Happy 29!

It's my last year in the line of 2 age. Malapit na din ako mawala sa calendaryo! Hihi. I don't really care about aging or getting old, what I'm afraid of is death and that I won't be able to take care and see my children grow up. Maybe I'm just saying that now, let's wait and see til I turn 40. Hehehe...

Year after year of celebrating my birthday, it's becoming more simpler, quieter, and less of a big deal. It used to be about me, now it's all about the family. I want a spa day if it only weren't for our current yaya situation, I would have gone on a me-day!

On the birthday itself, I didn't really know how to celebrate. We had little situation at home that by the time we left the house it was already 2PM. All I wanted was to eat at Mamou hehe! 

We had light snacks first at McDonalds because Y wanted to eat at "McDoc" and I was hungry also!
We went to Power Plant first to buy some things. Bought Y some books at National Bookstore, bought the kiddies some treats and snacks at Healthy Options and tried a pair of Anthology London studde!
I'm so proud of myself for not giving in and buying this. It's super nice though. I still want a pair of Jeffrey Campbell's Skulltini!

Left Power Plant at 8PM for our 830PM reservation at Mamou. We were a bit late and Y was sleepy already. She was getting antsy na, buti na lang there was butter (yes, butter!!!) to distract her.
Had a great dinner with my loved ones. And Y met a new play mate!
Guess who's actor son this is...
We would have ate dessert at another shop but it was late and the kids were sleepy!

Birthday gift? I didn't ask for any, when I'm surrounded by love and my family! (Promise! Though, I want a pair of JC or Anothology hihi) Kidding aside, I bought myself (well, for the family also) a new camera during my HK trip last week. Parang pre-birthday trip na din pala yun noh?
Olympus E-PL3
Happy 29th to me! :)


  1. Yes, our birthdays are all about time well spent with the family. :-)

  2. Happy 29th Cai! We're almost of the same age lang pala :) I'm so inggit that you have two kids na. Kelangan ko na ata humabol this year. Haha! Your pre-birthday gift is awesome! Want one too, magawa nga ring birthday wish yan :)

  3. Happy birthday, Cai!
    More power to Paper Chic Studio :)
    Teka, naintriga ako. Kaninong son yun?

  4. Belated Cai! Same birthday kayo ni Kailee so I won't ever forget! :)
    My are you young... hahaha!! :)

    Bump into you soon dear!!


  5. applesanddumplingsMarch 26, 2013 at 7:15 PM

    Thank you Didi! :) Yes breakfast soon! :) Young pa ba ako? ahhaha I feel old :p

  6. applesanddumplingsMarch 26, 2013 at 7:15 PM

    Thanks Em! :) Haha NiƱo Muhlach's son!

  7. applesanddumplingsMarch 26, 2013 at 7:15 PM

    Thanks M! Oh, make babies na! Hihi.