Pop Goes My Heart!

Y is so tamad to hold her food, her feeding bottle or anything. She would just mush the food or just hold it in her hand. Sometimes she won't even let you hold her hand. Sungit!

Last week, I saw a twitpic of Basti (The Painter's Wife cutie baby) eating Magic Pop. I said I want Y to try it too! Last Sunday, I bought a pack and Y loves it! And she's holding it and feeding herself! So cute! Aww.. My baby is growing up na... *Mommy moment there* She likes munching on it.
Over at Twitter the other night, I asked fellow twitter/blogger mommies about snacks to give Y. She's been picky with food lately. They gave a lot of suggestions. I had to list it down or I might forget it! Must drop by Healthy Options and the grocery soon. And grazing! Give baby snacks every hour and no force eating!

Twitter has been helpful! Thank you to twitter and blogger mommies who answer my tweets! :)


  1. Lagi nga nya tinuturo yun plastic ng Magic Pop! Haha!

  2. GO try! Masarap. Di nya yan tinitigilan. Hahaha!

  3. kyooot!!! patry nga ng magic pop! :)