Business Simulation Games Are So Fun and Addicting!

One of my favorite games online and on my phone are simulation games! They're so addicting and fun, it challenges my speed and accuracy! I recently found a new online game website: that has business simulation games and more! It also has Money Games, Real Estate Games and more!

When I go on a break in between my online work, I sometimes play my favorite games on the website! Today, I'll share a few of them!

Mahjong Solitaire is a simple tile-matching game.

- You match identical open (or free) tile pairs. A stone is considered free if there are no other stones on top of it and either the left or right side is free of other stones.
- If you get stuck you can select the shuffle button at the right edge of the game to reshuffle the remaining stones.
- You can even select different board layouts and tile types!

I love matching games! While they are a bit time consuming but once I start doing it, I can't seem to stop myself! I need to finish it! Plus the tile designs are so cute to look at, makes the game more fun to play!

If you enjoy mahjong games, there's also a Cooking Mahjong game! But this time the goal is to build recipes. The tiles are the ingredients, choose 3 tiles that will complete the recipe. The layout also changes every level

The next games are business simulation games. First one, the Burger Shop!

Burger Shop is timed 10-stage burger restaurant simulation game where players must serve the customer's order precisely. All you need to do is look at the customer's order, make the burger from the bottom up and serve it to them!

OMG, this was so confusing at first! I failed a few times at first but once I got the hang of it, it was easier but as you level up and there are many customers at once, it gets more challenging! You need fast eye-finger coordination!

Ice Cream Bar is another simulation game but this time you're serving ice cream treats! But this game has 20 stages and the goal is to serve customers before the timer runs out.

These are just the few games that I enjoy playing on the website! But there are other games that you might enjoy too! There's also games on NFT, BitCoins, real estate, stocks, coding games and more!

You can access all the games on this website:! Enjoy and comment your favorite game down on the comments section!

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