I'm a Milk Mommy!

Today was not a good day. 

This morning when I checked our ref. There's 2 Avent Via Cups left of my BM (breastmilk), 1 was 4oz, 1 was 5oz. I opened the freezer, there's only 1 Avent 4oz bottle with 3oz of BM. Sum it all up, I got 12oz! I'm worried it won't be enough for Y's consumption while I'm at work. She usually consumes 15 to 16 oz, it's not enough. (See related post) So what I did was fed her before I left for work. Lunch time, I called to check on Y. Her yaya said there's still enough, so I'll just hurry home after work so that she can feed from me before she sleeps.

But, I got worried for tomorrow's milk! My supply is still low (see my ranting here), and I went a bit desperate! I was thinking of mix feeding her (formula and BM), so I called my pediatrician's office and asked what kind/brand of milk should I fed supplement. Actually, she was fed with formula milk on her first night at the hospital., but I exclusively BFed her from the next day til now. I was already starting to convince myself that it's okay to supplement since Y needs to gain a little bit of weight and formula can do that. And then, SNAP! NO NO NO!! I will not give in!!! Breastmilk only! 

Rows and rows of formula milk..
So, what am I going to do? Take a leave tomorrow morning so I can feed her plus I get to spend more time with her until I have to go to work around lunch time and hopefully what I pumped today will be enough for the rest of the afternoon.

It's really great that my BOS is cheering me on this, and told me to not give up. So thank you my dear husband!

Now, all I have to do is chant this "I'm a Milk Mommy!" over and over so I won't have to think about formula milk again! Chant with me! LOL!

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