Pretty Things To Brighten Up Your Day!

It has been a very challenging and tiring past week! Our yaya of three years went home to her province for good, I fetched the new helper/yaya the next day and we've been cleaning the house ever since. That's five days na! My whole body is sore, no amount of wine or ice cream or junk food can make me feel better. I need a massage! But since I know I can't get any of that until I've train the new helper, I consoled myself with some window shopping online. I hope you're having a better week than me! But if not, let's us stare at these pretty things I've been looking at the past few nights and hope it brightens up your day too!
Love the print on this cutting board! 
From Fashion to Home! Check out Target Style!

I wish I can buy everything but if I get to buy all these, I will still be tired if I do another round of general cleaning. So shopping na lang ulit? BOS will not approve. Heehee! Happy Monday everyone!

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