A Busy Weekend! Part 1

Last weekend was a busy weekend for us. Y's cousin G came over from the province to stay with us for a night. But before they came, I took Y with me to the La Leche League meeting at Mothercare in GB5. Topic was Nutrition and Solid Foods. The meeting was short or because we were late haha! I felt guilty though when the topic was about coffee. I sometimes sneak a cup of coffee, not decaf ha. When Y wakes up earlier than her usual 6:30AM, I need to have coffee to start my day, if not, I'll be sleepy the whole day in the office! I don't want to snack all the time to keep me awake, so I drink a cup of coffee. Sometimes I drink milk tea. Bad mommy.. :( Anyways, the meeting was informative. I wanted to ask but forgot, about babies drinking water when they reach six months and eating solids. Y is rejecting water, every time we try to make her drink water (from bottle), it's like she knows it's not milk, so she rejects it. Minsan sapilitan pa! She drinks a drop or two siguro. So I bought a sippy cup yesterday, baka she'll drink from it. We shall see!
Y that morning in her little corner!
Back to the topic... I brought my yaya with me because BOS has work on Saturdays. It was kind of hot inside Mothercare last Saturday, may be the AC is not yet on, I don't know. Y is pawisin! Her head gets pawis pag nainitan so I have to ask her yaya to take her sa mas malamig na area. Then I would hear her laugh (while still at the meeting), one SA was playing with her, she keeps on laughing. Na-excite ata! First time mag-mall! Her yaya said she keeps on smiling and laughing at everything she sees. Haha! The meeting ended around 12:30, I was hungry so we ate at the nearest resto I saw which was Toastbox. It was my second time to eat there. I ordered the Nasi Goreng and Hainanese Chicken with Dried Noodles. The yaya and I shared. Sosyal ang yaya! I had milk tea, pasaway talaga ako! Hehe.. I was teasing my yaya if she wants to have her picture taken, you know remembrance, hehe.. it's her last week this week (huhu...) and it was her first time in GB. I took her picture and promise to have it printed and give it to her. Must do that tomorrow!

After eating, we passed by Dexterton because Grohe is on sale and we still don't have a shower on our bathroom. Checked the model and design, took note, called BOS and we left. Y was fast asleep na. We were supposed to go the gardens outside to have my yaya's photo-op pa but Y was sleeping already so we went home na.

Y woke up just before we arrived home. At home, we were all excited the little man, G! He's one and a half month only. But when we put Y and G side by side, parang magkasing-laki lang sila! LOL! He's mixed feeding and drinks about 4oz every three hours. Y, talo ka talaga ng pinsan mo! 
You're drinking 1 to 2oz per hour, sometimes sapilitan pa. Tsk tsk. G is super gwapo! Bias Di-e ako! He looks Tisoy, not at all Chinese looking. Nagmana sa dad, not sa Mom. Sorry Shobe hehe..
Look naman! They are almost the same size and they are 6 months apart! Haha!
"Hi G, I'm your cousin, Y!"
Of course, picture picture kami! We won't be able to see G again until next month or I don't know when. I couldn't resist him.. grrr! I love babies! Makes me want to get pregnant again and have a boy but, I don't want too yet. I want to enjoy Y first! I'm happy just being an aunt to such an adorable baby boy!!!

That weekend made me realize how different our (sister and I) parenting style are. She's does the cry it out method, while me, I can't stand hearing Y crying! I have to carry her, I like carrying Y and hugging her, I want her with me all the time! I think I'm leaning to attachment parenting. Maybe because she's a SAHM while I'm a working mom. She's still breastfeeding, though she feeds G with formula. I wish I can do more in encouraging her but I think she got traumatized to what happened to her nipple during the early breastfeeding days. She just pumps and feed. Still, I'm happy she hasn't given up breastfeeding at all!
Goodnight, G!
We had fun that weekend. My achi also slept over so it was a slumber party! Haha! We ordered pizza! Too bad my mom was in the province. I'm sure there will be next sleepover like this!
G and Y :)
Come Sunday, we were all sad that G has to leave and go back to the province. But that's ok! We'll see you again little gwapito! :)

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