North Adventure 2013: Hill Station, Mt. Cloud, Burnham Park, Chocolate De Batirol

Our third day in Baguio is spent discovering new places! Weeks before our trip, BOS was researching on new restaurants to check out. And one of those is Hill Station in Casa Vallejo. We were supposed to dine there the first night but it was fully booked so we went back on our third day for lunch.
I love the ambiance of the place. I like old houses converted into restaurants. Parang Antonio's ang feel. I love the open windows, tipid talaga sa electricity sa Baguio!
I wasn't able take decent photos of the place nor the food. I have a few photos to share naman. It's hard to entertain the kids while waiting for the food.
This was yummy! Both the dip and iced tea!
Fall off the bones ribs. This was good! Can be good for two persons!

Wasn't able to took a photo of the BOS's food because R threw up in the middle of our meal. Kalat galore kami! He was so full na from his breakfast. He only drank the soup pero nasuka pa din. Very unforgettable experience indeed! 

After having lunch, we went to My. Cloud Bookstore just beside Hill Station. It's a quaint little bookstore! BOS was able to buy an architecture book.
Nice noh? 

We only stayed a while in the bookstore. Kids were bored na kasi! Our next stop was Burnham Park. We planned to took the kids biking and ride the boat.
We also rode the boat but I was holding on my bag kaya no photos! Haha! We also went in the old skating rink which was now converted to an amusement center.  It rained so we decided to leave na and go to a pasalubong center to buy pasalubong for everyone!

Our last stop for the day was the good old Chocolate de Batirol.

Capped off the night at the hotel.  It was uor last night in Baguio and we had to pack for things for check out the next day!

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