Baby, Party Venues, and Swimsuits

I had a busy week, hence the lack of post.

Today was a busy day. I went to World Trade Exchange, Home, SM San Lazaro, SM Mall of Asia, Along Came Baby, Home again, then Binondo! All in a span of eight hours!

This morning, BOS and I went to World Trade Exchange to check out a possible venue for Y's first birthday party. Since our first option was booked on our date, I have to look for another one. I want to check this out since it's near our house, it's in Manila, very convenient as most of our guest lives in Manila.

Verdict? Rizal Hall is pwede na. I can't vision our party in the venue. I don't like the marble floors (which won't be noticeable when tables are set-up already. I don't like the poste in the middle, but what I liked was the big windows, natural light! Great for pictures. 

The Juan Luna Hall, I like this more than the other but it's a bit masikip.

After viewing the venue, they gave us a photo album to browse other parties that were held there. I will call them when we're decided to hold our party there. Went back home. Then went to SM San Lazaro to have lunch with Amma. After our lunch, I went to straight to SM Mall of Asia.
 Went to Kamiseta first because I wanted to try their swimsuit. 
Sizing was off.

Nice design and color but the venus cut is not working for me
Outfit: H&M Floral Tank, U Wide Pants, Sanuk Flats

Posh Kamiseta Fitting Room
Since it was a fail at Kamiseta, I went to Bayo. I love their swimsuits! And I ended up with this. Yes, horizontal stripes will make me look fatter but I don't care anymore. Haha! I was in a hurry so I bought it na.
Love the color!
After Bayo, I went to Hypermart to buy some groceries. Then off I go. I was not supposed to go to the Along Came Baby bazaar but since it was on the way home and I've got some time to spare, I decided to drop by.
Photo from Google Images
I had high expectation of this event, I was looking forward to going to this but sadly I was bit disappointed. From the photos below, you'll probably know why. 
The place was so bare. Some booth's were just tables and chairs. Only a few have their own "booth". The few sellers (concessionaires?) I already saw them last week at Expo Mom so it took me fifteen minutes to browse the whole place. My thinking though is maybe because this is first Along Came Baby? Konting sponsors? I can't compare them to Expo Mom kasi wala talaga. I hope the next Along Came Baby will be better.

This is the only thing I'm happy about from the bazaar!
I will be enrolling Y soon in Gymboree so the voucher is great! But this is for Greenbelt 5 and Serenda only.

I went home and came in just in time for Y's meal time. After her meal, I took her with me to Binondo. Amma went to her mananahi to get her clothes. It was a long day. I also cooked dinner, weekends are the only time I can cook! Tonight's ulam is Green Chicken Curry! Yummy!

PS. Oh, if you're wondering what the swimsuit is for, it's for tomorrow. We will be staying at Sofitel until Monday and we will take Y swimming hence the swimsuit! :)

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