Sunday Out With My Mom and Achi

When my sisters and I were not yet married yet, our Sundays were spent going to the mall with my mom like any family, shopping and eating. But ever since getting married and having kids, we rarely get to spend a day just us girls. So when there was a free Sunday last November, we had a girls day out without kids (but shobe was in province, so it was just the 3 of us). It's nice to spend a day with your siblings and mom once in a while, takes you back when you're all living in one roof, just being us.

Our day started with brunch at Wildflour in Salcedo Village, finally got to try it na din!
Excited for brunch!
Checking out the pastries!
Granola, Bread and Coffee which were all good!
I ordered the Luke's Favorite Bacon Steak and Eggs, Pineapple Jam and Baguette Php330
Achi got the Homemade Granola,  Greek Yogurt, Fresh Fruit and Honey Php260. This was good! I don't like granolas but I like this one.
Mom had Croque Madam: Ham, Gruyere, Fried Egg Php420
Bread Pudding
Mom had Red Juice. Php220.

After brunch, we spent the whole afternoon in Glorietta window shopping for me, some shopping for them until we couldn't anymore. Haha! We had dinner at Jipan to rest our feet.
Spicy Tuna
California Maki
Agedashi Tofu
Oyakudon. This and the Spicy Tuna were the only ones that were not disappointing.
Okonomiyaki which looked good but didn't taste good

We left Glorietta around 7PM. We were supposed to go home already when we passed by New Hatchin Japanese Grocery. We've been wanting to go to Hatchin for the longest time but we're always out of the way. And we finally did that night!
New Hatchin by far has the cheapest Japanese grocery products.  They have a wide selection of groceries, frozen goods plus stonewares and health products. This has got to be my new favorite Japanese grocery!
My favorite section: Noodles Section! Hehe!
Sauces or more sauces!
Salad dressings!

Frozen goods and more!

My mom loved shopping there and we've been back there twice. Will blog about it on another entry.  :) New Hatchin Grocery is located at Sacred Heart St., cor. Metropolitan Ave, Makati City.

We ended our day with smiles on our faces. Tiring but our girls day out was a fun one, sad though that shobe can't join us. We promise to do this regularly or at least once a month when we're not too busy with our kids. And hopefully, the little sister can join us on the next girls day out.

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