A&D Eats: Your Local, Legaspi Village, Makati

Two weeks ago, my mom, achi, Y and I had lunch in Makati on a weekday. Ang dami ng bagong restos! Why wasn't it like that 8 years ago (OMG, it's been that long na pala since I graduated!) when I was working in Makati? Kainez. Heehee! Charot lang. My sister suggested Your Local, a relatively new resto in Legazpi Village that serves yummy food!
Parking is really a pain in Makati on a weekday. We had to go around twice to find a slot. Good thing Y and I were able to get a table right away at a busy lunch hour. We arrived there first and ordered Braised Beef Pasta for Y and the Pierogi for me.
Braised Beef Pasta. Slow cooked beef, red wine reduction on fettuccini. Since Y is a picky eater, this is the only food she'll eat in the menu and true enough. Nothing great with this dish, safe food for kids.
Pierogi. Bacon, potato, sour cream, truffle cream and chives. Nomnomnom! This was my favorite! It's creamy and savory. This is good for sharing.
Arnie Palmer. Iced Earl Grey, lemongrass and orange. Tastes like Ceelin. Hehe

Good thing achi finally arrived na because she's the one who has eaten there. She ordered the Torched Salmon Donburi and the Lamb Rendang.
Torched Norwegian Salmon (cooked medium), mentaiko, ebiko and salmon skin on roast corn and shitake black rice.  Achi ordered this for mom, it was so yummy! Serving is good for sharing too.
Lamb Rendang, sous vide organic egg, sweet soy, mint, cilantro with red raisin black rice. I'm not a fan of lamb but I still tried it. It's a little bit spicy and lamb was not gamey so I was good with it. Serving is also good for sharing.
Parmesan French Fries with Chorizo Ketchup. Reminds of Picnic Ketchup hihi!

I posted a few photos on my IG. When a Ninang G saw it, she told me she wanted to try Your Local the next time she's in Manila so last Saturday, we went back to Your Local along with our other college barkada. 

Since we were a group of 12 and some were bringing their toddlers, I told them to feed their toddlers na because the menu is not that kid-friendly. I bought Y Fun Shots at KFC and she ate it in the car on our way to Your Local. It was a Saturday and I got there around 12 noon. (Yes, kami nanaman ang nauna) I knew it would be a bit hard to get a table for 12 because of the limited tables for big groups. We had to share the big table with other people first but most of them came late kaya by the time everybody arrived, we had the big table to ourselves.
I had a different view this time.
With prettier photos to boot. Haha! Pa-artsy photo while waiting for everybody to arrive.
I had to order the Pierogi. Shared it with everybody and they liked it also.
Pierogi My Love!
Laksa Fetuccini. Shrimp, chili, quail eggs, fish cake, coconut cream, laksa leaves, cilantro on fetuccini. First time to eat laksa without soup, on pasta. It was good for me, the boys said kulang sa anghang!
The boys got the Lamb Rendang. Sabi din nila kulang sa anghang!
My lunch was Strawberry Lemonade and Torched Salmon Donburi
Strawberry puree, homemade lemonade and Sprite
The boys. Chatting and eating.

It's always fun to catch up with friends over food. Look at our empty plates! And the chikahan continued at Yardstick next door.
It's mine too!
See that brown wall at the back? That's actually a "secret" door to/from Your Local!
They also held classes here. I want to take that Brewing Coffee at Home!
This was actually my second time at Yardstick. The first was also the last time I ate in Your Local. I don't know if it's me or the coffee but I didn't like what I ordered both times. Bakit kaya? What do you recommend I order?

For more information on Your Local, check out http://yourlocal.ph/. Follow and like them on their social media accounts:
Facebook: Your Local
Instagram: @yourlocalph

For more information on Yardstick, check out http://www.yardstickcoffee.com/. Follow and like them on their social media accounts:
Facebook: Yardstick
Instagram: @yardstickcoffee

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