A Sofitel Weekend

We had a very tiring but enjoyable stay at Sofitel last Sunday til Monday. I was excited because we're taking Y swimming and it's her first time! I spent weeks and weeks of searching for her swimsuit and swimming diapers! (I ended up buying disposable Huggies Swimmers and a cheap swimsuit at Php250 for Y!!! Super great deal! Since she's gonna use it once or twice only) And we bought her a cute baby float!
View from our room
I don't know what kind of room we got but we had the Bay View side. My sister and dad were the ones who checked in, the room was courtesy of the Accor Card. They can't stay overnight so we (BOS, me and Y) got to stay! Yay!
Spending overnight in a hotel with a baby is a production number like what my shobe would say. You bring everything!!! From toiletries, vitamins, baby food, her feeding utensils, changing mats.. good thing I'm breastfeeding so no need to bring bottles!
Still at home, waiting to leave.
We got there around 3:00PM. We rested for awhile, fed Y, and changed into our swimsuits. Y is super cute in her equally cute swimsuit with flowers! We waited until 4:00PM so it won't be so hot. Of course, we put sun block on Y, I bought the Indigo Baby sun block. Then off we go to the pool!
Gwakong playing with Y 
Down time at the room
"Mommy, I'm all set! Let's go swimming!"
Y enjoyed the water so much as much as she enjoy her bath time in her tub at home. She keeps on hitting the water with her hands, then smiles with her white caps hehe, she probably drank some drops of the water from the pool from the hitting she's doing. I'm so happy to see her enjoy the water because her dad is not a water person hehe.. I guess she took after her mommy! We stayed around twenty minutes in the pool. BOS noticed a red circle around Y's eye so he told us to get out the pool. Y didn't cry. I was afraid she will because that's what she does at home every time we take her out of her bath tub.

Me and my happy baby!
We went up to our room. Gave Y a bath, it was my first time to use a shower to bathe Y. Y wasn't used to it that she keeps on hugging me while we gave her a bath. I only notice the red circle around her eye, I think it got irritated by the pool water. It went away after thirty minutes so I was relieved! No more swimming the next day like we planned. Y was so tired by the end of the afternoon, she missed one of her usual three naps. My parents and siblings left us around 7PM, I fed Y and she fell asleep agad, woke up 1AM, played with her papa for an hour before going back to sleep again!
The overnight stay was supposed to be QT for us, the couple. We had Brother's Burger delivered to the hotel. Watched Disney Channel, haha! I was so sleepy by 9PM that I fell asleep while watching Sky High. I was super tired!
Next day, Y and I woke up around 6:15AM. We watched TV, woke up BOS, give Y a bath, I took a bath, BOS took a bath, fixed our things, ate breakfast and checked out. I didn't like their breakfast buffet :( But I would certainly go back again for their lunch or dinner buffet! Takaw.

Y playing and rolling on the bed
Since we didn't get to use the float again, I let her play with it on the bed haha!
It was a short short vacation and family bonding time but I enjoyed it! Next year, I hope we get to go on a family trip! :D

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