My First Breastfeeding Station Experience

Yesterday, me, BOS and Y went to SM San Lazaro for a quick (that turned into not so quick) trip to the department store to buy Y's stuff and for BOS to have his hair cut at Tony and Jackey. Then the BOS decided to have his hair colored! That's why we have to wait pa! We didn't bring a stroller so I carried Y for more than an hour! Parang nag work-out na din ako LOL! I really need to learn how to babywear.

Since we have to wait, I just window shopped with Y. Then came feeding time! I remembered SM San Lazaro has a breastfeeding station! (Power Plant, please provide a breastfeeding station/room!) I actually have used the Rustan's Breastfeeding Room but without Y and just my pump. Other times we used Zara's fitting room and The Picture Company's changing room to nurse. So this is the first time I was going to use a breastfeeding station for its purpose!
When we went in, it is a clinic/breastfeeding station. The breastfeeding room is inside the clinic. The woman in-charge there was nice, I told her I'm going to feed my baby, she said to go in to the room. She asked me to log in to the log book when we're finished. Inside, it's a small room with a bulletin board, a sofa, sink, changing area, and a play mat. There was also a wheelchair and gurney inside. There was another mom inside when we went in. Y is a distracted nurser so I can't really feed her when there's another person inside a room or when it's noisy because she really won't nurse. Chismosang bata! I had to try three times before she finally nursed.
Overall experience: It was a pleasant experience. The room is small, it can only accommodate two moms. It is fairly clean (from the looks of it), though the play mat needs cleaning! I really wish more malls would have a breastfeeding stations/rooms because it is very convenient. If you're not keen on breastfeeding in public, then a breastfeeding station/room is perfect!

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