Hi-5 Alive!

December was a busy month because of the series of bazaars we joined. I don't know if we'll do it again this year! Since I knew it would be hard to spend family and quality time with the kids, I planned our quality time on weekdays when bazaars aren't that busy, hence watching the Barbie Musical and Hi-5!

When I knew about Hi-5 coming again to Manila, I hurriedly logged online and booked our tickets. Hi-5 now have three new members. Actually two pala, kasi when we watched last 2012, Dayen was already "new". Labo. Haha! Y enjoyed the first time we watched so I knew Y would love to watched it again. The first time was at SM MOA, last year was at the Samsung Hall of SM Aura. Not the best venue.

Anyways, we had our ingress first in Rockwell then we left BOS there and we went to SM Aura just in time for the show. Ang daming tao! And people were going crazy with the souvenir merchandises at isa na ako dun!
Hi-5 clapper for Php350! We also bought a backpack and a pillow. Plus a meet and greet. Can you spell BANKRUPT?

After buying the clapper, we lined up to get ready to go inside. Y got super excited when she heard Hi-5 songs playing in the background. I was also excited because she was excited haha. Nothing makes me happier than see her happy!
What I love about the show is that all the songs they sang the old songs. Each of the new members had their own solo song part.
It was a great show! Y enjoyed it and watches the videos I took over and over again. We also got to meet Hi%! Ako ang excited! Thank you Hi-5 for coming again to the Manila. 

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