Y's Birthday Series: The Cake and Cupcakes

I first learned about Les Sucreries thru a friend's friend who was also planning her daughter's first birthday. I checked her Multiply site for the work she's done and I was impressed. When I emailed Veronica around April, she replied and said to email her back on June since it was still early. I emailed her on June, I indicated how many layers I want, sent her our sample invitation to give her a peg, and the colors I wanted. (She only makes buttercream cakes, no fondant.) She asked if I wanted to see a sample layout on how the cake would look like, she requires a Php400 fee that will be deducted from your total bill, I said YES!
Here's what she sent me:
And here's the final layout (which is the combination of the two layouts):
I also ordered fifty cupcakes, 25 with orange frosting, and the other 25 with blue frosting. I asked her to deliver the cake and cupcakes to our venue. She charges delivery fee depending on your location. It was a bit pricey but I don't want to worry about the cake. She only delivers when your total bill is Php4,000 and up.

I only got to see the cake on the day itself. When I saw the cake, I was shocked on how orange it was! Honestly, I was a bit disappointed with the appearance. I had a high expectation based on her work and photos in her site. It wasn't cute. But lots of people complimented the cake (or maybe they were just being nice haha!) Her work is pulido naman but of course first thing you would see is the appearance of the cake. But what can I do? I can't return the cake, it's already paid for. I just hoped the cake tastes good. And it is good, kulang lang sa moist! She only makes chocolate cake, by the way. For the cupcakes, I ordered for the ones with plain frosting only, no toppers. The cupcake was so-so, it tasted more like mocha/coffee rather than chocolate.
All of these, we communicated thru emails and text. She's very nice and accommodating, she may not reply to your texts right away, try emailing her. For me it was faster since I'm on the computer almost the whole day. Her price for the cakes are reasonable, as well for the cupcakes. Would I order from them again? I might but only just the cake.
Les Sucreries  
Veronica Ngo

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