I Want To Shop!

Since I got pregnant, I haven't really shopped. Well, we (DH and I) mostly shopped for the baby, I bought a few clothes and shoes for a wedding I went to (2 months post-partum), for new office clothes (because I haven't gone back to my pre-pregnancy weight plus the flabs and bulges here and there), and stuff for the house. But those didn't stop me from online window shopping, lusting over clothes I can't fit it! But for shoes, I can buy! It's the only part of my body that went back to normal LOL.

Ichigo Shoes
I don't own a pair of Ichigo's YET! But I always check their site for new style of brogues or oxford shoes. It's oxfords and loafers overload! This is from their lookbook.

Yumiko in Gold
Photos from Ichigo Shoes
I would love to own a pair of two of Ichigo's, but that would have to wait for now. I've got bills to pay!

Next online shop would be, Tonic.
I've been a fan of Tonic for 2 years maybe, I have 2 pairs of their shoes, a passport holder and a bag. I always visit their store in GH or their booths in bazaars. I know the owner so I get discounts! Booties are the trend right now, I want to own a pair but I don't know how to style them with my current wardrobe (that needs to be updated!, I'm a mom now but I don't want be losyang).

I have my eyes on these Annika Booties!
More on booties, I've recently discovered Gold Dot. I had been lusting over their lace-ups for the longest time, only to find out it was sold out when I wanted to get one already. I think there are a few pairs left of the green one and it's now on sale (20% off)!

Bianca Lace-ups
And then there's this pair of booties! Made of real soft leather, with studs, and I love the heels! These shoes looks so yummy! I can't resist them. Ughhh!

And a sky-high pumps I don't mind owning but would really be hard for me to walk in!

Brittany Pumps in Gray
Gold Dot shoes are pricier than of Ichigo and Tonic shoes. But of better quality also! If I'm not on a shopping ban and on a tight budget, I would love to buy a pair of Gold Dot! But for now, I'm content just being able to window shop!

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