Breastfeeding Awareness... Or The Lack Of.

The other day, I chatted with an officemate. Her cousin gave birth last week, so as the curious breastfeeding mom that I am, I asked if the baby is breastfed. She said the baby is mixed fed. Para daw masanay yun baby (So the baby will get used to it). Used to what? I asked but she didn't know the answer either. She also said that at times when the baby is hungry, they sometimes just feed her with water because she poops every after feeding and a waste of diaper because you have to change. I thought again, what? So I just said, newborn babies are really like that. They cry, feed, poop (alot!), pee, sleep... It baffles me that because the amount of diaper changes, you would just feed her water so she won't poop and save on diapers. She needs your milk, mommy! The mother has milk, why won't she just exclusively breastfeed her baby? I wonder... maybe it is her choice to mix feed (or there are elders around her that influences her).

And then two weeks ago at the pediatrician's office, while waiting for Y's turn. A young mom was also waiting for her turn. She was with her mom (the grandmom) I think. Her baby became fussy, so the grandmom fed the baby with milk, but the baby was not taking the bottle so the grandmom said, "Gusto ata magdede sayo" ("I think she wants to nurse from you"), she told her daughter (the mom). The daughter answered, "Naka-dress ako, panu ko siya papadede-in?" ("I'm wearing a dress, how can I feed her?"), with a But-I Don't-Want- To tone. She was wearing a strapless dress with a cropped bolero, she can easily feed her baby. Well, who am I to judge?

That weekend was also my first time to breastfeed in public, I used my nursing cover so it wasn't a problem. I don't own any nursing tops but I was wearing a buttondown shirt so it was also fine. My only complain was the cloth used for the cover! My Y was sweating while feeding! Poor Y. Other than that, my first experience to breastfeed in public was fine.

I really wish there are more breastfeeding awareness programs so more people would become more aware of the benefits of breastfeeding. And doctors would also recommend breastfeeding rather than pushing formula milk to their patients. Well, I thought I was going to formula-fed my baby, but the BOS (my husband) insisted that I breastfeed as he was breastfed. I was clueless at first, but I'm glad I was able to check out forums and blogs on information on breastfeeding and its benefits. It really helped a lot!

How about you? Do you have any experiences like this?

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