I Want: Dwell Studio Madison Bag!!!

My heart silently screamed(!!!) when I saw this Dwell Studio Madison Bag on Jenni Epperson's blog. As Ms. Jenni would say, it's super kyooot!
Photo from here
It's like the LV Neverfull but much cuter! It has a changing pad and stroller attachments. And if Y's bigger na, I can still use it as my bag!
I have the Swallow printed pouch and I would love to get my hands on these but I can't decide which one to get! Waahhh.. I already told the BOS that I want one haha! I so want one! Plus the bag's name is the same as Y's second name!
My Top Two:
Photos from Google Images
Oh, I also want their weekender bag! So much cute baby stuff! Argh!
P.S. I'm secreting something. And if it happens, I'm so buying this diaper bag!

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