Saturday, April 19, 2014

More Fun Under The Sun with Beach Hut Sunblock!

With this summer heat, I'm sure all of us are planning beach and resort trips through out the summer!  And when you're exposed in the sun, you must always wear sunscreen.
What I love about Beach Hut Sunblock is they offers a full and complete line of maximum sun care and I love that they have a product for each member of the family!
Each product features an advanced sun care technology so skin is protected – from sunburn, skin darkening, skin aging, and other damaging effects of the sun caused by UVA/UVB rays!

If you're a worshipper of the sun, beach loves, and an outdoor person, Beach Hut Max SPF100++ is perfec for you!
It has zinc oxide technology that’s quick drying and unbelievably light on your skin!

On a budget and looking an effective sunblock? Beach Hut SPF36 is now available in 100ml.
It's only Php299!

Want an easy way to apply sunscreen? Beach Hut has two kinds of spray sunblocks!
Available in Max SPF75++ and Classic SPF36

Beach Hut also has sunblock specially for the face. I always use a separate one for the face. I love that it's hypoallergenic!
This is an ultra mild sunblock specially formulated with organic zinc oxide with SPF65

Protecting our hair from the sun is just as important! You don't want your pretty mane going dry, do you?
This got SPF20!

Going out of town with the kids? Beach? Resort? Trip to the zoo? They also need protection from the sun! Beach Hut has a specially formulated mild and hypoallergenic sunblock for kids' sensitive skin.
SPF100 to protect your kids' skin from UVA/UVB rays!

And for those who loves to tan and get that sun kissed skin, Beach Hut also has a Tan and Protect Dry Oil. It also comes in a spray bottle for easy application!
We still need to protect our skin when tanning and Beach Hut's Tanning Oil has SPF15!

Diba? Beach Hut has everything for every member of the family and for every family member's needs! 

Beach Hut is giving away an overnight stay at Boracay Mandarin! Check their Facebook Page for more infor or listen to Magic 89.9!
For more information on Beach Hut, check their website and social media accounts:
Instagram: @beachhutsunblock
Twitter: @BeachHutPH

Beach Hut is available at the following:
Mercury Drug
Rustan's Supermarket
Robinsons Supermarket
Bora Budget Mart
Cash & Carry
Hi-Top Supermarket
Petron Treats
Pioneer Supermarket
Landmark Dept Store
Robinsons Dept Store
Chris Sports
Island Souvenirs
Planet Sports

You can also purchase Beach Hut online:

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

ITADAKIMASU! Banzai: The Great Teppanyaki Theater

Do you love Japanese food? And do you also love buffet? Well, well, well, there's a new Japanese buffet in town, Banzai: The Great Teppanyaki Theater!
Banzai brings us an authentic, avant-garde, colossal Japanese buffet. Last week, some of us SoMoms and SoKids were able to experience the ultimate Japanese experience. Once you enter Banzai, it's like you are also being transported to Japan!
Moshi moshi! I felt like I was really in Japan!
Left photo is where they cook the teppanyaki. Right photo is one of the dining areas.
This area is perfect for little and intimate parties
They also have the Japanese Castle area
Dotonbori area! All the signs lght up at night!

And now for the buffet and food tour naman! Banzai only uses Japanese ingredients so you can be sure that the quality of food is great!
Only Japanese ingredients
Map of Banzai
Sushi station where your sushi is freshly made and sliced
I love their Okonimiyaki! I have three servings ata!
Tempura Station, the Ebi Tempura always gets wiped out!
Barbecue station!
Ramen Station which I'm so happy about. Y was happy too! So many choices.
Gyoza Station. Their gyoza is good! Well, I love dumplings!
Takoyaki Station. They have octopus and crab!
Drinks Station. Drink all you can soda, iced tea, lemonade, iced milo, iced coffee!
For coffee lovers out there, unlimited coffee too!
Cold Soba Station. Yum!!!
There's also Japanese Caesar  Salad Station. There are also other ready made salads choices!
Salads like this!
Desserts Galore!
For the sweet tooth. They make their own desserts from scratch!

Be sure to go on an empty stomach, don't eat breakfast or lunch, because I am sure you will go back for the beef teppanyaki, tempura, okonimiyaki and the piza!  I actually went back with my family two days after this. Heehee! That's how good Banzai is!
Salmon Sashimi, Okonimiyaki,  Beef Teppanyaki and Potato Salad
Left: Japanese pizza which I personally love!
Right: Shoyu ramen for Y. What I like about the ramen is they have small and large bowls  And they don't skim on the toppings
Left: Blow-torched salmon sushi. You can request for it!
Right: Takoyaki!

And after eating all those sushi and beef teppanyaki and before having dessert, pababa muna ng kinain ! take a walk at Banzai's Trick Art Gallery!
This is by the entrance, you can opt to have the "tour" before eating also!
You can wear costumes too! And have your photos taken at the gallery! I betcha you wanna wear that sumo costume! Hihi!
You can fight with the ninjas/samurais
Y was clueless what to do haha!
Y is still clueless  or amused haha! I don't know.
But little Juro gamley posed hehehe!
Little Gabbie is super adorbs here!

If my photos haven't convinced you yet, well, here's more reason to dine at Banzai!
5 + 1 Promo!\
Get 15% off when you follow al their social media accounts!
Celebrate your birthday at Banzai! More details on their Facebook Page!
Or celebrate Easter with Banzai this weekend!
Buffet Rates

Book a table, plan a get together, go eat at Banzai!

For more information, check their social media accounts to get updates and more!
Twitter: @Banzai_PH
Instagram: @banzai_ph

How to get to Banzai?

  • Bldg J, By The bay Leisure Park, Seaside Blvd., Mall of Asia Complex, Brgy. 76, Zone 10, Pasay City
  • 1300 Pasay City, Philippines
09155245705,09994713579, 09163775357, 552-7368

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