Breastfeeding & Weight Gain

Today marks my 4th month of exclusively breastfeeding my baby. I can't believe that it has been 4 months. It wasn't easy at first, sore and cracked nipples and the occasional engorgement, but those didn't stop me from breastfeeding. With sore nipples I just put Medela Tender Care Lanolin on my nipples after feeding, it eases the soreness, and after the first 2 weeks of breastfeeding, it was smooth sailing. Except for the time that I had low supply but that would be another entry.

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My ultimate goal is to breastfeed her until I have milk to offer her. Reaching 4 months is an accomplishment, and I hope to continue until she's 1-year old. At 4 months, her weight is 5.5 kg, she only gained 400g from her last check-up which was a month ago, she's tall and lean, but not underweight, just need some catch up to do! Her weight didn't match her height or vice versa. Her pedia set a goal for her weight last month which was 6.5 kg and for her to take at least 30 to 34 oz of breast milk a day. But that didn't exactly happen. So after this morning's check up, her pedia set another goal of 7 kg for next month, and 35 oz of breast milk to be consumed per day! Whew! 

We got some serious catching up to do, baby girl! Let's get to it!

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