Traveled Alone

End of February was a chaos at home. Our yaya left, got a new one but thinking of replacing her too. Hayay!

I booked a ticket to Hong Kong last October 2012. I was supposed to travel with my sister but she booked an earlier flight, asked my friends to come with me but they're not available. I was already ok if ever I don't push thru with the trip but at the last minute I decided to go! Sayang din kasi.
This little guy took me to the airport. Borlogs!
And that said, it was my first time to travel alone. I won't be scared if I'll be staying in Park Lane in Causeway Bay or if I'll be going with my mom but I was going to stay with a relative, ride a bus to North Point where I don't have any idea what stop I should go down hihi. But! Nakarating naman ako at nakauwi!
I was scared at first but once I was there and settled, it was fine! I got to eat at places I wanted to, I got to visit places and stores that were on my list, and bought myself an early birthday gift! :) I got to drink milk tea everyday! Hihi! My time was all mine.
Hong Kong was great! But after 3 days of eating and shopping, I couldn't wait to get home to these babies!


  1. Wow! I haven't tried traveling alone yet. Sounds a good idea but kinda scary, too. Glad you had fun :)

  2. Happy Mommy AdventuresMarch 10, 2013 at 2:50 AM

    Wow, I miss Kowloon and the oh so amazing peking duck :S

  3. Ang brave mo! AKo, the only problem I will have when I travel alone is - wala akong kausap. Haha! Sorry, daldal lang inisip kaagad eh noh? But I know this time alone did you good! I'm sure you were able to rest and inalala mo lang sarili. Its a good 'break' kumbaga.. Hehehe!! :)

    Kami, we're going with Kailee! I'm praying and hoping that she'll be a good girl! hahaha..

  4. I traveled alone before but I was still single and it was just within the Philippines. I bet you feel pretty proud of yourself :)