The Satchel Brouhaha

It all started with the Mulberry Alexa (for me, at least). For me this is the satchel of all satchels! I'm still lusting on this bag. My shobe has one. I'm inggit! LOL! It's a perfect casual everyday bag. I like it's slouchy, I like the hardware, basta I like it!

Then, I saw the PS1 on my achi. It's super nice also!
Then came the Cambridge Satchel fever! I knew about Cambridge Satchel way before it became famous and available here in Manila because of this fashion blog I was reading. I find it boxy but the colors are super nice! I think it will make a nice laptop bag for my Macbook and it's not as pricey as the Alexa or the PS1.
But since I can't afford the bags mentioned above, I opted for a Topshop Satchel! Which reminds me that I should use it more. It's not as roomy as I would like it to be kasi! I bought the grey one but I still want a brown/tan satchel so the search continues...
Frances recently revealed her bespoke handmade leather satchel (also here). It's super nice! Love the color! But I want it in a bigger size. It's totally and locally handmade! I can't wait to see more colors and other sizes. No price yet for the bags.
Photo from Topaz Horizon 
And then, I made another discovery. I don't know how I knew about School of Satchel, but this is very similar to the Cambridge Satchel from the looks of it. A great alternative to the Cambridge, in my opinion. They currently have four colors only and I like the navy one!
My favorite online stores have their own version of the satchel. Topshop and Charles & Keith also have satchels in their collection.
Photo from Tonic and Ichigo
Satchels are everywhere! It's like the oxfords/brogues fad! I'm still looking for the "one" satchel. But with all these brouhaha, my heart still longs for an Alexa!

Other images unless stated are from Google Images.


  1. Hi Bianca! I would love to own a School of Satchel bag! It would be great for my Mac :) Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Hi there! thanks so much for featuring our satchels (School of Satchel) on your blog. Very informative content :) By the way, your baby... is ADORABLE!!!  cutiepie! more power to you :)

    Bianca - The School of Satchel