How To Have a Meaningful and Fun Summer

March na! It's officially summer! And I'm sure by now your kids are almost done with school and excited for summer! So now the question is, what's the best summer activity does your child want to do? I know moms who are more stressed during summer because of the different summer activities and schedule for each of child.
The SoMoms had a #BetterMe session with Coach Pia last February and this was our topic. I'm glad that we had this session because I've been wanting to enroll Y in different classes but haven't gone into it because I don't want to spend money on something Y wouldn't like. Practicality lang, right?
Here's how to plan a meaningful summer:
1. Summer is not about reacting because it is not about you and what you wished to have as a child. Talk to your child one-on-one and ask them what they want to do for summer.
2. Do not sign up and then inform the child after. Always involve your kids. You don't want them to do something they are not interested in. Or you can also have someone encourage your daughter/son.
3. BEST GUIDE: Trial and Error. You don't necessarily have to enroll. Watch a class, try a class or you can just observe.
4. You can give general categories like sports/adventure, theater, art and music, etc.
5. Involve the child to ensure that they are more engaged.
6. Guide your child to look back learn from experience and move forward with self-knowledge.
Another tip I would like to share is do not go over budget. The summer activity should fit your budget.  Consider not only the enrollment fee but also the money you will spend for equipment, materials, etc. The capacity of the parents must also be considered. Time and resources available, teamwork of the parents, and the status of relationship of the caregivers.

So mommies, remember these guide and tips when planning for your kid's summer activities!

Our food and venue sponsor for that day was Dad's World Buffet in Megamall. It's been a long time since I ate there but I remember the first time I had buffet was at Dad's! We would always take balikbayan relatives there to feat! And now it's even more better with the many cuisines it now serves!
Dad's has been in Megamall for 20 years na! Yes it has been that long! Galing noh?
Karla Villavicencio, Managing Director talks about the 14 new offerings that only Dad's Megamall offers!
Japanese Section
Sukiyaki and Soba Station
Katsu Station
Grilling Station
There was so much food to choose from! Their sashimi are fresh and kept at a temperature to keep them that way. There's also Filipino Food, Spanish Food and more. I was really impressed! I can't wait to go back and take my family with me!

And our #BetterMe sessions would not be possible without the unending support of Unilab to the SoMoms and our families.

For more information on Dad's World Buffet, please visit their Facebook Page, Dad's Saiksaki Kamayan.

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