A Busy Weekend! Part 2

It really was a busy weekend! After G left, we had to pack up our stuff too. We stayed at our parent's place that weekend. We have to move everything we brought to the house. After moving and eating lunch, I asked the yaya to give Y a nap before we went out.

I asked BOS if we can go the Private Sale cause I was really itching to go since Saturday but I wanted to attend the LLL meeting plus little G coming over, I couldn't go. He said yes! Yey!
When we got there, it was already 3:30PM. I quickly browsed Dwell Studio, I want to buy a bib but unfortunately the one I want is not available anymore so I got a pouch instead. Got it for Php1,000 yey! And also purchased a Grandma's Secret Spot Summer! I checked Blissful Babes hoping to score nursing tops, tried on a few tops, but only get to buy one. Also bought a nursing tank from Baby Mama Love! I got good deals, I hope there will be a next event like this! We were for a short time only, glad to see Paola of Mommy Treats and her super adorable baby, Jenny of Fabnaima and Jenny of Next9. I was hoping to buy TushyWushy but their one sized diaper is not available during the event. I'll just buy from Baby Mama Love one of these days! 

After shopping, we went to Podium! I remembered there's a Baby Company there. I need to buy a sippy cup for Y. I was already decided to buy the Pigeon 3-in-1 (Nipple, Spout, and Straw) but the BOS saw G's Tommee Tippee feeding bottle and found them cute, and he saw there's a sippy cup, he said to buy that instead! Haha.. It's fine by me. I read somewhere that it's a pretty good sippy cup. I also bought a mattress protector for the crib.

After shopping at Baby Company, I was hungry! Haha.. And I remembered that I wanted to try Shi Lin. I have read great reviews about so off we go!
I like the Noodles with Peanut Sauce! :) Yummy! The siomai and xiao long bao are great too but I like Lugang's better. Overall, we had a filling snack. Y was fussy so we had to eat quickly. I'm starting to think if we have to bring the yaya when we go out so we can eat properly. Haha.. But of course, nothing beats family quality time :)

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