Y's Birthday Series: The Chubster

We initially had a different host but we had a conflict with the time so we had cancel that to look for another one. And we ended up booking The Chubster! (Booked thru the recommendation of Polkadot Events). You can also check his website.

I really had no idea how Chubster is as a host because I've tried researching and reading forums but no reviews about him. I just had Jhoanne (of Polkadot Events) assured me that he's good and doesn't make fun of kids with green jokes or other pranks that would scare them. His website has reviews about him, you can check that out too!

He arrived early at Mann Hann, we got to talk before the party started. His wife was with him and she served as his assistant for that day. I gave the game prizes to his wife and they were the ones who arranged and placed the prizes on the prize table. Before the party started, he gave me and the BOS a rundown of the program. Since there were only eight kids (a lot cancelled that day!), I told him to involve the teens and adults in the games.

The Chubster is great entertainer! He's lively and engaging, he involves the kids and they were all eyes and ears, the adults were laughing. The first part of the program was games, I forgot what games they played, sorry! I was all over the place, making sure everything is okay. The second part was balloon twisting, he describes and makes the kids guess what he was making. Then there was a magic show where he asked one or two kids to be his assistant, and the kids gets a "Magician's Assistant" pin and an inflated magic wand! It was cute! And last was his ventriloquist act, which the kids enjoyed also!

All Photos by Chai Mungcal
The verdict? I love Chubster! Though his fee is a bit higher than other hosts/entertainers, he's sulit. He's very good with kids! The adults were also entertained. As long as the guests are happy, I'm happy too.

The Chubster

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