Ronac Art Center: Lunchbox + Secret Fresh

Around 3 weeks ago, the SoMoms had lunch/chikahan at Lunch Box, Ronac Center. It was my second time in Ronac Center. First time was during Holy Week and we had dinner at Charlie's!
Lunch with SoMoms and Tita K
This was my lunch: Iced Tea and Grilled Cheese with Basil Sandwich
After having lunch, the BOS wanted to check out Secret Fresh but was still close so we just went around Ronac muna.
After waiting, Secret Fresh finally opened! MFO and Tita K were also waiting for them to open din pala. Hihi.
There was also an exhibit going on in their gallery so we also checked that out.
Cool stairs going up and down and gallery
I don't have any idea on how to describe art or anything related to it. I found the exhibit so cool! Galing galing! If I'll ever own a house, I'd like it to be filled with great art pieces for me and family to appreciate!
Left: This one I like! Right: Took a photo of it for Y
Interesting and whimsical right?
I had a great lunch with the SoMoms and afternoon at Secret Fresh! Now I know why people keep coming here, the place got unique stuff and have exhibitions like this!

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