Our Weekend at Narra Hill Tagaytay

Two weekends ago, we had BOS's post-birthday celebration getaway at Narra Hill Tagaytay. I don't know how BOS discovered about Narra Hill but I'm happy that he did because we really enjoyed our stay! It was a nice escape from the city and the heat!
There were signs going down. Buwis buhay picture! This is the first sign you'll see going down at bumaba talaga ako ng koche para picturan yan! Haha!

But first, let me tell you about my first ever Airbnb experience! Narra Hill can only be booked exclusively via Airbnb so I downloaded the app on my phone and inquired abut their Kubo Room. Tita Chian, who owns Narra Hill, was very easy to talk to and answers my every question. I told her we have two kids and asked her what's the best arrangement. She suggested we get the Balcony Room instead since the Kubo Room is above Kubo Suite 2 and we might disturb the occupants if my kids get magulo hihi! She didn't say that but I got what she was trying to say. So I booked the Balcony Room. It has a king bed and I told Tita Chian that we can fit in it but she insisted on the extra bed so I added Php1,000 for the kids and the extra bed. BOS and I didn't mind the extra charge ha. We were very excited since the day I booked our room!
Two months later and two days after BOS's birthday, we left Manila, ate lunch at Sonya's Garden then finally went on our way to Narra Hill. It was easy to find Narra Hill. Coming from the Tagaytay rotunda, it's just a few meters pass the sign of Antonio's. Antonio's is on the right, while Narra Hill is on the left. You can always use Waze if ever you get lost! Just a warning though, the road going down it a bit steep and narrow, extra ingat na lang!
Entrance to Narra Hill Tagaytay!

Our Room - The Balcony Room
The Balcony Room is just by the driveway. It's actually below the parking area. One of their staff was there by the driveway when we arrived so we were able to settle in right away. The Balcony Room is located on the topmost part of the property and also more because it's located farther from the kubos and the pool. I will say this right away, the Balcony Room is not exactly the most kid-friendly room especially when you have 3 years-old (or below) child. Mainly because of the balcony so we just had to remind the kids (10,000 times hehehe) not to go near the railings.
Stairs leading down to the Balcony Room
This was what welcomed us! A gorgeous view of the Taal Volcano just outside our room. The Balcony Room has the best view! I wouldn't mind waking up to this view everyday. This is where we spent most of our time making muni-muni and it's also where we had all our meals during our stay.
Here's another view of the balcony. We're surrounded by lush greenery. It was a really quiet weekend for us.

Our room has a king-sized four poster bed which the kids loved mainly because of the mosquito nets. Haha! We slept comfortably in one bed. There's complimentary coffee, water, and toiletries. But there's no TV, no WIFI, no LTE signal so you have to be your own entertainment hihi! There's a chess set in our room though, we played dama before the kids went swimming!
There's a counter with a sink and a mini refrigerator. Bring your own drinks and snacks if you can as it would be quite a hassle to go out again especially at night.
We have complimentary coffee, water, and a thermos.
The bathroom has an earthy vibe. It's small but good enough. The heater was not working when we stayed though. They said they were still working on their water pump. We didn't mind a little set back because we love the place!
While I was fixing our things and getting their swimsuits, they were on the bed dancing. Haha! Their outfits are all from H&M!
When was the last time you played dama? I don't know how to play chess kaya dama na lang kami ni BOS. He lost by the way. Ha!

At 4PM, we took the kids to the pool. It was also hot in Tagaytay but not as hot in Manila and it was the perfect weather to frolic under the sun and enjoy the pool! Since the Balcony Room was located separately, we had to walk down the driveway, down a flight of spiral stairs then to a walk way to the pool (which also leads to the kubos).
Extra careful when going down the stairs especially with little kid like R.

The Kubos and The Pool
Narra Hill's exclusivity, pool and the view were just a few of the reasons why we booked our stay and they certainly didn't disappoint. They have a kiddie pool and regular pool (maybe about 4.5 feet or less), both are small but we didn't mind because we really wanted to swim!
This is Kubo 2 has two floors. The first level is a suite, while the upper level is just a room (Kubo Room 2) where we originally wanted to stay but Tita Chian (the owner) told us we might disturb the people staying in the suite (if ever my kids get rowdy haha!) because of the bamboo floor. The Kubo 2 Suite is perfect for honeymooners, babymooners, and couples who need down time. 
Left: The place is so instagrammable!
Right: The other side of Kubo 2. BOS took this photo while we were swimming.
This is the area below Kubo 2. I'm not sure but this may or may not be Kubo 2's dining area.
The kids enjoying the pool! They made sure to wake up early also the next day so they can swim again.
This one is the Kubo 1 Suite, also the biggest can fit a family or big group. It has two floors, there's a master bedroom, living area, bar area and another room upstairs.  There were people who were staying in both kubos while we were there but the place didn't really feel crowded, it was still quiet and we had the pool to ourselves all of our stay!
The pool is not heated and there's no lifeguard so always keep an eye na lang. I had to keep reminding the kids not to go or lean over the edge. But seriously, these photos don't do justice on how beautiful this place is!

The Food - Dinner and Breakfast
Breakfast is included when you book a room/kubo, we just added Php400 for the kids's breakfast. For our dinner, Tita Chian sent me a message (thru the Airbnb app, I'm beginning to love Airbnb!!!) two weeks before our scheduled stay with menus we can choose from for our dinner. It's true what she said that once guests are settled in, they don't want to go out anymore! She sent me 6 menus to choose from, most are Asian inspired. It's a 5 course set dinner for only Php600/pax! Super sulit and yummy!!!
After swimming, I gave them a bath and watched Mulan on our tablet. Our dinner was served at around 7:30PM.
R and me while waiting for our food. One of their staff prepared our table complete with table setting!
Our dinner spread!
Chicken Broth
Nasi Goreng. The serving was good enough for 3 persons!
Chicken Satay served with peanut sauce. In my mind, I was expecting tiny sticks like what they serve here in restaurants. It was 4 huge sticks of chicken satay! They certainly don't scrimp. It was tender and juicy even it was the chicken breast.
Gado Gado Veggies
I added an additional order of Chicken Pandan and rice for the kids for Php250.
For dessert, we had homemade Cassava Cake and to cap the night off, we had Basil Tea. The Cassava Cake was sooooo gooood! The burnt cheese on top made it so yummy! 

Everything was good and delicious! It was more than I expected. Everything that was served were from their kitchen. Food is yummier when it's home cooked no? The place and ambience was just perfect and the food made it even more special. When they served the dessert, they also asked us what we wanted for breakfast, it was either bangus or longganisa and we can only choose one kind for BOS and I though. We asked breakfast to be served at around 9AM, I wished we asked for it earlier though because the kids woke up early!
Woke up to a view of mountains! We all had a great nights sleep, well I had! I usually wait for the kids to sleep before I sleep but I guess I was so relaxed that I fell asleep before BOS and R did. Haha!
With this view, I just had to had a cup of coffee and take it all in. I'm happy and grateful with the life we have and for my husband who works very hard and take us to mini getaways like this. Japan naman next ah! Heehee!
I saw Kuya changing the flowers (on these outdoor flower pots) while I was taking photos of the balcony.
And before 9AM, Kuya came to our balcony to set our table for breakfast.
Kids pretending to have coffee. Haha! They were served hot chocolate!
Our breakfast spread! I love love love everything! Our breakfast comes with a big pot of freshly brewed coffee, bread and butter and papaya!
Kids got pancakes and eggs! For the kids's breakfast, I added Php400 for the both of them.
Warm and soft bread served with butter. I love bread so I ate three slices! Haha!
For BOS and I, we both had bangus! It was served with baked eggs with tomatoes and onions, daing na spada and garlic rice! I loved our every meal in Narra Hill! Ayyy I hope we can go back soon!

The kids and I had our morning swim after breakfast, sinulit namin ang pool before checking out! After checking out, the manager came to our room to collect our balance and asked us to write our feedback. She told us to check out the rest of the property before heading out and we did!
Kiddos in their #StyledByZippy outfits!

The Rest of the Property
I initially didn't want to check out the rest of property anymore because we had to drive down and I was afraid na hindi kami makaakyat ulit haha! Ang taas/baba kasi! But I'm glad I did because it was beautiful! And the property was huge!
This is The pavilion for events. There was a wedding the day before, a prenup shoot happening while we were there and there will be another wedding that week and I see why they get so many bookings for wedding! They have events packages on their website.
Ganda ng pavilion! Gusto ko ganito bahay ko! BOS? hehe! The pavilion has a stunning view of Taal and it overlooks the garden and the creek. There's also a waterfall and a lagoon!
View from the garden below.
We had a look around and kids loved the big space. They ran around for awhile pero ang init so I had to stop them. The place would be nice for family portrait session too diba? We were all coincidentally wearing white, perfect sana mag photo shoot kaso wala namang photographer, wala din kaming selfie stick. Haha! So we took turns taking photo with the kids na lang.
They look so cute here!

After going around and taking pictures, we drove back up and returned the notebook where I wrote our feedback to the manager. We got to meet the owner, Tita Chian, who is a very lovely lady and her dogs! We got to chat for a little while. Narra Hill Tagaytay has been accepting bookings thru Airbnb for only year and doing weddings for only 4 months pa lang! Their business is really doing well! They don't have plans on expanding, they want to keep it small to keep its exclusivity.
We loved our stay at Narra Hill that I found our one night stay bitin! Na-relax talaga ako and the food was really good! Next time I will bring wine and cheese haha! BOS really liked the cassava cake that he asked me to message Tita Chian where we can buy cassava cake and that's how I found out all of their food were home cooked. Narra Hill is nice alternative to your usual Tagaytay hotels and restaurants! It will be your kubo away from home. Heehee! And if you are looking for wedding venue, you have to consider Narra Hill!

Here's the map to Narra Hill! Narra Hill is also on Waze!

Narra Hill Tagaytay
Facebook: Narra Hill

Contact Number: +639778404936


  1. Thank you so much Cai for this well written blog. You are an exciting writer! You made me read every word as if I didn't know what you were writing about!! I didn't know you were a blog writer.....so nothing was staged for you. Whatever you have experienced here is what IS. Nothing was added or taken to make your stay as wonderful as you have described!! And to top it...you take good photos too!! :-)

    You are of course, welcome to visit again! But next time, I will just have to surprise you with something even nicer :-)

    Warmest regards to you BOS and the kids!

    Tita Chian

    1. We really loved everything. Narra Hill is a must experience! Some friends have been asking a lot about Narra Hill that some of them have booked their stay already. :) Thank you so much Tita Chian for opening such a lovely bed and breakfast! See you soon! :)

  2. Gusto ko na rin pumunta! We usually stay sa highlands but mas maganda Ang Narra

    1. Go! :) Super nice talaga and sarap ng food. Pag pwede ka na uit mag lakwacha! Hehe! Tita Chian, the owner, left a comment above! Kinikilig ako haha!

  3. Hi Ms. Cai! I really like this post about Nara Hill. Now, I'm really interested to go there. Anyway, may I ask what app did you use for booking? :)

    1. Hi Erika! Just download the AirBnB app on your phone :)

  4. Hi cai, such great reviews!! I can't wait to visit the place.
    I have to ask you , if I want a room with balcony, with great nature views but away from crawling insects, which room can you recommend? Thanks for advising in advance.

    1. Hi Rose! Sorry for the late reply. Please check their listing at AirBnB. You can ask the owner about what room she can recommend for you, that's what I did! She's very accommodating :)

  5. Hi Ms. Cai! If you dont't mind me asking. How much did it cost for your whole stay. Or atleast budget for the stay. Thanks!

    1. Hi Keane! Please check their AirBnB listing or their website for the rates. Breakfast is already included, all you have to pay for is dinner which is a set menu. Rates may have changed from the time we stayed :)

  6. Good day! Great article! What about the roads leading to the venue? Zigzag ba sya and lots of uphills? Narrow roads? Just worrying about how easy or hustle driving there. Kindly let me know. Best thanks!

    1. From the main road of Tagaytay to Narra Hill, may steep downhill. Road is wide enough for 2 cars. :) Easy lang if you have a car :) Hope this helps! Let me know if you have more questions!

  7. this is very informative. my cousin will be having her wedding next year at narra hill and she is requesting if she can use my car (suzuki-swift) as her bridal car. do you think its possible? considering mine is a bit lowered than the usual sedan? what make/model of car did you use when you went there? thanks. :)