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When a mom packs her bag, expect it to be heavy because she brings her whole house in it. Diba? Aminin mo?! I would always complain to BOS about my shoulder and he would say "bawasan mo kasi laman ng bag mo" or "kelangan mo ba talaga lahat ng nasa bag mo?" but even if I unpack and repack my bag, there are some things I couldn't leave at home and I would always answer him with "what if Y or R needs something from my bag and I don't left it at home?" So in the end, my bag would still be heavy but I am confident that when my kids need something from me, I would always have it! My little pouch would always include a pack of wipes, alcohol, and a few medicine. 

Last week along with other moms, I was introduced to the new Lysol To Go Disinfectant Spray and Lysol Germ Protection Hand Wipes with a special Mother's Day treat from Lysol! We were asked to be at Farmacy in BGC by 4PM because a surprise was waiting for us!
I got my boarding pass and ready to go but while waiting...
 ...I had a mini snack of Vietnamese Latte and Chicken Salad while chatting with Didi and...
...while Jackie having this yummy-looking burger!
 Here's us: Didi, Jackie and Me before our orders arrived! (Photo from Jackie)

And at around 4PM, a handsome black limousine, The Black Fleet, rolled in front of Farmacy and it was time to board! Huwaw! It was my first time to ride a limousine of any kind! Naaliw ang mga nanay. Heehee!
This is a bad photo of what the limousine looks like inside. I'm still waiting for the official photos then I'll share it here!

Party limousine for the on-the-go moms! Decked with balloons, buntings, chips, munchies and candies, we were ready to roll! (Photo from Jackie)

As the road cruise around BGC started, we had ice breakers, shared tips, and exchanged stories on how we are preparing for the new school year and after all the chikahan, Lysol To Go Disinfectant Spray was finally introduced to us.
Lysol is one of my mom's trusted brands and now it is also mine. Lysol is also the brand most recommended by U.S. Pediatricians. It kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria when used as directed. 
The new Lysol To Go Disinfectant Spray is perfect for us moms who are always on-the-go! It's compact and it's in travel-size that fits easily in our bagor  diaper bag. And now that it's back to school and the bagyo season upon us, colds, cough, and flu would be uso again and I want to protect my kids from all these viruses and bacteria so I made sure Y's school bag has a Lysol To Go Disinfectant Spray in it!
Lysol also recently launched its Germ Protection Hand Wipes. You may think "Lysol sa kamay? Hindi ba harsh?" but it is actually perfectly gentle on the skin. It can moisturize the face and body and you can even use it as feminine wipes! It is also gentle enough for kids because it's clinically proven that it is as mild as the leading baby wash! They both come in on-the-go sizes so it's easy to spray and wipe away our health worries anytime, anywhere!
I am a Hot Mom! Dahil ang init sa pwesto namin sa limousine! Heehee! Literal na hot! But kidding aside, I am a chill but protective mom. I let my kids be what they want to be (with limitations of course) but when it comes to their health and welfare, I will their number one protector.
Our road adventure ended at 2nd's Restaurant!. This was my 2nd time at 2nd's heehee!
Thank you Lysol for this Mother's Day treat! We really needed this day off! Each mom was treated with a bouquet of flowers followed by a sumptuous dinner.
Adobo Croquetas
Bacon Chicharon, yes you read that right!
Mini Buffalo Pops
Three Little Pigs Kawali
Cornflake Fried Chicken
Frozen Hazelnut Cheesecake

Thank you Lysol for inviting me and for this lovely afternoon to dinner treat for the mommas. It was nice to spend time with the other moms without the kids. Heehee! Now I always have a Lysol To Go Disinfectant Spray and Germ Protection Wipes in my and I bring it every time, everywhere!
The Lysol Germ Protection Wipes smells so good! And the Lysol To Go Disinfectant Spray comes in 28g/1 oz sizes and is in Crisp Linen variant only. It retails for Php150 (SRP) only!
Also received this in the mail a week before this on-the-go event! The Lysol Neutra Air cleans and clears the air of odor-causing bacteria. With all these Lysol products (I also use the Lysol Hand Wash and Disinfectant Spray for Baby's Room) I have at home, I am now more assured that my home and family are germ-free! 

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