Biting Spree...

Y is teething and has been on a biting spree! When she gets gigil, she MUST bite! My shirt would have wet patches! She would bite my tummy, legs, and arms! The latest victim was my nipple while she was nursing this morning! I said "Ouch. Y, No, no, no. Don't bite that. Sakit." so many times before she let go! Sometimes it tickles when she bites and I would laugh so hard pero si Y keber. Haha!

There are times when her victim would be her yaya. Si yaya iiwas sa kagat, and Y would be so mad! Hahaha! LOL! So cute. Nagpapakagat na lang din si yaya. Sometimes, I let her bite my finger just to see how hard she bites. Hahaha.. I did that to my cousins before, now I let Y bite me.

I bought her Happy Melts and Organic Puffs at Healthy Options yesterday. Those snacks don't come cheap ha! Maybe I should check Amazon or other sellers to get it cheaper. (Oo, barat ako.)

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