North Adventure 2013: Ketchup Food Community and Our Pangasinan Adventure

Last day in Baguio! We checked out by lunch and wandered around the hotel lobby while waiting for the valet to pick up our car.
Our last day was spent eating, what else! There's a newly opened place called Ketchup Food Community just in front of Wright Park. It's a community of restaurants, you can cross order from different restaurants and eat them at where you decided to have your meal. 
Your Ketchup Food Community Guide
Happy Tummy, the Thai resto we wanted to try was closed on a Monday. Boo! So we opted to eat at Rumah Sate, an Indo-Malay resto.
We ordered dishes with rice na then I ordered the famous ribs at Canto and a sausage dish at Green Pepper for Y.
Medyo nabitin si BOS sa rice so goo things I ordered more food!
The baby back ribs was goooood! The sausage looks good but nothing special.

After a filling lunch, we left Baguio and started our drive down to Pangasinan for more adventure with Y's ninang!
From chilly Baguio to a sunny Pangasinan!

We didn't have anything planned that afternoon but it turned out to be a wet one! Swimming was supposed to be scheduled the next day but there's no stopping the kids! The kids enjoyed the pool!
R is happy! Glad he enjoyed because he was sort of afraid of water before this trip.

After swimming, ninang G's friens came and took us to dinner! I forgot the resto's name but the food was good! So totoo yun sinasabi na, sa sobrang sarap makakalimutan mo ang pangalan ng restaurant. Hihi!
Not the greatest photo. I was in a hurry because we were hungry na!

The next day was spent in the pool again, playing with Winter and more lamon! Ahhh the life... of a pig. hehehe!
They were smitten with each other
R also loves dogs!

Lunch was at Cuisinero! I've been hearing great things about Cuisinero from ninang G!
Everything was yummy! We ordered so much food but it was all worth it and I can't wait to go back!

All we did in Pangasinan was eat! Buhay baboy talaga! After 2 days on non stop eating, it was time for us to go home. It was a great trip and one for the books.   I hope my kids or at least Y will remember :)

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