A&D Binondo Finds: Mandarin Supermarket

One of the perks of living in Manila is that Binondo is not that far (wag lang traffic. Hehe!). My favorite stops in Binondo are Shin Ton Yon, Wai Ying, Shopper's Mart, Shin Tai Shiang, Happy Delicious, DEC and Mandarin Supermarket. Then there's QuickSnack in Carvajal and Ying Ying in DasmariƱas. I always frequent these places but always forget to take photos and write about them so I've decided to feature my Binondo favorites!

Today, I'm featuring one of my favorite groceries in Binondo, Mandarin Supermarket! Have you ever been there? Oh you will love it!!!
Mandarin Supermarket is located on the ground floor of a condominium I forgot the name of. Hehe! It's the condominium beside Salazar Bakery.

One of the many reasons why I love going to Mandarin is they offer products that you can only find in their grocery.
Left: Vitasoy in small, medium, or large, in malt or plain flavors. I like getting the small one for Y's baon. For the small and medium sizes, you buy them in bulk. 8's for the small ones and 6's for medium ones.
Right: Juice boxes! I always buy the Vita Lemon Tea, Vita Chrysanthemum Tea, Hi-C Grapes and Hi-C Peach! They're also sold by 6's but you can also purchase them in singles that can be found in their chiller.  
There's also bottled green tea, fresh milk, more juice and more!
There's assorted chips, biscuits and what nots. I always buy the corn chips and want-want for the kids!
I always check aisle by aisle because there's always something new!
One of my favorite sections is the milk tea section! My favorites are Lipton Gold and the one beside on on the upper left and also the one on the left most on the second row.
There's also Ovaltine, Milo and Horlicks and Horlicks candy!
Take your pick at condiments like black vinegar, soy sauce and other special sauces!
I have more finds to share but don't have photos. Haha! I was not sure if taking photos was even allowed LOL. I also buy my Nissin Instant Noodles, Sate Barbeque Sauce and other condiments I used at home. I love Mandarin Supermarket that I've brought my mommy friends here. Who doesn't love going to groceries more than moms, right? Heehee! I'll do a part two when I my grocery again here but if you happen to be going to Binondo, plan a visit to Mandarin Supermarket!
My favorite Hi-C flavors!

Mandarin Supermarket is located at 777 Ongpin St., Manila. Happy shopping!


  1. you should be a member :) to earn points :) its like mix Taiwan and China grocery in 1 :) even the Hongkong toys in some 7/11 there also available :) i love it there too :)

  2. Mom ko member but ako hinde hehe!