I am nowhere near a fashionista but I know my style, what suits or doesn't suit me and I like dressing up. I like taking a photo of what I am wearing but I am also no fashion blogger and I feel awkward posing so I mostly take mirror shots or just a top view of my outfits. And here I am sharing some of my favorite outfits from the past weeks!

Wore this to my afternoon tea date with the BOS. I was supposed to wear a dress but BOS doesn't want me to overdress kasi siya din naka-jeans! Haha! So I changed into this.
Boyfriend Jeans: Penshoppe
Slip-ons: Jeffrey Campbell

The week after the afternoon tea date, we checked in to Edsa Shangri-la for a family staycation! I had to wear comfortable clothes whenever I'm with the kids, hence the outfit!
It looks like I'm wearing pyjamas. I love these kinds of pants!
Polo: Zara
Pants: MNG
Sandals: Saltwater

A day out with the kids means comfortable clothes or I wear this when I'm too lazy to think of what to wear.
This is my tamad outfit.
Top: H&M
Boyfriend Jeans: 168 Mall
Mandals: H&M
Bag: R2R

And last but not the least is the outfit that got me looked so payat and go so many praises. I have to thank Willow Clothing for that! Now I want to buy it in all colors! Ahihihihi! I wore this outfit to the Downy Timeless event. Good thing I didn't wear my tamad outfit haha! And I put on make-up because there was a photo shoot, well, photobooth lang naman but nonetheless! They showed our photos on the big screen, horror talaga if I looked pale or without kilay!
Flats: Yellowbird Shoes
Necklace: STU
Bag: R2R

That's it pansit! I hope to post more entries like this! And I hope you liked it too!


  1. I like your comfy outfits, I could imagine myself wearing them. Except for the dress! I have big hips kasi, haha!

  2. Thanks Ceemee! Hehe! I have big hips too and the dress is super flattering! :)