Frozen at Thirty

Turned thirty last weekend! Yes, I'm no longer in my late 20s, I've now entered the age that starts with a 3. Then I'll be in early 30s, 30 something, mid 30s then late 30s... waaaaaaah! Heehee! Chos lang yon! I'm not afraid of aging.  At all. Well except for the growing lines around my eyes! *Must always remember to put eye cream*
Must also remember to put on donya shades!
We celebrated our birthday early this year  with a beach trip to Batangas. It was short and sweet. Medyo bitin so we're planning more trips to beach this summer!
We stayed in Acuaverde, got a coupon from Deal Grocer. I will blog more about Acuaverde in a separate entry.
Birthdays aren't as big deal as it was before. Spending it with my family is enough. I could never ask for anything more. I asked for two kids by the time I'm thirty. A loving husband who supports me in everything that I do. I truly am blessed.
Fun in the sand! It's both their first time in a beach!

But since I was turning 30 this year, feeling ko milestone talaga ang turning 30 ko. I decided to get a great big cake for myself, well more for the kids to enjoy actually. I ordered a Frozen themed cake from Tazzy Cakes. I figured Y loves it so much now, and her birthday is not for another six months, baka hindi na niya favorite ang Frozen, kaya ayan!
I love my Frozen cake!    

I initially wanted Elsa and Olaf only but Cat said isama ko naman daw si Anna. Heehee! Buti na lang sinama ko! The cake was red velvet. Super yummy! I am having it as I am typing this. Midnight snack teh! Thank you Cat! Til our nexy cake!

Thank you to everyone who greeted me on Facebook, IG and Whatsapp! :) Love you all!

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