Learn Science, Technology, Engineering and Math the Fun Way with Engineering for Kids!

While I enjoy watching Big Bang Theory, Science was the least of my favorite when I was in school but I love Math! From what I remember in Science classes (Biology, Chemistry and Physics), it's sitting down, writing down notes, concepts, theories, doing experiments but never really knowing how to apply them in the "real world" or it is part of our every day lives and routine, we know what it is but not really know that it's actually Science. Gets? Heehee!
The first STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) program in the Philippines is called Engineering for Kids (EFK)! Wait, don't get intimidated just yet. STEM aims to educate students in the four specific fields mentioned above, in a comprehensive and an easy-to-understand hands-on method. No theories, concepts or philosophies! Just a glimpse of these subjects through direct, problem-based learning and playing that lead to their own exploration and discovery.

Engineering For Kids offers 10 engineering programs and each program has 2 levels of classes - Junior Engineers for kids 4-6 years old and Apprentice/Master Engineers for kids 7-14 years old. During the media launch, we were able to take a glimpse of what EFK has to offer! Each engineering program had their own interactive booths and set ups and the kids got to try some of what they make during class.
A slimy situation with Y and Kailee at the Chemical Engineering station.
There's also Robotics Engineering! Diego was amused.
There's also Electrical Engineering.
Kids get to make flash light from things you find at home!

Why was Science not as fun as this when I was in high school? Maybe when we had this before, I wouldn't fail my Science as much. Heehee!

EFK also offers Electronic Game Design, Environmental Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Industrial Engineering programs. STEM encourages creativity and innovation, teaches student to search for new knowledge and determine the best way to apply them in real life.
In each program, it is explained how things work through different kinds of fun and real-life situations allowing them to be more imaginative while developing their problem-solving skills!

Check out what they're offering this summer! Enroll your kids and have one of the most memorable and fun summers with Engineering For Kids!

At the media event, I was able to buy a Chemical Engineering kit we can do at home! Since R wasn't able to come with me to the event, I bought the kit for him and we made the experiment together. His reaction was priceless!
I wonder what this Secret Solution is? Just mix everything up and...
it turns into this blob! Amazing and so cool!
He had a ball playing with this blob. So messy but so worth it!

If you're still unsure to which class you'd want to enroll your kids, they offer free trial! Just call the number below!

Engineering For Kids
Classroom 20, 3rd floor, Treston International College, University Parkway District, 32nd Street corner C-5 Road, Bonifacio Global City

For more information on Engineering For Kids, check out https://engineeringforkids.com/
For its Adventure Camps and schedules, follow and like them!
Instagram: @efkph
Twitter: @efkph

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