A&D Eats: Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt, Ayala Triangle

Finally got to have a taste of Golden Spoon last December while waiting for the light show at Ayala Triangle.

I wanted something sweet and so did Y so it was perfect timing!

Golden Spoon is a corner shop at Ayala Triangle. It's a small shop with four tables and comfortable couches but you can always opt to have your ice cream outside al fresco which we did!
There are two choices on how you want your frozen yogurt, Artist or Concierge. Artist is basically DIY/MYO yogurt and toppings while concierge is they'll be the one to put the yogurt and toppings. We picked artist and the smallest size which is Cupful (Php199). A bit pricey for a cup of yogurt, IMHO. You can mix all of the flavors you want!
Yogurt flavors for that day: Old-Fashioned Vanilla, Belgian Chocolate, St. Patrick's Mint, Black Cherry, Iced Cafe de Leche and Simply Tart.

And for the toppings! It was hard to choose. I wanted to put everything (para masulit ko ang Php199)!!! They got 30 or more toppings to choose from!
And here's our cupful of yogurt goodness and toppings. 
We love ice cream!
Verdict? It was good. Yogurt was smooth and creamy. It tastes more like ice cream than frozen yogurt which is still yummy! It melts fast nga lang. Will I eat another cup of Golden Spoon? Maybe.

For more info about them: Golden Spoon FB Page

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