first bloggers event! I truly had a wonderful afternoon learning more about the brand and the range of products it offers! Can't wait to use the box of Stabilo products you gave us!

So mommas, whatchu waiting for? See you at the bookstores! :) Heehee! For more information on Stabilo Philippines and the different products it offers, you check their website:!

And for updates and different activities and workshops Stabilo is holding, follow and like their social media accounts:
Facebook: STABILO
Instagram: @stabiloph

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

You know you're a mom when kitchen and home appliances make you excited! I've been looking forward to this event ever since Mish sent out our invites!
An afternoon of kitchen appliance and cooking demo is something I can't say no to. When I got married, I had to learn how to cook or else we'll go hungry. The only kitchen appliance I know to operate back then were juicer, blender, oven toaster and microwave only! Now I have a coffee maker, coffee grinder, slow cooker, food processor, air fryer and I want more more more for my kitchen!

Loved the centerpiece and place setting!
A display of Severin: slow juicer, raclette grill and mixer
Our snacks were all prepared using Braun and Severin! How cool is that!
These Sweet and Sour Tamarind Fish in a Cup was a winner! One of my favorite dishes that afternoon. Must replicate it at home!
Severin Crepe Maker! We were all like "oooohh" "ahhhhh" when we saw this machine! Machine talaga? Hihi
That Lemon and Basil Refresher on the right is so good! So refreshing, perfect for hot sunny days!

Colombo Merchants, the exclusive distributor of Severin and Braun in the Philippines. Colombo Merchants started out in 1995 as a commission agent for Duty Free Philippines. They mainly concentrated on distributing confectionary like Toblerone and Cadbury products to Duty Free Philippines. Then in 2001, they won the bid to operate Duty Free Philippines' Liquor Concession. In 2007, they started distributing Braun's personal care and small kitchen appliances then in 2011, it was Severin, Minox and Beurer.
Mish welcoming the guests for the afternoon
Bev Campos, managing partner for Colombo Merchants, welcoming us!

All of the food that afternoon was prepared by Chef Redj Baron and he demonstrated how to prepare some of the dishes too using only Severin and Braun kitchen appliances.
I wish I can have all these appliances in my kitchen for convenience but my small kitchen can only accommodate a few appliances.
Didi got to try the Severin Crepe Maker and we ate what she made. Hihi!
You can even make your own waffle cone at home with Severin's Mixer and Waffle Cone Maker. Aylavet! You can now host a crepe making and ice cream party at home and I'm sure you'll be the star mommy of your kids's friends.

At the end of the event, we all picked a number from a bowl. This was the best part of the event! We got to pick which Severin or Braun appliance we want to take home! And this was what I picked.
I got the 3-in-1 Multi-use Sandwich Toaster! I can make waffles, wraps, paninis and more!
Thank you Colombo Merchant for having us! Happy mommas with our new toys! Woohoo! Thank you so much Colombo Merchant!
I was so excited to show this new toy I got to the kids! I made waffles the next day using Maya pancake mix.
Tip: Don't fill it to the brim just like what I did! Umapaw and it was kind of hard of clean it. Haha! Excited kasi masyado!
Tadaahhh! I love my new toy! I've made paninis and wraps with it. Y would always ask me to make her cheese and pandesal panini. She loves her bread crunchy!

Braun and Severin both has a wide range of appliances. Both offer great German quality and at reasonable price! Here's just some of their products for your eye candy!
Braun Products
Severin Products

Severin and Braun is available in most appliance stores and department stores. For more information on these brands and other brands that Colombo Merchant distributes, you make check their website and follow their social media accounts for updates:
Instagram: @colombophils