Personal Financial Goals For 2024

2024 is just a couple of months away. How's your 2023? Have you went back over your 2023 goals to see if you have achieved them?

I know a lot of us are still in the process of recovering from the pandemic then now that there's an inflation. It's like the world is not giving us a break. But we can always do something about it. This time I discovered, a website that has a collection of calculators that you can use depending on what you need. It has Loan, Mortgage, Savings, Auto, Credit Card and Budget Planning.

As a homemaker, there are two calculators that I use on the website: Savings and the Family Budget Planning.

Both (actually all) calculators are very easy to use and understand. You just input the amount and it will calculate automatically. It is in USD but you can always just follow the amount in your own currency.

For the Savings Calculator, I mainly use this for my passive income and add more money to our emergency funds. I just enter the amounts and for the interest rate, I call/went to my bank to verify the specific annual interest rate. This calculator can be your guide to your savings goal for 2024!

For the Family Budget Planner, it's also the same, easy to use and calculates automatically for you. Budgeting need not to be complicated. The budget you make can either be for your monthly or annual budget. This budget planner can definitely help families like me with just the right amount of monthly income. I just wish you can customize the percentage for each expense. Nonetheless, it's still helpful to have a guide to my monthly expenses!
If you are planning to get a car or get a loan from the bank as part of your financial goals for 2024, there are calculators in the website too. It is never too early to plan your financial plans for the future. It's more of securing your future. This is not only for families like us but also for single people who would like to have a good financial standing for themselves and the future!

As for our family, we are saving up for a lot next year. I want to take my family on a vacation so working extra hard now to put more money on our savings!

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