Our Baby Led Weaning Adventure Starts!

R started eating solids 2 weeks ago. We're trying baby led weaning/feeding with him. I read about this when Y was still a baby but I chickened out trying it with her. Lack of confidence din siguro. But this time with R, I wanted to try it. With Y being so picky with what she eats and used to eating lugaw that she doesn't like to chew her food now, lunok lang ng lunok! Hay... ka-stress minsan pakainin but that's another blog entry!

When I saw Jenny's E holding his food and feeding himself at 7 months old, nakakatuwa at nakakaaliw! So two weeks before R turned 6 months old, I read and researched and asked Jenny questions hehe. (I read this
: http://www.babyledweaning.com/) I asked Jenny if she follows the 3-day rule, she didn't. But I followed just to be sure! And his first food? Avocados!
He's still too small for his high chair (very sulit high chair which I got on sale!), as you can see, that he had a hard time reaching for his food so we're waiting for my sister's Bumbo. He loved the avocados! He was mashing it in his hands then he sucks his fingers hehe! It was really amusing to watch him eat by himself.
But the next feeding when we fed him carrots then potatoes, he didn't like it that much. To BLW mommas, is this normal? I really have no idea too! We're slowly learning all this and I will ask Jenny again after the holidays. Now we're trying apples, bananas, pears and I'll buy more veggies this weekend!
Ang cute!!!!
He still can't sit by himself without support. He's very curious about everything right now, eats everything his hands can hold but not food. So we're feeding him every other day muna until he turns 7 months old which is in less than 2 weeks. Ang bilis!
Any tips?

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  1. cant help myself not to comment ang CUTE ni Raizo!!!! Y is like my daughter, Summer, sobrang picky maybe because sobrang late ako nagbigay ng solid food 10 months sobrang scared lalo na iba ibang tao nasa paligid ko with different beliefs when it comes to giving food.. my daughter loves papaya and carrots i've read somewhere nakakapinkish pa ng skin kakasimula ko lang din magbabyled weaning. and stop giving fruits pala na starts with letter P nag nagdiarrhea.

  2. Hi! I guess we're doing baby led weaning too. My son started solids when he was around 7-months na. We waited that long because we were traveling. He's now 19 months old, by the way. He's still breastfeeding and I'm beginning to wonder when he'll wean himself from me as I don't want to force wean him.

    Jacob started with pureed apples we haven't tried avocado on him though! I'm glad your little one liked it! On the other hand, Jacob loved carrots. As in, it's the easiest one to feed him during meals. :)

  3. He'll wean when he's ready. Lucky you got to bfeed your son until now. Wished I did with Y but I got pregnant and the OB advised me not to. :)

  4. Hi Hani! :) Si raizo hindi din regular mag solids. But he likes to eat once he got the taste of the food being served. Hay si Y hirap pakainin! Doesn't like veggies pa.