Hello 2015!

My first post for 2015 is late because we were all sick welcoming the new year. We're all recovering now.

2014 came and went by so fast. It's 2015 na, the year Back To The Future 2 was set and I see no flying cars... Hehe! 

Do you do New Year's resolution?

I don't but there are a few things I want to do and stick to it in 2015. So resolution ba yun? Haha!

1. Fight for Fitness
I have a love and more of hate for exercise. I really really do. Just thinking about it makes me tired already. I always had an excuse not to work out. One of them is living in my side of the city, it is a challenge. No yoga or pilates studio in my area. No crossfit gym. I have to drive at least 40 minutes to and from. Dami kong excuses diba? BUT, there are gyms naman downtown. One of my co-mommies in school have been going to the gym ever since, she has been bugging me to go with her. After weeks of prodding me, I finally went with her. I have been going to the gym since November, 2-3 times a week for 1.5 hours. But haven't been to since the holiday vacation haha! Uh-oh.
There are days when I really dread going to the gym. Sakit ko to. Tamaditis. It's really a struggle. But rather than eating while waiting for Y in school, why not exercise na lang and burn my fats. Plus I really have and need to lose all these pregnancy weight (hello, R is 2.5 years old na!)! And I want to look nice in my clothes and not be asked by people if I am pregnant. Bwiset, hindi ba pwedeng mataba lang? Heehee! I failed with my weight loss goal last year so hopefully this year, I won't. Aja aja!

2. Healthier Skin
This year I turn 31. Holy moly. And I still break out like a teenager. Must stick to my skin regimen and to not fail on putting them on regularly. Exfoliate once a week with Cure then put on face mask.
Two goals for 2015. Sounds small but it will take a lot of initiative from me. So if I fail, it will be on me talaga. Set my goals not as high so I can hit them and not fail. Yan ang motto ko for 2015! 

Game? Game!


  1. I want din to take care of my skin more. You're right, we're not getting any younger and the skin will show that! Dapat youthful pa din! Cure is my bestfriend now kasi I can't have any treatments while preggy!