Go Breastfeed: A New Go-To Website on Breastfeeding Launches in the Philippines!

I've proudly breastfed both my kids and I am also proud that I've influenced both my sisters and friends to also breastfeed their kids. But I wouldn't be successful without the help of my husband (my No. 1 supporter), support groups (online and offline), breastfeeding books, and helpful websites that made me gain my confidence and trust in myself that I can do it!

I am so happy to see that more moms want to breastfeed and are breastfeeding their child but of course it's not always a smooth sailing journey and some moms stop breastfeeding because of the hurdles they encounter like they think they don't have milk or that it's "masakit magpa-dede" Always remember that our body is designed to produce milk and the latch of the baby to the breast must be correct.

Unfortunately for Filipino babies, these myths surrounding breastfeeding are not easily washed away, as most moms have nowhere to turn to for information. Babies are thus deprived of benefits they can only get through breastfeeding, and mothers, who would gasp had they known what they are unwittingly doing, remain unaware.

In this day and age of internet, searching about breastfeeding is just within our fingertips but four years ago, when I was pregnant with Y, there's only a few and limited resources on breastfeeding in the Philippines but not anymore!

Kate Delos Reyes, a trained breastfeeding peer counselor, former country editor of Yahoo Philippines, and a mother to an exclusively breastfed two-year-old, put up Go Breastfeed, an online resource that helps educate and empower parents to breastfeed their children.

“I believe that no parent who completely understands the power of breastfeeding would choose any other way to nourish a child,” says Kate Delos Reyes, creator of Go Breastfeed. “We want Go Breastfeed to be a platform for breastfeeding advocates to reach more parents online,” Delos Reyes said, noting that the website aims to amplify the efforts of these groups, not to duplicate them.
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The Crash Course section is useful for expecting parents as it covers breastfeeding facts and myths, what to expect at childbirth, and how to adjust to the new baby.

The Breastfeeding Diaries is where mothers can share their inspiring real-life stories about the joys and challenges of breastfeeding. I have many of these stories!
Helpful articles on breastfeeding

 And you can join online discussions on a wide range of topics on breastfeeding.

All of these in just one website! I think this is brilliant! Go Breastfeed would definitely help a lot of moms, dads and even grandparents or friends who wants to know not only about breastfeeding but also about childbirth and the fourth trimester (adjusting to your new life with your baby and as a mom) and get connected with fellow breastfeeding mommas! Breastfeeding mommas need all the support they can get!

“Breastfeeding benefits children, mothers and the whole community so the dismal state of breastfeeding in the country should concern everyone. I hope more Filipinos rally support,” Delos Reyes said.

Go Breastfeed

Go Breastfeed is currently raising funds to support the production of online training materials, which would help mothers learn how to breastfeed without having to pay for classes. To support Go Breastfeed, especially their efforts at making breastfeeding classes available to everyone, please click here. (http://igg.me/at/gobreastfeed)

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