A&D Eats: Wee Nam Kee, Ayala Triangle

In the last 2 years, Hainanese Chicken I think is one the fads. More and more restos are serving Hainanese Chicken but only a few are good and worth going back for.
The BOS had been wanting to try Wee Nam Kee for the longest time and last December, we got to dine in Wee Nam Kee before watching the light show.
We ordered their budget meal for each of us (me, BOS and yaya) since we wanted to try different dishes plus we ordered a clam dish which I forgot what it was called!
Food serving was ample. But the rice serving was a bit small. We had to order additional cups of rice for me and BOS. Chicken was tender but we weren't satisfied. I was a bit disappointed.

Service was crappy also. We had to call the servers twice or thrice to entertain us. The waiting for the food was also longer than your usual 10-15 minutes. Hayay. Disaster.
The kiddies and their dinner hehe
Well I didn't let it ruin my evening. I hope they'll improve their service and food. Then maybe we'll come back :)

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  1. aside from the chicken, their honey crispy squid is so good too.